120229 - Gold and Silver Shoot Up

Uploaded by HyperReport on 29.02.2012

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for February
29th, 2012
Here are the prices for various items; such as, gold, silver, and oil for today.
European Central Bank Prepares to Open Loan Spigot Again in Debt Crisis
Like the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank is hoping
to cover the spreading debt crisis in the EU
with enough paper that no one willl notice. The European Central Bank will offer banks,
for the second time, an unlimited volume of cheap three-year loans.
This action may only put off the final consequence; however, it will not solve the underlying
problem that the EU economy, like the US, is a dead man walking.
Iran, A Nuclear Threat? Orů Dollar Threat?
Is Iran a threat? By means of the U.S. dollar, the answer is
yes. This is because Iran is in progress of destroying
the Petro dollar, which is the only thing keeping the percieved
value of the dollar stable. As more countries realize that the dollar
is a failed instrument, the collapse of the dollar will accellerate.
Home Prices Fell in December in Most US Cities
Prices declined in 18 of 20 cities in final months of 2011.
Only Detroit, where you can get a house for less than $10,000,
posted a year-over-year increase. Nationwide, prices have fallen 34 percent
since the housing bust, and are now back to 2002 levels.
Banks Victimized by Excesses of Ousted Homeowners
Rubbing salt into the housing price wound, Warren Buffet, who is a major shareholder
of Wells Fargo, the number 1 U.S. mortgage lender,
is saying that banks were victimized by some homeowners.
This shrill actually has the nerve to blame the
banks illegal practices on the victims after years of persuading their victims
to take up more loans only to be foreclosed on.
Something Big is About to Happen in Gold & Silver
The move in silver and gold yesterday is just a beginning.
James Turnk believes silver will climb to $68-$70 in 2 to 3 months.
He also said that as oil goes up, so will gold
because the relationship between gold and oil goes back decades.
At any rate, keep stacking folks.
Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, incarcerated without trial for over a year
after exposing U.S. Government crimes around the world,
and may have saved thousands of lives, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Although he may deserve it, the fact that Obama won it,
mearly on empty speeches, shows that he does not have a chance.
It will most likely go to Bill Clinton, Bill Gates or some other mouthpiece.
What's Your Favorite "On the Ground" Recession Indicator?
One economic indicator is the type of cars found at used Cars lots.
When you can get a Lexus, in good condition, at a used car lot, it speaks volumnes.
When so-called "fun" cars are up for sale and not being traded in for newer cars, that
is also an indicator. Personally, I look at the spacing between
cars at new car lots because the wider the space,
the less cars that the dealer ordered in anticipation of a bad year.
Next... Goodbye, First Amendment
The House of Representatives passed a bill 388-to-3
that makes it a federal crime to protest anywhere there is a National Security
concern, whether it is or not... Facism is at your
Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day