Richard Tan, actor - It Gets Better Today

Uploaded by stonewalluk on 06.12.2010

Hello. My name is Richard Tan and I’m a young, British Chinese, gay actor.
I’m here to talk about some of my experiences growing up as a young gay man.
I’ve been really lucky to have this incredible network
of friends, who have loved me and supported me during my
difficult period where I was questioning everything about my
identity, my sexuality and I never really saw the need to come out.
When I was growing up I was very shy and withdrawn and very lonely.
I felt very lonely.
I was very self-conscious. I couldn’t even go out and do
groceries to do shopping because I was so scared people
would judge me. I still am a bit shy but I’m still a lot more
comfortable within my own skin. When I was at university in
Scotland they had this wonderfully established LGBT student
framework which was open and accessible to everyone and
really helped me make me more comfortable in my own skin and expand my shell.
I know that things are and can be extremely tough for you and
how low you might be feeling right now is incomparable,
but please, believe in your self and love yourself.
Be strong because you are a role model to others.
Don’t be afraid. Give your friends and family the benefit of the doubt.
And Stonewall is there to help you, because
it gets better today and we can make it happen.