Bowling Lessons for Beginners : How to Use Lane Arrows in Bowling

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.09.2007

Hi, Glenn Soanes for The next thing that you need to know, we’ve
got the ball, we’ve got our names in, we know where we want to stand, now how do we
throw the ball at the pins? The pins stand 60 ft. away from you and variably the lane
is 40 inches wide, it’s a pretty small target to have to hit 60 ft. away. What lane manufacturers
have done is given you targeting arrows and targeting keys. The arrows exist at 15 ft.
again, the center arrow lines up with the head pin, the arrow immediately to the right
lines up with the three, the six, the ten and on the other side the two, the four, the
seven. Up closer, easier to see for those of us who have glasses are the keys, same
kind of notion. There’s five keys on each side, head pin, three pin, six pin, two pin,
four pin and if you really need to get close, there’s a set of dots at the foul line.
You’re going to want to experiment with rolling the ball over different targets to
get the ball to go to the pocket. You may be so near sighted that you have to use these,
you may want the ball to roll up earlier so you use the keys, most people use the arrows.
Now that we know where we want to roll the ball, where we want to stand, let’s go roll
a ball and see what happens.