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Hi, welcome to the Book More Brides house of holiday insanity. This is the Holiday Triple
Play Special Series. Iím Stephanie and this is my husband Jeff.
If youíd like to quit having to explain your price to brides and grooms, and if youíve
had it up to here with expensive bridal advertising that doesnít work, in this video weíre going
to share some of our best strategies that will let you put these frustrations behind
you in 2013.
Weíve worked with hundreds of wedding vendors over the past few years: photographers, DJs,
planners, travel agents, venues, stationers, transportation experts and more. These are
small business people who are really good at what they do, but not so good at marketing
and promoting it. A lot of them are struggling to make the income they REALLY want for their
They tell us their are two big monsters that are eating up your profits: Price Shoppers
and Expensive Advertising.
Between brides and grooms who ask ìhow muchî before anything else, underpriced competition
slashing prices to ridiculous lows, and outrageously expensive bridal advertising, it can seems
impossible to get ahead.
If thatís where youíre at, itís really not your fault. Thatís what They want you
to think. By ìTheyî I mean your underpriced competitors who want you to compete on price,
so they can beat you, and the bridal advertising industry who wants you to keep buying their
cold as a dead fish leads. Believe me, THEY donít want you watching this video!
We really want to help you beat these Monsters, and thatís what weíve created our training
series to do, but many wedding vendors are stuck in a catch 22--they need these trainings
to solve kill these Monsters, but these Monsters are keeping them from being able to afford
the very products that can help them.
Weíre so sick of this that weíre going to teach you to slay these Monsters once and
for all!
Over the next few days, weíre going to:
Teach you 3 of the best strategies for conquering the ìprice questionî and getting more leads
on the cheap FAST. This will give everyone a chance to kick ass in 2013.
For people who want more, weíre going to make you a ridiculously low-priced offer that
gives you ALL the information you need to slay these Monsters for good!
Along the way, weíre going to entertain you with our charming antics and wow you with
our marketing strate-gery.
Does that sound like a plan? Good. Letís get to it!
First, the Price Monster. Itís big. Itís hairy. Itís doesnít wax.
Weíre going to share just a few tidbits from our Price Shopper Formula training.
Whatís the first thing most brides and grooms are asking when they contact you these days?
Thatís right: HOW MUCH?
Itís unbelievably frustrating because they just donít understand the value theyíre
getting. To make it worse, 90 percent of these inquiries are coming in by email. If you at
least had them on the phone, youíd have a fighting chance. But how do you explain your
value in an email?
The bottom line is that you really CANíT. You need to have a conversation. You need
to send an email response that starts a conversation and a relationship that explains your value,
and you donít even have to mention price.
How do you do that, O Goddess of Email Communication?
I shall tell you, padawan. Before you respond to that price email, you need to know something
very important:
You Must Know: What do you want the bride/groom to do after reading your email?
Once you figure this out, your entire response should be written with that goal in mind.
So what do you want the bride and groom to do after getting your response? PAUSE
If you said, ìBook me,î thatís probably not going to happen. Most wedding vendors
donít book the couple on the first email.
Whatís the next action you want that will take them one step closer to booking you?
For most wedding vendors, you need to get them on the phone so that you can set a meeting.
When you get that price inquiry email, instead of sending them a list of your prices and
asking them if theyíd like to set up a meeting--thatís what most wedding vendors do that doesnít
work--you need to take control of the conversation and get them on the phone.
The easiest way to do that is with this magic question:
ìAre you available for a quick phone chat at [SPECIFIC TIME] on [SPECIFIC DAY]?î
ìAre you available for a quick phone chat at 2pm on Wednesday to find out if weíre
a good match?î
Most wedding vendors write back something like, ìIf youíd like to meet, let me know.î
Itís non-specific and it doesnít get a response. It takes dozens of back and forth emails to
get them to a meeting, if it works at all.
When you ask for a chat at a specific time, you get a response. If theyíre available,
now you have them one step closer to booking. And if they arenít available, theyíll usually
email back with a time when they are.
You need to get them on the phone. Your chances of booking them DOUBLE if you actually speak
to them, and now you have a real chance to prove your value by giving them a first hand
experience of working with you.
Use that magic question to reach your #1 goal of moving them one step closer to the booking.
If a phone call isnít the next step for you, ask a question that gets you to whatever that
next step is.
This is just one piece of dealing with price shoppers and the price question, but if you
use this Magic Question it WILL get results and you will book more weddings. Try it.
And if you really want to take your response to those price emails to the next level, create
a Video Power Pitch.
Instead of replying to a lead with a boring old email, you send a video response with
a personalized voice over introducing yourself and inviting the bride to chat with you on
the phone.
When the bride gets a dozen plain text email responses containing nothing more than a pricing
sheet, and then she watches your personalized video response, she is going to call you.
Youíve just blown your competition out of the water.
Hereís how it works:
An email lead comes in. In the next 15 minutes, you personalize your
already 90% done Power Point template with the brideís name, wedding date and location.
You record your screen capture video with a cool, free tool like Animoto or Jing.
Pop the video url into an email.
Voila! Youíve got a knock-your-socks-off bride booking response.
This works so powerfully because itís emotional and it shows off your expertise as a professional.
You stand head and shoulders above the competition and it goes a long way toward proving why
youíre worth your price.
A quick recap:
Determine the goal of your response before you send it.
Design your reply with that response in mind. Ask a specific question to get the bride on
the phone. Create a Power Video Pitch response to take
it to the next level.
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