Love Valentine's Day? Dine & Sign Episode 20

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Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
Why Valentine's Day?
To show that I have my love.
Is that what the red is for?
Why red?
For what?
Pump the heart better.
Who created Valentine's Day?
Mr. Valentine.
Who's that?
That guy? He had 6 hearts. Six.
That's why there's hearts day for February. Why February every year? Why?
Maybe because he was born that day. I think.
I think Valentine's Day is a Bullshit holiday.
It's not a holiday!
Yeah it is.
No. Not a holiday. Noo. Love Day.
You should love all year. One day- focus. One day? What for?
Best chance to find a partner.
Because it's Valentine's day?
Partner worth it?
Cook for me. I'm bored of cooking. I'm bored.
Cooking is fun!
Not everyday!
Eat a little bit, then one day cook delicious.
Woman- everyday, come on everyday.
That's old fashioned.
I want that.
Times change.
Times change? Means I have to cook myself.
I'm curious- what's your advice for finding a parter. Where should I go? How do I find-
Go to a bar.
Why a bar?
High. Easy to get a partner.
What about online?
Online is awful.
Bar saves time. Look over. No. come back, look over. Online- back and forth. You can't
send, send, send. You can't.
What's your advice for finding a good girl. Is a girl worth- I feel independent.
Really hearing world- so what? You have contacts. Deaf is small world. You have to get a partner.
See every- Really deaf is a different world. If the community had many deaf, maybe I would
talk different. Deaf community is lacking. 1 or 2, same same 1 or 2. Boring a little
What's the best Valentine's Day gift?
Why diamond? What for diamond?
Impress who?
Impress her.
Stone… expensive. Right?
You're right.
But future kids- kids worth it? I don't know.
Wait- get older, you will realize. I don't know. Long time ago I felt the same way you
Until I get older. I realized it's time. Now I have my son. When I'm old and gone, you-
don't know. Time- I don't know. I prefer to have a grandson.
But if I refuse to do Valentine's Day, does it mean I don't love you? Or what?
I feel business overrides me. Like- they tell me to buy. I- If I say no, but she- they-
How do I- listen to who? If I want to give from my heart- but every year they make me
feel like it's required. Required makes me feel no.
I understand what you mean.
I want it natural. Give freely.
Right. I feel the same.
Thats why every year same, same. I feel the value decreasing because give, give, no feeling.
Same Christmas every year. I'm sick of it. I wish once every 5 years. Like- 2000, 2005,
2010. That's it. Every year why? Business
I know
Feel excited to get it.
Excited! Every year little boring.
I'm sick of getting closer and thinking about shopping. Time is fast. I'm sick of it. But
we do that.
Say no.
Better say "No time". No time, I'm busy. I just put an envelope with money
You think girls are expensive?
No. Same girls say men are expensive. Same.
Really. I feel like men don't need much.
Right, so girls should not be expensive.
Girls need much.
Like lipstick. 1 Limit 1, limit 1. 4-5-6 what for?
Different colors
No. Lipstick different colors? You- Different colors. It will dark to light. Das it.
Blue, Yellow, green - how?
Lipstick- red only - Valentines Day.
Put it on the list!
Valentines Day is red, Always. Lipstick red always.
No, nothing.
What if "I want, I want"?
Give cake color dye. It's cheap. Those bottles- cheap.
Why not Valentines Day at the end of February- discount, discount, discount.
Yeah the candy is discounted.
Why not February 15th? Buy candy and give it.
I understand.
Means heartless?
Think you're cheap. Discount give.
Money should mean nothing!
I understand. I understand what you mean.
Some people's opinion.
If I find a deaf girl what would you say?
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