Архив Доча & Юрия Спасокукоцкого Жим штанги лежа 120 кг

Uploaded by YuryfromUkrain on 29.11.2012

We would like to tell you about such a character like Do4a(Vadim Ivanov)
He is a known person in the internet. We would like to congratulate him
We also very positive to his internet group "Do4a"(vkontakte,facebook)
We want to congratulate him with the new rank in bench pressing
I have made a proposition to Vadim - to organise a friendly duel in bench pressing
Although, I don not practice in bench pressing
Of course we are better
We will press more
If we will press less, we will return in several training days and all the same press more=)
Also, we can compete in squat stand, dead lift, biceps lift
We propose him to compete in all disciplines
Because it is very sly, just to press and that's all
Nevertheless, we congratulate him with his rank in bench pressing, it is cool, and he is very cool
He is very,very,very cool, almost like we!=))
Do4a is a well known master in bench pressing and I don't press at all
But, I plan to press more than Vadim
Roman can confirm that I practice in bench pressing very-very rarely. Once a month
It is true. It is a very interesting competition
Vadim is a master in bench pressing and we are the bodybuilders
The only thing which remains is to try to win
Finally, hi to everybody. Look at our bench pressing
Remember, that the most important thing is to improve your result
Your main rival is YOU
Meanwhile, Do4a loaded his rod....
I can more!
And now we will see who is better in bench pressing
A known master in bench pressing or master in classic bodybuilding
Who is better? Look...
I will show the bench pressing with the full amplitude with the weight 120kg
It is not my 'max' bench pressing. I don't want to be injured because of full amplitude
I didn't try to press 120kg for 15 times before
Tough work of the lower and external part of the pectoral muscle
For development of the top part I advise angle bench pressing
Attention! Video with 15 times pressing was damaged and for the duel it was used an old one. Sorry...
So, we see that the master in bench pressing is better, than the champion in bodybuilding
But, I am pleased, because
I have improved my personal result,
My best result was 120kg x 14 times and I have pressed 120kg for 15 times
I have reestablished my physical shape
I think that I will not beat Vadim in bench pressing
I will train and press 18 times, 20 times
He will press for 27 times
I would like to compete with him in another discipline with pleasure
I don't think that he has an opportunity to compete with me in bodybuilding
But, if he wants to compete in squat stand, biceps lift...
In this disciplines I have more chances to win
I trained in such disciplines more
Why Vadim pressed with such technique? Is it fair?
So, let's summarize
Many people will comment that Do4a pressed with the technique which is not perfect
So, we don't discuss the technique before the competition
According to real competitions his technique is normal
Vadim Ivanov pressed absolutely fair. He can press in such a way at all competitions
If you ask me with what technique is it easier to press?
I will answer that with Vadim's technique it is easier to press. You can press more
The result will be better for 25%
It is his achievement that he can press in such a way
I have liked the idea of the duel with Vadim
Such duels stimulate sportsmen
I hope you will watch and organise your own duels, my dear viewers
I hope your friendly duels will improve your results
Thank you and see you later
I invite Vadim for revenge
I hope I will win next time=)
P.S.The question with the bench pressing is still open!
My junior 'bro' also fond of bench pressing!=)