how to curve a bowling ball (how to hook the ball)

Uploaded by jbmason0 on 07.08.2009

What's that, Nelly Furtado, you want a hook lesson?
Yes, Nelly Furtado, here is a hook lesson.
"How to hook the ball," by Mister Brett.
okay, I've got a bright green ball, and it has three holes.
Most people would hold it with two fingers and a thumb.
I say, screw that, I only want THIS finger. I am flipping my ball the bird. Woop!
Stick it in here; barely, barely use this. Zero thumb.
It's all about this finger in this hole, and then,
what happens is, when I let go, I spin it really really hard
like this, spin it with just one finger, {whistle} I use one finger to just spin it, like this,
{whistle} okay, so watch how this works.
No thumb. No thumb at all.
Nine pins!