CIMU: Fresh Wreckage Episode Sneak Peek

Uploaded by Cimu2 on 12.12.2012

A look back at CIMU Season 1
Ghost Shirt
Jocef Michael

Alert New London
Far away stays, Bureau, The Regionals
CIMU Season 2 starts now.
Don't Leave me high. Don't leave me dry.
Hey guys my name is Laura and you are watching
CIMU and you can see
we have this fresh new band from Columbus Ohio - Fresh Wreckage.
we are at Vaughan Music Studios -VMS
hey guys. hello. How are you guys doing?
Hi CIMU. So who is going to introduce the band?
I can. we are
fresh wreckage
I am Herold and I play drums.
my name's Bobbi and i am a lead singer.
Chap - guitar player.
Matt Seward - Bass.
Charles - play keys.
Nice so next week these guys are going to perform 2 songs for us.
and why should viewers tune in to see you guys?
well, you guys should tune in
because the 2 songs are really great.
one is called Forever
and the other one is called perfect one
you're gonna love what you hear.
and why else should they tune in?
amazing spirits, it's transcendent really. oh it's transcendent.
We are a very dynamic band. We are a rock band!
We got you cause you didn't expect that did you.
Alright, tune in next week to see this rock band.
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and I will see you guys next week. Bye.
Fresh Wreckage sings their favorite
cover by Radiohead - High and Dry
Don't leave me high
Don't leave me dry
tune in next week.
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