Congressman Nolan Hires Former Rep. Tom Rukavina

Uploaded by UpTakeVideo on 26.01.2013

Tommy Rukavina was a wonderfully good, strong Representative up in the Iron Range area.
Very supportive in our campaign. Highly regarded by people in that region. He was very helpful
in helping us to win this contest. And he's very bright, very well received. As you know,
Tommy's quite passionate as well. I'm just delighted to have Tommy on my staff.
What will his role be?
Well, you know, we want to keep in close touch with all the
segments that make up the eighth district. The eighth district is all about tourism,
timber and mining and environmental concerns. And we want to make sure that all interests
in the party get a fair hearing in matters of importance to those sectors come before
the congress and before the various agencies of the government.