Skate 3 All the Hidden Areas

Uploaded by DJValby on 22.01.2013

Hey Guys, D-Jug here!
and uhmm...Today we gonna do more Skate 3 I will show you
all the hidden areas.
Uh, if you know one in Skate 3
it's a hidden area
that I don't have put on this video, please leave me a comment or message me. And uhm, let's start
with the
Art Gallery.


I take it a little bit closer.

This one has I downloaded.
Or bought this.
So here we are, in the Art Gallery.
And I have two hidden...
Or I have three hidden areas here.
In this.

Oh, there was not an hidden area.
It's right here.
And if you don't know how to get over this.
I will show you how.
Oh also a message to one there disliked all my videos.
I know you disliking this but
Why did you not leave me a comment why you doing that?

Because if you say why you doing that. So can I see what I can do better with my videos.
And here we are
back to Skate 3

in the second hidden area.
Here is an tunnel
"E. Avery Parkway Tunnel"

And here we are in the second hidden area.

Here can you make a little little
I just wanted to make an second same ramp.

So I get a lot of speed.

Yeah, a footplant.
Oh yeah.
That was a Wallie Footplant.
I should have that again.

Like a photo.
Yeah, so we get back
to the hidden areas.

And sorry I said "Arhrea"
But I mean "Area"
And now I show you the last hidden area in the Art Gallery.
Stop bailing, man.
Oh my god.
(Back to the disliker!) And if you say why you disliked me:
"I disliking you because you are ugly"
That is not a answer.
if you say
I disliking you because you are ugly,
it's because you are ugly self
, just saying that.
Uhm, a good thing to say why you disliked me
is like:
"I disliking you because you talking too much"

All right, so I talking just a little bit.
And so here we are
in the last hidden area,
in the Art Gallery.
Yeah, and now I have a lot of speed. And I like that Manuals. My favorite is Nose Manual.
So now I crash myself
Oh...Ohhhh I do.

Oh there's also a hidden area right here.

now we getting to
Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream
that is my favorite download
of that I bought
I bought 3 skate places.
I bought:
The Sanatorium
, Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream and
Art Gallery
And my favorite is Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream. In the reality it's my favorite skate place in the whole game.
But in the top 10. I didn't put it on
, because it is not a really skate place.
And so
we get up here.
and it's not this there is the hidden area

I just get up here because I love to skate down the ramp.

And then it's also very easier
, to find the hidden area.
Yeah, so
Yeah, Double Grab Frontflip

and here we are
and Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream's hidden area.
And here is an funny thing, to skate down.
For you
and you get down to the pool.
Oh, there's also an another

...another way to getting up there because:
If you can't get up on that way I will show a easy way.

So you bail!

All right, we gets up here.
Oh, I'll try again because
I could'n't get up on my feet.

And please leave me a video response.
Because I wanted to see your skills.
Because I love all of them there are good to somethin'.
And if YOU are.
Let me see!

And so you can set a marker.
So you get a lot of speed.
Oh I bailed.
That was a
Bad Bail (laughs) (THE ANNOYING ORANGE)
I like Danny's pool
Specialy the Own the Spot Let me show you.
I just beat
my own personal best.
I promise you.
I promise you I beat my own personal best.
So I just take this ramp right here.
Yes, so I killed
the spot
so can you do that?

So that was the hidden area in Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream
And so we get to Downtown district. And so we get to Park'N'Play

It is really
in Hotel District
but I'll going to Park'N'Play because it's faster.

So I jumped.
So you get down here.

That was one of my BEST BAILS!
And here we are, in an little hidden bowl.
Here can you get a lot of speed, when you do tricks in the Air.
And so we get to
Industrial District.

To the Carverton Quarry
and I think you know THIS
it's very very very famous on the Skate 3 videos
on YouTube.
So we setting a marker, and just bail.

And there you are.
I like to do Wallie Footplants!
But I can't do it on this wall

And here we are on the top of The Old Factory.

Yeah, and so we get to
University District.

I don't know that you know THIS.
But this is one of the most secret hidden areas I have ever seen.

In Skate 3.
So if I will made an top 5
most secret hidden areas
in Skate 3, that will be number 1.

And I love this.

Yeah so...
BUMMM. And here can you do Hall of Meat.
Oh, there was Slenderman
(People: Wow that was SICK, man) (Me:) Thank you

Yeah, and so we get
to the last but not least
hidden area.
That I will show you.
And so we get to University District again.
And Super-Ultra-Mega-Park.
And it's right here.
get up here.
But that is not the really hidden area.

is here
not here.
So we get up here.

Here we are
on the top of
University District.
Here can you do bigger Hall of Meats.

So I also do this but this is the last thing in this video.
Thanks guys. Thanks for watching the hidden areas.

And if you know one more hidden area in Skate 3 that I don't have show you.
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Thanks guys.
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Peace. (GUEEA!)