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>> I present to you Saul Raisin.
[ Applause ]
>> Saul Raisin: Well,
It's a true pleasure to be here today.
My name is Saul Raisin I was born
and raised in Dalton, Georgia.
Carpet capital of the world, if you didn't know.
Out high school, I moved to France
to race bicycle professionally, [photo of Mr. Raisin on bike] lived and worked
out in France for five years.
I worked my way up the ranks,
and going into 2006 they tell me I was the youngest team leader [photo, Mr Raisin on bike in mountians]
in the history of the sport of professional cycling.
My world rankings would have put me automatically [photo, Mr. Raisin on bike, fist raised]
on the US Olympic team.
I was at the top of my game in cycling.
But in a small professional bike race in April
of 2006 I crashed and hit my head.
The bicycle helmet saved my life.
30 hours later I slipped into a coma, and they had [photo, Mr. Raisin in hospital bed connected to respirator.]
to do emergency brain surgery to save my life.
The brain surgery left an indentation
in the right side of my brain.
About the size of a golf ball.
Because of that, my left side is completely paralyzed.
Doctor told my family if I wasn't dead,
or lived in a vegetative cycle, vegetative state the rest
of my life, you know, they need to think of organ donation.
For sure, I'll never walk again, I'll never live a normal life.
But what do doctors know.
[ Laughter ]
>> Since the accident I have run in two marathons, [photo, Mr. Raisin on recumbent bike assisted by another biker]
the Georgia and the New York City marathon.
I have completed five half iron man triathlons,
and I'm going to keep running. [photo, Mr. Raisin running in marathon.]
You know, God gave me a second chance at life,
and I want to give back
and serve him and help others not as fortunate as me.
I'm now the founder of a 501c 3, the Raisin Hope Foundation.
I'm also the published author of the book "Tour De Life;
From Coma to Competition".
Now the I wrote my book to share my story with others,
to let them know they're not alone.
The last six years of book sales, fundraisers,
motivational speaking, networking, I've been able
to raise over $250,000 for traumatic brain injuries
and other disabilities.
And that's where it leads me to now.
Recently, I've been interviewing for jobs at Shepherd Center,
Children Healthcare of Atlanta,
working in the marketing department, as the point person
for the hospital to raise awareness
for injury prevention and disabilities.
And these jobs all require a bachelors in marketing.
And I want to graduate as fast as I can.
And that's how I came across doctor Huffman's course,
the PLA, Prior Learning Assessment course.
I will also be able to apply for classes like entrepreneurship,
upper level marketing classes, because I am an entrepreneur.
Not only have I started my own 501c 3,
I've also created a small technology company
out of Colorado, and we're in the process
of developing our first --
first ever efficiency meter for running shoes.
So this class, the prior learning assessment course,
for me, is -- it's invaluable.
It acknowledges my accomplishments
for things I accomplished and gives me credit
for things I've already done.
This course ultimately will save me lots of time and money,
something we all want to do.
So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this course,
I think it's a great place to start and grow.
So help students, and help not only everyone,
but helped my dream come true.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]