Det var de andres skyld (MotivationsVideo) - Martin Thorborg

Uploaded by Nils0770 on 28.12.2012

Is it true?
You only have one leg?
Okay... And you are also an immigrant.
and you are a women!
That is fucking tough.
And you were raped by your grandad.
The only thing you can do
my best advice to you
give up.
Because there is no doubt about
that women has a harder life than men
immigrants have a hard life than non-immigrants
one legged persons have a harder life than persons with two legs
and people that has not been raped by their grandad
has a better life than people that has.
The easiest thing is just to give up!
Isn't the easiest thing not just to
Jump in the harbor with a motor mower around you neck
And make sure that make a tombstone before
with the inscription, "it was the others fault!"
You could also choose something else.
You could choose to turn around you unluck to anger
to perseverance
to give it everything you got.
But yes, you can get a bit of pity
but what the fuck does it help you
What's the point on having it on your tombstone
that you died and that was a pity
who the fuck cares, you are forgotten after 30 seconds and that was it.
You only have this one life!
You could choose to say to yourself, despite of everything
then I would fucking show the world
that I can do something.
That energy you can archieve by this it can be so much stronger
than the energy the person without problem can muster.
If you can change it into into saying to yourself
"Yes, people are underestimate me,"
"people do not believe that I can,"
"people don't believe I can do a shit."
"I'm going to fucking show them,"
"that I cannot just achieve something"
"I can also become the fucking best."
See that, that there is fucking perspective in
I believe that everyone can find the rage inside themselves
and instead of being self destructive
then I believe that all people on some level
can change this to energy
that can make theme become as far away of being losers that they can be
the direct opposite, and make them win.
Do you best, do it for your own sake
show the world, that you are a fucking winner.