Behind the Wheel with Shell V-Power - 2013 Kia Rio LX review

Uploaded by Shell on 29.10.2012


My name's Justin Pritchard.
I write mainly for and I freelance for the
Halifax Chronicle Herald, Metro Toronto Night,
Northern Life and a few other print publications.
And I've just finished driving the 2013 Kia Rio LX.

The car performs really well.
What Kia's done with this is put a lot of advanced--
sort of power train technologies in here.
You got features like direct injection,
variable valve timing, aluminum engine construction,
six-speed transmission.
This is all stuff that used to be kind of in the more
higher-end cars and when you put it in something more affordable
you're getting better fuel mileage, but also
better performance at the same time.

The ride was great.
It's comfortable and quiet relative to its price range.
They've done a good job of making you feel like
you're in something a little bit more expensive here.
It's comfortable, it's laid out well.
I think you're seeing a lot of the European design.
They've got a head of design that used to design things
like Audis, for instance, so again, you're feeling like
you're in something a little bit more upscale.
It's got the steering wheel mounted controls,
the Bluetooth, a higher-end audio system.
I can plug an iPod or USB drive in here.
There's two power outlets, storage everywhere so,
I mean, it's really, you know, relevant to that modern shopper
that wants all that kind of stuff nowadays.