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Highlights of the news today Wednesday 9th January
Enoch Powellís Widow ëFuriousí Over ëLudicrousí Slur
Huge Opposition Mounts against Gay ëMarriageí In UK
Lesbian couple torture, murder and rob an OAP
Halal slaughter house in Skegness by the Reverend Robert West.
French citizens, want a referendum on the gay marriage
German Historical Bias is shifting from Race to Religion.
Saudi National Society for Human Rights calls for end to dowries
British soldier killed by Muslim wearing an Afghan uniform.
Thought for the Day ñ The Positive lies of Democracy
And finally ñ One lump pirated by Chinese to make another lump!
UK NEWS Enoch Powellís Widow ëFuriousí Over ëLudicrousí
Slur That Portrays Her Husband as a Nazi Sympathiser. The widow of Enoch Powell has criticised as
ëabsolutely ludicrousí a novel that portrays her husband as a pro-Nazi sympathiser. Pamela
Powell said his depiction in the bestselling book Dominion was an ëunacceptable distortioní
of the late Tory MP. The book is a historical ëwhat ifí which explores what might have
happened had Britain sued for peace after Dunkirk in 1940.
The work is set in 1952 and Britain is portrayed as a puppet state under the control of the
Nazis in Berlin. Author C.J. Sansom included real-life figures in his fictitious pro-Nazi
government, including Powell as Secretary of State for India. But his widow said Powell,
who died in 1998, had ëtotally opposedí Neville Chamberlainís appeasement of Hitler.
ëThe idea that he would be in any pro-Nazi government is absolutely ludicrous,í she
said. ëWhen Enoch went to Australia in 1937 as Professor of Greek at Sydney University
he told his first lecture that when Britain went to war he would go straight back to join
up and that is what he did.í Historian Andrew Roberts said: ëPowell was
an ardent anti-Nazi from the earliest days even when other Tories were pro-appeasement.
I suspect the author is trying to make some sort of modern-day equivalence between Enoch
Powellís views on immigration and fascism and that is so intellectually debased as to
be moronic. EDL Leader Lennon Jailed for Passport Offence.
Stephen Lennon admits using a passport in the name of Andrew McMaster to board a Virgin
Atlantic Flight from Heathrow to New York. The leader of the English Defence League has
been jailed for 10 months for using someone elseís passport to get into the United States.
Lennon, 30, pleaded guilty to possession of a false identity document with improper intention,
contrary to the Identity Documents Act 2010, at Southwark Crown Court. Lennon used a passport
in the name of Andrew McMaster to board a Virgin Atlantic Flight from Heathrow to New
York, but was caught out after his fingerprints were taken by customs officials.
The court heard that Lennon, who had previously been refused entry to the US, used his friendís
passport to travel to the country in September. He used a self check-in kiosk to board the
Virgin Atlantic flight at Heathrow, and was allowed through when the document was checked
in the bag drop area. But when he arrived at New Yorkís JFK Airport, customs officials
who took his fingerprints realised he was not Mr McMaster. Lennon was asked to attend
a second interview but left the airport, entering the US illegally. He stayed just one night
and travelled back to the UK the following day using his own legitimate passport ó which
bears the name Paul Harris. A Nationalist spokesperson commented ëAlthough I have no
sympathy for Lennonís deceit, just how many thousands of migrants and terrorists enter
the UK and the US with forged or stolen passports? Are these people ever caught let alone prosecuted?í
Huge Opposition Mounts Against Gay ëMarriageí In UK. With the coalition government about
to publish their bill to legalise gay marriage in England and Wales there has been a huge
increase in opposition to the measure over the last two months. Over 624,000 people have
now signed the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) petition against the redefinition of marriage
which simply reads as follows: ëI support the legal definition of marriage which is
the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.
I oppose any attempt to redefine it.í The petition has overwhelmed that of the ëCampaign
for equal Marriageí (C4EM) which has attracted only 64,000 signatures, just over 10% of C4Mís
total. This underlines the growing suspicion that the push to legalise gay marriage is
the concern of a small liberal elite which does not speak for the majority.
The Guardian & Independent support Argentina. The Guardian & Independent papers have printed
Argentina's 'poisoned witch' President Christina Fernandez de Kirchnerís opinion on the ownership
of the Falkland Islands for the British public to read. The Argentine leader asked both papers
to print an advertisement pointing to David Cameron, to have talks over the Islands. One
reporter commented ''The Guardian and the Independent are Marxist surrendering filth.
They have the typical left wing agenda of Liberalist degenerate submissiveness which
is not what the Falkland Islander's or the British people want or need to readî
Lesbian couple torture, murder and rob an OAP. A retired bus driver and devoted grandfather
have been brutally murdered by 2 lesbians in one of the most horrific crimes so far
this year. Barry Reeve was the victim of civil partners Kelly Louise Barnes and Jodie Barnes.
The women had overheard him saying he had a few pounds tucked away so they systematically
tortured him for hours to get his pin number. They tied him up and turned up the volume
on the TV so neighbours could not hear his screams. His body was found by his daughter
2 weeks after he was killed the Court heard. The victim had numerous knife wounds to his
body and he was slowly allowed to bleed to death over 24 hours whilst still tied to a
chair. Coroner's reports say that Mr Reed, also known as 'Titch' because of his small
build also suffered brain injuries because of the beating. The day after the murder,
the couple took a taxi back to his house and emptied the fridge and kitchen of all his
food. One W@8 reporter commented ''This is the true nature of the Liberalist left, evil
and violent to those who are not in the same mind set as they are.''
I now hand you over to the Reverend Robert West for his interesting take on the
Halal Slaughterhouse in Skegness. In Lincolnshire, recently, a Halal slaughterhouse
has been opened in Skegness in which animals are cruelly taken to have their throats slit
un-stunned whilst some hysterical religious words are pronounced over them in Arabic.
This is surely an out-dated and unnecessary practise which is not in tune with the standards
of humanity expected in a modern and vibrant society. And I understand that Lincolnshire
farmers are quite rightly beginning to boycott this disgusting and depraved practise, which
is, surely, in contravention of the spirit, if not the letter, of our laws.
It is furthermore an example of the growing Islamification of our society.
But it is not only these houses of cruelty, these halal slaughterhouses, that we are having
to cope with. The Mohammedan population are beginning to impose their halal slaughtered
food on our shops and supermarket chains. Their aim is to turn everything into halal,
whereas my view is that nothing should be halal in our country in these up-to-date days
of animal welfare. Certainly in the past we could not give the attention that we now do
to these issues. But this is not the past. We are living in modern times where it is
surely not necessary to any more accept these practises. Lincolnshire Coastal branch are
to be congratulated for their timely and forthright stance and activity.
But Islam is a growing problem in the whole of Europe. The Muslim population is growing
exponentially whilst ours withers on the vine due to the undermining of the family and to
badly modern opinions that our women should work rather than guide the house and have
children, thus condemning many young men to a pointless and despondent life of unemployment.
Why should some households have both parents on incomes whilst others have neither?. Where
is the equality in that? For too long we have been turning our women into Halal employees,
rather than good wives (and mothers) at home. There is an unholy connection, therefore,
between Halal slaughter and anti-family and anti-motherhood feminism. We surely, therefore,
have to be active on both fronts.
In nearby Peterborough, the third most numerous name, already is, either Mohammed or some
variant of it. Mohammedan food shops, with their halal slaughtered flesh, are mushrooming
in many towns and hamlets of the shire and are being patronised by British families who
do not yet see the connection between supporting such food venues, and the growing Islamification
of their neighbourhoods. And then when the Mohammedans gain a numerical ascendancy in
a given area, then all rights and freedoms, for women and everyone else, are taken away.
The Mohammedans expect to gain control, of Britain, by their money-earning halal food
chains and their step-by-step methods throttling our freedoms and taking over our localities
gradually. They are aided and abetted by the foul and pestilent forces of the Far Left
within our mainstream political parties and national media, which love nothing better
than to put down our culture and heritage, and elevate what they consider to be the exotic.
Try making a Halal spring lamb see it that way, however. It is appalling to have to see
lambs having their throats slit and then bleating afterwards as they are hung up to be left
to bleed to death. I am sure that we have all seen the video of this, recently put up
by the British National Party on their website.
Yes it is time to say ìNoî to Halal and to make Britain, once again, a country of
animal lovers and of humane, not Halal, slaughter.
Thank you Reverend, I am sure we all agree with you on that subject.
EUROPEAN NEWS A majority of French citizens, or 69%, want
a referendum on the gay marriage bill that is up for congressional debate at the end
of the month, according to data released Thursday by the French Institute of Public Opinion
(IFOP). The French ìmust be called to decide via
referendumî on the bill, which will allow same-sex marriages and adoptions by gay couples,
according to the IFOP survey of 1,008 people aged 18 and older, published in Valeurs Actuelles
weekly. Of those in favor of the referendum, 86% are Union for a Popular Movement (UMP)
voters, 84% are National Front voters, and 55% identified as leftists. Also in favor
are 70% of respondents aged under 35 and 69% of those aged 35 and up.
German Historical Bias is Shifting From Race to Religion. A new study warns that Islamophobia
in Germany becoming culturally acceptable, as racism moves away from ethnicity towards
religious bias against Muslims. ìItís no longer ëthe Turksí but ëthe Muslimsí,î
Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Head of the Institute for Research of Interdisciplinary Conflict and
Violence at Bielefeld University told the Neue Osnabr¸cker Zeitung on Monday. Research
has led him to be concerned general xenophobia had given way to a growing rejection of Islam
in Germany. His theory is not new ó a study from M¸nster university found that in 2010,
66 percent of western Germans and 74 percent of eastern Germans had a negative attitude
towards Muslims. And a more recent study from the Allensbach Institute suggested that this
had not changed over the past two years, as only 22 percent of Germans asked said they
agreed with Germanyís ex-President Christian Wulffís statement that Islam, like Christianity,
was a part of Germany. Heitmeyer also found that Islamophobia seemed
to exist not only in the far-right, but was also present in more left-leaning and centrist
circles. The sentiment was identifiable throughout the country, from the highest echelons of
society to the lowest. Neo-Nazi expert from D¸sseldorf technical
university Alexander H‰usler told the newspaper that while discriminating against an entire
ethnicity was a taboo, religion-based racism was generally considered to be exercising
freedom of opinion. ìCriticism of Islam or Muslims appear acceptable, because it is not
seen as classically racist,î said H‰usler; A W@8 reporter commented ëWell all these
Institutes have set about replacing the Communist re-training camps and have grown their roots
in Auschwitz. The mainly indigenous people in any country are entitled to question the
cause and result of any large immigrant community , whatever title it is given, whether racist
or religious, because that is how all people in the world identify themselves and strangers.
We all need to stop being so hard on our own tribes. ë
WORLD NEWS Saudi National Society for Human Rights calls
for end to dowries. The recent marriage of a 90-year-old Saudi man to a 15-year-old girl
sparked condemnation from the Saudi National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) and activists
on Twitter, local media reported Monday. The groom told al-Hayat daily that his marriage
was ìlegal and correct,î and that he paid a dowry of $17,500 to marry the girl, who
is the daughter of a Yemeni father and Saudi mother. The man went on to say that on their
wedding night, the child bride entered the bedroom before him, locking herself in. This
made him ìsuspicious about some kind of conspiracyî by the girl and her mother, the man reportedly
said. Close friends of the brideís family said
she was so frightened she locked herself in for two days before fleeing back to her parentsí
home. The groom vowed to sue his in-laws to give him back the girl or return him the expensive
dowry he paid. A W@8 reporter stated ëThe unfortunate thing here is that he is right.
Her parents virtually sold their daughter, which is common practice in the third world
and indeed was common practice in England and Europe until the late 19th century. They
should have not taken money for her but according to the Qíuran, he has now paid for her so
he either stays married to her or the parents will have to return the dowry. Stopping dowries
will not stop these arranged and dowered marriages, it is in their religion and their culture,
even their so called prophet Mohamed did it.í
British soldier killed by Muslim wearing an Afghan uniform.
A brave British soldier has been killed in a 'sneaky' attack by a cowardly undercover
Muslim fanatic. The soldier who is un-named at present was on regular patrol in Helmand
province when undercover Taliban terrorist Mohammed Qasim Faroq turned his weapon upon
him and other soldiers. The terrorist was killed instantly in return fire. 8 other casualties
have been reported to have received medical treatment after the incident. The soldier
was from the 28 Engineer regiment. His family have now been informed. These so called ëfriendly
fireí incidents are on the increase as there is a push to recruit Afghans into the military
to bring forward US and UK troops withdrawing.
Thought for the Day- the Positive Lies of democracy.
I have come to the conclusion that there is no democracy in the World that actually works
under its original auspices. The same goes for Communism, Fascism and Anarchy ñ well
certainly not comprising of their authorís writings and sayings.
Switzerland is the nearest to complete and total democracy. It is admittedly a state
governed by money and the love of money but it also has two very important laws. One,
each citizen is expected to defend their country by mandatory military service and 2, every
citizen is allowed to defend their home and land with firearms. Add 2 additional essential
items for a truly democratic country and these are: virtually no immigration and staying
firmly out of any wars outside Switzerland, alias remaining neutral and not part of the
old world order, soon to be the new world order of communist/Islamic/fascists or global/corporate/leftists.
As my saying goes ëOne manís democracy is another manís fascismí. The two largest
Communist countries, China and North Korea are anything but Communist in name only. By
the Communist mantra, everyone should benefit from a communist society, but of course they
do not. As George Orwell in Animal Farm said ëAll pigs are equal but some pigs are more
equal than othersí. In China there are even more social differences now than in the past
thousand years when the War Lords and Mandarins ruled large un-unified parts of China and
during famine thousands perished. You have a section of so called communist party Chinese
equal in money only to the Russian Oligarchs. The Chinese will eat anything and will sell
anything for money, their way of life has not changed basically for thousands of years
and neither their true culture . The Thoughts of Chairman Mao and the re-educating of already
educated people did nothing but shift the balance of power from one peasant to another,
and now although all peasants are equal many are more equal than many others. China still
has its starving millions only they work now for a pittance, manufacturing second rate
crap for the greedy and ignorant West.
North Korea is as everyone knows verging on starvation whilst a very precious few live
the life of old Riley on their bones. Where are the so called faces of Lenin and Marxist
policies now? What is true about the Far East is that it will take a policy, turn and twist
it and then bring down with a heavy hand to implement it and so called people power does
not count at all, but remember it is all for their own good.
Greece was the land of Democracy in the ancient world and stuck to it pretty well which is
why of course they were taken over by the Persians, whose idea of democracy was around
the same as nowadays, only not built around a phoney religion but a raging capitalistic
and fascistic regime. The Roman Empire got it almost right until they went sloppily liberal
and hedonistic in the latter days of their Empire, when they sought to appease the populace
with their version of reality TV and takeaway food and allow masses of northern Europeans
into their cities. That was one of the first ever reactions to overwhelming immigration
ancient style ñ total collapse of a culture and people.
Europe has been striving to democracy since I can remember, especially since the last
World War when unfortunately the greatest result initially from Fascist Germany was
a well ordered, workable and proud Germany, which did not sit well with the world in general
and of course fell right into the trap of trying to sort out what they thought of as
a problem which went horribly wrong, even more so when Japan was allowed to open the
door for Roseveldt to enter the war he desparately wanted to fight. Democracy didnít come into
it I am afraid, although money making and power shifting did.
Democracy is what the Syrian rebels are fighting for isnít it? So they take a liberal Muslim
state, which even has an Opera House and Christians in the government as well as a English first
lady for Godís sake and with the dubious help of the UK, UN and the world media, turn
it into yet another Muslim hell hole with fanatics baying at the doors. Do not kid yourselves
that democracy has anything to do with this or the other hell holes of Libya or Egypt
ñ democracy is dead in those countries never to rear its poor old head again. Islam is
the new fascist on the block along with multi-culturalism and multi-ethnicism.
You would have to be seriously stupid to think even for a moment that these shifts of power
and money are for the good of the people, they are however for the good of some people!
Democracy has become the mantra like word for all people seeking power and money in
that order. In reality why give power to the people to take it all back or not make use
of it in the first place? In a truly democratic society referendums should be the norm, the
people should be consulted or representatives of such and if you think the ethnic Labour
and Conservative Peers or MPís are in touch with you and I ñ think again. They have been
put in place by their own for their own and you are really dim if you think they are not!
But democracy in all its glory still shines its light on the uninitiated and the people
who really do not want to think at all.
The cry, ëI donít vote cos they are all the sameí no doubt refers to the democratic
system of voting in this country whereby despite all the hardships given to get women the vote
and youngsters, they still do not vote. The ethnics amongst us also given the UK vote
do vote, because they know that if we British were truly democratic like Switzerland, they
would not be here, let alone given the vote and other powers. So democracy has worked
against us and yet the Brits still rail against fascism even though they are living lives
even more under the yoke than the Third Reich, but of course in a very democratic way, that
is unseen, unheard and unspoken, rather like the three wise Monkeys!
Communism would not work in the UK it is still seen as the poor manís Party and parts of
this are still alive and well in the Labour Party under the guise of Socialism, which
also sounds good but then relate that to National Socialism and we have what? The Third Reich
again! So it would seem an every ending circle of duplicity turning and re-turning under
the stage names of different ideologies whilst the true enemies of our country slide and
slither into cracks we do not dream about and stake their claims. As I said on Monday
listen to 100% but believe only 25% - there is an ocean of information that will never
see the light of day and much of it relates to putting people and political organisations
into nicely marketed little parcels, with instructions on how to use or throw away.
Think for yourself is my thought for Wednesday and as this is the day on which my Father
died in 1945 and never saw the end of the War ñ he would not recognise England todayñ
I shall remember.
And finally-One lump pirated for another lump! , Currently under construction in Beijing,
the Zaha Hadid-designed development Wangjing SOHO is an office and retail complex whose
gently curving walls are intended to resemble dancing Chinese fans. Located between central
Beijing and Beijing Capital International Airport, it is expected to become another
landmark building following its completion in 2014. However this so called design has
been stolen by the Chinese city of Chongqing and visitors in the future may be surprised
to see the development of the Meiquan 22nd Century building, said by observers to be
a copy of Hadidís Beijing development. According to Der Spiegel, the Chongqing building is
being completed at a quicker pace than its Beijing counterpart and may open before the
building said to have inspired it. Now I love architecture, although I favour
the straight Roman lines or the Art Deco white space but apparently Iraqi-born, London-based
Hadid is best known in the UK for the London 2012 Olympics Aquatics Centre so as with all
things connected to that shambles I will rest my case. Her two buildings looking at the
computer project look like one lump of multicoloured concrete and glass and the second like a vertically
challenged lump of the same. 2 Chinese fans do not cut it with me at all but as they say
in China, a fool and his money are soon parted! Hadid is launching some 11 projects in the
country currently. Addressing the Chongqing development, Satoshi Ohashi, Zaha Hadid Architects
project director for the Wangjing Soho complex, said: ì"It is possible that the Chongqing
pirates got hold of some digital files or renderings of the project... If someone really
likes Zaha, we will probably see more of her designs across Chinaî. Well, this presenter
says hopefully not in the UK! You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne
Mozar and I wish you all a very good night. W@