Super Gospel - Ministry 4 - 12/15 (Spoken Voice) Passion Week

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GEb 7, Quote by Epiphanius, Heresies 30.22) Large Upper Room, Jerusalem
Then came the day of Unleavened Bread, upon which, the custom is that the Passover lamb
must be sacrificed. The disciples drew near to Jesus, and he said, "Clearly I’ve not
looked forward to eating this Passover meat with you in its every aspect, have I?" And
he sent out two of his disciples, Peter and John, saying, "Go and ready the Passover meal
for us, that we might eat." And they asked him, "Where would you have us make it for
you?" Go to a certain man in town. And behold, even as you are entering the city, a man carrying
a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow him into the house he enters. Then you will say
to the one in charge of the house that he goes into, ‘The Master says to you, "My
time is at hand. My disciples and I will keep the Passover at your house. Where is the room
where my followers and I will eat the Passover meal?"’ Then he will show you a large upper
room which has been spread out and prepared. Arrange it for us in that place." So the disciples
went into the city and found things even as he had described it to them, so they readied
the Passover there. That evening, Jesus arrived with the Twelve.
And when the time had come, he sat at table with the twelve apostles. Then he explained,
"I have longed to eat this Passover with you before my suffering, inasmuch as I say to
you that I will in no way eat of it until the time comes when it is fulfilled in God’s
kingdom." And a dispute broke out among them as to which
of them would be the greatest. At that point he said to them, "The kings of the Gentiles
lord it over them, and the ones who are over these are called ‘benefactors.’ Yet that
is not how it will be with you. Let the one who is greater among you be even as the lesser,
and the one who rules as the one who serves. For which is the greater, the one seated or
the one serving? Is it not the one who sits? Even so, I am here with you
as one who serves. You are the ones who have stayed with me through my ordeals, and I am
passing a kingdom on to you, even as the Father has passed a kingdom on to me, that you might
eat and drink at my table in the kingdom. Then you will sit on thrones, judging the
(John 13:1 20) The Upper Room, Jerusalem
Now Jesus knew prior to the Passover feast that the time had come for him to leave this
world and return to the Father. And out of love for his own who were in the world, he
proved to them the extent thereof. At the time that the supper was being served, the
devil had already placed in Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon, the resolve to betray him.
Jesus was aware that the Father had placed all things into his hands, and that he had
come from God and was on his way back to Him. So he rose up from the dinner table, laid
down his outer garment, took a towel and wrapped it around himself. Then he poured water into
a basin and started washing off and wiping dry the feet of the apostles using the towel
with which he had girt himself. When he got to Simon Peter, he asked him,
"Lord, are you going to wash my feet?" Jesus replied, "You do not yet recognize what I’m
doing to you, but it will come to you at a later time." "You will never wash my feet!"
Peter insisted. "Were I not to wash your feet," said Jesus, "you would have no portion with
me." "Lord," Simon Peter answered him, "not my feet only, but my hands and my head as
well!" Jesus replied, "Once a man has been cleansed, he needs only to have his feet washed
off, otherwise he is clean all over. And you are all clean. Well, not all of you." (You
see, he knew who was about to betray him, and that is why he said to them, "Not all
of you are clean.") So after he had washed their feet and put
his clothes back on, he went and sat back down again. At that point he said to them,
"Have you any idea what I’ve done for you? You refer to me as ‘the Master’ and ‘the
Teacher,’ and what you say is indeed the truth, for truly that is what I am. So if
I, the ‘Master’ and the ‘Teacher’ have washed off your feet, then you should
wash each other’s feet. I have left you an example, that you may do even as I have
done for you. Truly, truly, do I say to you that a servant is not above his master, nor
is the one who is sent greater than the One who sent him. If you have understood these
truths, you would do well to put them to use. I am not referring to all of you: I know the
ones whom I have chosen. But it is to satisfy the Scripture that reads, ‘The one eating
my bread has raised his heel against me.’ I am speaking to you from this age so that
when it comes about, you will believe that I AM. Most assuredly I say to you, anyone
who receives the one that I send to them is receiving me, and the one who receives me
is also receiving the One Who sent me." JESUS IDENTIFIES JUDAS AS HIS BETRAYER
(Matt 26:21 25; Mark 14:18 21; Luke 22:21 23; John 13:21 30)
The Upper Room, Jerusalem And his spirit wrenched as he spoke these
things. "But look," he said as they were lying there and eating, "the hand of my betrayer
is on the table with mine! I am telling you the truth, one of you eating here with me
is going to betray me." His followers were saddened and started looking to one another,
uncertain as to which of the disciples he had meant. Then they began to deliberate among
themselves as to which of them it might be who intended to do this. And one after another
they started asking him, "Lord, is it me?" Now one of his disciples, the one whom Jesus
loved, was leaning against his breast. Simon Peter motioned to this disciple, seeking an
answer as to which of them he was referring to. He therefore leaned against the breast
of Jesus and asked, "Who is it, Lord?" And Jesus replied, "It is truly one of the twelve:
the one who dips his hand in the bowl with mine; the one to whom I will give this piece
of bread after I have drenched it. For truly the Son of Man is to go precisely as it has
been written about him; in accordance with what has been prescribed for him. Even so,
woe betide that man by whom the Son of Man will be betrayed. It would have been better
for him had he never been born." So he dipped the bread and gave it to Judas Iscariot, the
son of Simon. Then Judas, his betrayer, said to him, "Surely it is not me is it, Rabbi?"
Jesus replied, "You have said it yourself." Then, after the sop, Satan entered into Judas,
so Jesus said to him, "Do as you’ve resolved without delay." But none of the ones lying
there had any idea as to why he had spoken this to him. Some imagined that because Judas
was in charge of the money bag, that Jesus had said to him, "Buy the things we will need
for the feast," or that he should give something to the poor. So he went out after receiving
the bread, and it was night. LOVE ONE ANOTHER
(John 13:31 35; GHb 7 Quote by Jerome, Commentary on Ephesians 3, regarding Ephesians
5:4; Quote by Jerome, On Isaiah 11.2)
The Upper Room, Jerusalem So after Judas had left that place, Jesus
said, "Now the Son of Man is prepared for glorification, and through him will God be
glorified. And if God is set to be glorified through the Son of Man, then God Himself will
glorify him; and how suddenly will He do so! Dearest children, I will only be with you
a little while longer. And even as I have said to the Jews, so now do I say to you;
you will go looking for me, but not be able to follow me to where I go. I am passing a
new commandment on to you: that you should love one another, even as I have loved you.
Never think of yourself as truly fulfilled until you can look upon your brother with
love. It is among the greatest of sins to sadden the spirit of a brother. If you should
show love for one another, then everyone will recognize you as my disciples."
JESUS PREDICTS PETER’S DENIALS (Matt 26:31 35; Mark 14:27 31;
Luke 22:31 38; John 13:36 38; Barnabas7:11b) Upper Room, Jerusalem
Simon Peter asked him, "Lord, where are you going?" Jesus answered, "You cannot follow
me there just yet, but eventually you will." Then Jesus revealed to them, "All of you will
stumble tonight on my account, for it is written, ‘I will strike down the shepherd and the
sheepfold will scatter.’ But after I have been raised up, I will travel on ahead of
you into Galilee." "Lord," asked Peter, "why can’t I just follow you now?" "Simon, Simon,
Satan has requested that all of you be delivered up so that he might sift you as wheat. Those
who wish to see me and take hold of my kingdom must receive me in sufferings and trials.
But I have interceded on your behalf, that your faith might fail you not. And after your
conversion, strengthen your brethren." And Peter replied, saying, "Lord, I am ready to
go to prison with you--and even to my death! Even if everyone else should fall away on
your account, I never will. I will lay down my life for you." Then Jesus said, "Will you
really lay down your life for me? For I am telling you truly, Peter, this very day, before
the cock crows twice, you will disown me three times, denying even this very night that you
know me."