BB10 wrap-up and first impressions of the Z10

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yes that's me some in new york
i have a number of saint nicholas leeson baseball players from me
i'm here for the uh... Blackberry 10 launch like until he was really a
paternity lucy could i have to keep
managed to digest
blackberry 10
and uh... i a few impressions but only to give it a rundown on what happened
uh... as part of the vibrant and watch
today there be a lot of great
a great large amount of these reading or you know
uh... best-looking contradict cricket sweatshops story making astra magazine
patents on the blackberry which is really kind of cool photos
piecing together and movie
bison images video that you've taken and stuff like that really really easy
actually did wanted a place in the pictures that i undertook
decisively credit title
it's a content credit entitle
and choose music
and discourage
just does not get off
transitions super easy
uh... laconic although i kind of muscle fish a half
now also that they would be
so it will be a balance and how simple it is to switch between personal and
work life on your arm of all of us
yet really could have been a really good job of being out of the sort of say you
know what on the white house said he's my work profile
you know what is my weekend
all this is my personal stuff
super easy
also congress which often even at the video camcorder device
fetus which also
yeah i like they didn't balance really true
the other candidate identity can with the whole time shifting out there knows
exactly what what what about say for example take a picture of your beautiful
and you blink
and i think that's ramanan
what you can actually do isri one-time or even passport time
two forms for before they believed her off they're going to whatever you need
and that's really cool because it's so often that you take it further
and three people smile and one who is uh...
is with your eyes shut william
soviet really really can t feature are used its very can tell you that those
words well watch for quite well
they started today dot having the seventy thousand that's usually how as
to some of those include soccer ball sack which i didn't know about earlier
as well
esther lester graham i would really
love to see insecure and then that's something that uh... really holds me
back from
completely committed myself to lead to a blackberry device interesting
uh... baseline data availability overseeing a week i have one
uh... vary so much for the country country trying to speak to your talkers
likely a dollar uh... you know some people getting it in march so they're
getting in february i think in the u_k_ to getting it tomorrow
i have my no
but it was initially think but
they made a huge announcement today about the new global creative director
alicia keys
uh... arafat's completely it kinda freaked me out because he's his wife
and give you an idea about about me as well so it
BlackBerry 10
you know stressed out thinking about songs around new york
advice they want by the chicas
first thing that catch my mind i've done a lot of it
i was listening to a vote was daily up until this trip
subtly seasoned bikers always kinda mesh together in my head anyway
and yet and i find out which is actually not an employee
of collaborate not
research in motion animal they just blackbird
tightly association has a job
Blackberry Z10
forgot what happened but i think that's a really good news
to try to get some get herbal
i think that usual all four and it's an industry
cindy angles which they can use to try to consumers well really really cool
possibly cities like she's trip realism
i've been using money up
this is the black reseach and i did do a quick on boxing audit
well yeah you know it's not the best quality overdone it's actually quite
but i just was dying so unwrapped and show you guys exactly look like
so that the disease hand uh... you can kind of see it's
is beautiful
it's a really really nice device
it looks a lot like the depth of ours as well which was i was little bit
not disappointed the surprise of the woods changed a little bit more
in a civil can you tell us all
uh... did something on you've really got probably just a ball inbounds and under
an entree
it's full time sheet a majority of things he did you want here's touch
faced and uh...
and that it takes only getting use to and sometimes if i myself a little stock
you don't know what we should be doing
and to get out of application you're stuck in something you know what you
should be doing
uh... so this is this is not yet decided
patriot photos are really are
i found five
and uh... like greasy ten next to each other
really very similar to blackberries a little while
ask you a nice day wise for him
stats hundreds pick-up
now there's a tiny tiny bit longer really small difference
that's at nine oh two point to this comparison strong that's one of them
off by the way
while this case is like a
beautiful for a rape case had to say hello
now i've been using all day uh...
i had was charging in between when i first got the device dinner for
childhood like fifty percent
charge and i had to go and i thought i was really work in a thing on
uh... take your photos with them
first thing i worked with it's not that cannot be sure that this kind of black
resentment assigned but is not the best guarantees fibers
taking photos is often just couldn't get the photo really want it
and i've forgotten now take a shot because japanese
candle different lighting situations depending on the back room
it's differences to be so smith a fine line between applications and i have
never been to what i was doing now like what's the worst really really nice to
see a little pushing it
one thing is for the removal of that case which my life and doesn't
and i can change battery pack and so my christie todd
those things are really good
chicago on the iphone
so that's something i had to mention as well as
you know obviously whatever times have been better
yes it seems like we're sticking with that
it's a sixteen division
and he's left with about thirty d
of actual free space
uh... possibly think of excel memory city was put on
means that you gave my christie todd i don't know when you get
this legislation beautiful it's actually really shocking dance
uh... and you will see pixels but you really have to kind of work hard to get
watching video content playback on this is really really enjoyable it's very
sorry for the speaker did bindle speakers really well
like really not
um... cisco
one else
is a couple bucks united states
i'm looking at is the first thing the device
uh... first uh... oh s for black request trying to get everything out by personal
existed like a new company you everything Z10
BlackBerry 10
yet as a few books you know i'd pick up a time when using it's like what the review
anti-nafta fix things up and get that that here's a couple of small issues for
mental defect dot that's the stuff like that
i think the platforms release all and i think that is to improve a lot of time
they don't really have no i did say i had done for shoddy i had a chance to
review which shows
playing in quite a bit
but sad
i don't know if i don't know if i was really harsh on the phone
or what i found out who left his is dying a lot quicker than i am
but i wanted
obviously that's good that i can have a state battering softening up by native
it's just a hassle
one of the things i noticed served in the demo as well as off watching me in
washington back to me and this was the same thing
so i'm not going to say it's just like must have a feeling
unnoticed morale is high and have feeling back to our phones to the people
and the keyboard off
chief chronicled by three people
again out of the physical keyboards to be a little italy won a nobel
com you're going to try it
because it's actually really cool
and its markets to foreign money my words were delaying my secrets of words
so i'm going to a point where hundreds hiking muncy more pissed
freaking out from detroit to just knows when to me
salty like hi i'm stressing
page five space mixed-race
alexander usually like hi how are you right
so slight high space
through the haitian hal
and or does the space for you
click a phone call
and then because the sites again and put the ones that you have done
what forwards
bit daily approaching actual fund which is really cool
yes it's andrew but it's really exciting
that's that's excellent the keyboard is just provide standout feature
beyond the time shift camry is really cool as well but definitely that
it was so anybody
and it's cool
single and found touches our finance
i've once they do know is a whole bunch of just one hand
until she had to be as well and that's the kind of one of the bus and in the
judge has three other things always one-handed device that the young
yet to see ten
really easy to get around with
by also had my hands on a around like rich you can
switches the physical keyboard version
yeah pre-nineteen swell pretty nice but i think the loss of screen or status is
worth it since he had a physical people back
which he believes that we don't miss you you really want to looking at it
um... that's not
we have no idea when that's coming out yeah totally like white much race
and uh... yet and i'm excited for her
but i wouldn't even consider myself because the question why would i
uh... this looks like the blackbirds you have
now the case in the back in trying to not show heat too much ignore it
uh... unmet folsom pines today who's the ceo blackberry
and uh... and he gave al fayed aries limited run
inflicted on twenty
of these custom re cases that was really cool
i was also a pleasure meeting you guys actually really genuine do down-to-earth
yet it's actually also see
a c_e_o_ you can
come down to how level like him a little blogger
and haven't had a real conversation and just be you've won one like a normal
human orson
liked it
also delivered to around new york and your similar photos obviously from the
that i've heard so far and uh...
yeah they have
if you're coming to new york before and one of this just in american thing
pastrami sandwiches which is delhi
and all my god make i've got the sandwich because of us tremendous
pastrami sandwiches for the night before
like is sick
marketing is like a stick
i was just a vicious and i think he hahaha and i just kill delivered on it
it was incredible
uh... new york related to me
it's pouring rain outside right now it's actually
one thirty in the morning clearly uh...
uh... justices on time zone
but anyway and yourself that you guys
they will be a full review of the above the blackberry as soon as possible
but on the track real gold did not like your publisher of the day without
actually using it
thirty questions of people to test on the device please let me know
but sadly i think it's a really good start endorses a few bucks is very very
good science
will use you forget that
like we have made their cellphones seriously
come back at me
let's fix and thanks guys and uh...