Shakira Tour Blog 23: Hermosillo (México)

Uploaded by shakira on 23.08.2011


A big kiss for you, Shakira!
Today is my first time in a Shakira concert!
She has to dance!
Hello Shakira from Hermosillo We love you and remember
that the sun came out, in the city of the sun!
We are very happy to have her here, We are all fans
We love her a lot, she is our idol. My sisters, daughters and I love her!
I brought this skirt with me today! Shakira, look I'm a big fan!
A big kiss from Hermosillo, Shakira
Good night Hermosillo!
How are you all doing? Thank you so much for having us here
I'm beyond happy to be here with us, in this Mexico that I love so much
Remember Mexico that tonight, I'm all yours.