Misja Insomnia 2012 - Polacy na Turnieju Mortal kombat 9 w Angli

Uploaded by shadowdoknedzy on 25.09.2012

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Its already after 7 pm...we wont see it (troll)
Mission Insomnia 2012
Its moment before the departure, what’s the problem?
There is a internet problem...
What do you need the internet for...?
So I can perform a online check in...
We are not checked in yet ?
We are not, its 01:42 and we are not checked in...
What time do we take off?
You know what, about 5-6 am...
What are you doin' Kosu...?
Am callin' the Costumer service..
which one?
TPSA. Give me "five"
its ganna be okey...
Have to be...
Okey, something is up!
checkin status...
online check in...
there is a progress,
In a minute, two three or four
we will see if the first bordering card did print out...
it's mean that I'll be able to dispatch all 3 of us in one hour on my cells internet connection.
How are you doin guys...?
We're cool...
What time is it, its about 4:20 am.
Where we goin?
UK, Telford, Insomnia
Kosu: We're doin' it!
The Bas stop...
The University Telford Campus
You can study like that.
Come in!
Good mornin', good mornin'...(its about 10pm)
How did the trip go?
With fucken surprises...
in general we got to the Modlin Air port in just about time,
We're gettin’ to this bus and ask him when dose he leaves?
He says he leaves in 10 minutes
and he needs another 10 to get us to the airport.
So basicly we would get to the airport and and never make it
took of with the only cab that was there.
four young chicks were faster and they took our cab
It was a pure luck, cause there was a woman standing and
and she was going to the same airport
(Gods hand) but for some reason she didnt left before...
I guess she didnt know how to get there,
those chicks get in to the taxi
so she said - hop in, I’ll give you a ride.
So we took the offer
and she's like thanks and wish you luck!
so we had a free ride
we hit the airport
We wanted to check in (submit the luggage)
and we would like to purchase a additional luggage
and sadly she informed us that we are to late
and informed us that she cant take our luggage in.
she said we can try to submit the luggage after passing the check point
we had such option, but we had to pay 75$ for it
our main luggage would be considered as "hand luggage "
they toss away couple of tooth pastes from Kosus backpack
cage (personal luggage size) in order to pass further.
its only inch outside the cage!
Dont know how..
but somehow i was able to squeeze it!
The hard part was when I had to pool it out
Unfortunately the luggage grip had to suffer and was broke!
This is something i didnt want to record
using force i lift the luggage
lifting the entire cage along with the luggage
And we're fucken runin' like a bunch crazy fucks!
Runin' Kosu is shountin' "I got only two boarding cards!"
we're on board
Kosu is lookin' into the boarding
Kosu says - I got'em all!
and this is how our flight to UK started!
It wasnet the end of bullshit along the way
The Starbucks Caffe, LOL!
We woke up
hop on that fucken bus
and we had a one hour gap
to switch one bus to another (to take us from Birmingham to Telford)
The last bus to Telford had delay - 1.5h!
Our bus to Telford left 30 minutes ago from Birmingham
and here we had a nice surprise
we were properly taken care of by the bus service
a cab was arranged to take us to the train station
and a first train straight to Telford
of course everything was free of charge
Everything was perfectly taken' care of.
we took that train
and we made it
after 35 minutes we were in Telford Centre
that town reminded me of Twin peaks town ;)
and we went to the tournament - the event
basically shitty beer
but the organization was very good
hell of a people
a lot of talented players
people deeply committed to this event
we were trolling around a little bit...
it appears that strong Belgium team will be there
how do You like the entire organization ?
That dude from TYM said we might get a stream
so that the matches could be live stream
its ganna get hot
Like they say, What goes around, comes around
sign ins starts at 10 am, the tournament starts at 12 am.
we'll have two hours for casuals
I guess the twins wont play before the tournament
You think so ?
or they might play their sub-main characters
we'll see, we'll see about that...
I am worried that we might not have many entries
though Kosu says there might be a lot, more then 20-30 entries
the more we get, the more fun we'll get
if there will be 20-30 players and we or I get to top 16
its ganna be a success
considering the fact
that i have neglect my performance
so am not looking to get far
but, but i havent lost hope that i can still do something
something nasty...hahahaha (fuck I guess i did )
and besides we will try to show a good level
we will do our best
Kosu will be the surprise of this event/tournament
I wont be, thats certain
but i will give my best shot
We came, we saw it all, got excited what insomnia brings
and like the life energy was restored with us
so, Hey!
you were spouse to get up at 9am, not 8:40!
got up little earlier
the nerves woke you up ?
you needed to deaden or what ?
eeh, its a breakfast
Kosu is still sleepin' ?
I barely got of bed dude
Cause Am feelin' sleepy
Poor boy...
Kids are not use to battle field like that
how are you feelin' ?
nervous ?
Pretty damn good.
nerves will appear on first challenge
Look At That!
we're ready to rock, are you?
you are ready to go!?
fuck yeah!
he's still stoned, yeah I can see.
so this is what our breakfast looks like
which one is better?, that one.
Show me!
are you tense?
Nah, I'm not.
My Kabal is outdated
about 4 months...or more.
but its ganna be fucken fun!
we did come here to win
aint that right?
definitely not me...!
But if someone pisses me off,
i'll kick the shit out of him!
with these hand made boots (Cockney)
Made by Polish punks
almost 5 years old
so how much am savin’ ?
so I recommend it!
last summer i switch to skate boots.
I see...
and am stickin' to it
When it's really hot I'm wearing a little sandals
is it alright?
am ganna fucken kill'em!
ganna blow their fucken head off!
they are already dead!
I'll berry them Dude!
am all in!
Relaxing, relaxing
On the way out
Be or not to Be.
How is the organization ?
to me its like fucken
10% of what it was last night
Cause the PC Nerds have left...
They're her, just sleepin'
or they're fucken wasted...
Okey, am goin'
Kosu's style - Anti Breaker!
Mustard after couple won matches.
this controller dosent fell right dude! (DS2)
that pad dosent feel right bro.
back home i didnt felt it you know...(haven’t played on DS2 long enough)
I feel the fucken pressure here
however he is tight, he is really tight!
chance I win with them are like 40:60 at MAX.
Pretty a lot to me!
I was expecting like 50:50 at the very least.
Its awesome!
how do you feel about this whole thing ?
playin' with these guys its pure pleasure
finally something different
Random British guy.
All Poland is looking at You!
to soon boys........
Kosu: go, IAGB!
Get'em, knee...pressure
Shadow: Go Adam!!!
Kosu: Good, go for it!
him the Reset bracket. Satan loses this time.
Kosu, Moonspells best sparing partner (plays deadly Cyrax)
Shadow: Is is done, or what?
Kosu: Naah, one more.
Moonspell is Rising
We're with You
IAGB, lol
That pal was rushing to anounce the Champion already.
Normal BnB might not be enough here without a bar
And here He comes, waiting for one more droppo, one more mistake
No God hand nor Rest was avaiable this time....
You've won it!
(thank you brother)
Shadow: What ya ganna say to the fans?
Kosu: Give regards to the fans!
Test Your Migh
Tom Brady, Frizen
Our Warsaw crew and entire Polish MK komunnity
The Eagle, Polish Eagle
We never stop believing in you
We're ganna get fucked up!
How is it ?
Fuck me!
How much did you lose weight?
Fuck, like 5 pounds!
Tones of gray hair on my head!
Cheers, for Victory and Glory!
For future Polish MK scene
Listen guys, first text message comes from Manior ( great Reptile player from Wraclaw)
Congrats, pretty good Finals. Regards - Manior
I shouldnt be writing while am wasted...
so, thanks a lot man, you're great!
Next one comes from Furb (great Tekken6 player and tight J-cage player)
So he said: Congrats, Super finals
If You still have the opportunity to talk with UK scene
Invite them to BURSA (the biggest Polish event that happens every year)
for a Salty Run Back!
The finals were good, but could be better
I'd gladly invite them - we wanted to invite them over
Unfortunately there was salt around, a lot of it...
Wawer, also known as "Waver" (snicky Raiden player)
Congrats Bro, you're fuckin' awesome!
NETWARS Hail \666/
Thank You Wawer for this message
Your massage makes me feel good right now.
I got a message from a number i dont have in my phonebook.
Congrats, FUCK!
We almost had a heart attack!
Nevan - he is "special" very emotional person. (Millena, Kitana player)
Neven, thanks a lot dude, this message is very tender.
I wasent expecting it
not even thought about seriously for a moment.
I think this is not the end...
it's is not the end...
it's just the beginning.
on the 24th-27th of august 2012 there was the insomnia festival in UK where the MK9 toutnament took place
three polish lads compited in it:
and Adam did it