Moodle 2/Joule 2: Simple Gradebook With Categories

Uploaded by parsongeo on 03.01.2013

In this video, I'll show you how to set up a simple gradebook that includes categories.
This is gradebook recipe number two in the Faculty Resource Center. I should point out
that I'm showing you a sample class on the sandbox so no actual student information is
being revealed in this video.
This is the user report, which is what the gradebook looks like to a student. You can
see that Eileen Student has completed about half of four assignments, none of the forums,
one quiz, and the extra credit; and she's currently earning an A. You may also notice
that the number of points displayed is incorrect. I created another video to explain how this
total is calculated and what you should tell your students; however, this gradebook is
simple to use and will show your students an accurate "at this point in the course"
grade, both in percentage and letter.
Now, the strengths for this gradebook are it is very easy to use and it's simple for
students to understand, the current "so far" grade is always available to students, extra
credit can be applied against either the entire course or just one category, you can drop
low grades for either the entire course or just within one category. Now, the weaknesses
for this gradebook are that you're unable to weight assignments or categories.
To set up this gradebook, let's start in the Categories and Items tab. You'll see for the
entire gradebook I've selected Simple Weighted Mean of Grades, and for each category I've
selected Simple Weighted Mean of Grades. If you need to create more categories, do so
at this time; and then move the various activities into the appropriate category. Also, the activities
should be listed in the same order that the student will find them during the course.
If you entire -- in tend to drop some low grades, oh, for instance, you want to drop
the lowest assignment grade, you can put that number in this row of boxes. The top one will
drop the lowest grade in the entire gradebook, or for each category you can drop one or two,
or however intend some of the graded items to be extra credit, click the Extra Credit
checkbox for those items. Notice, I've indicated that this item is extra credit; because it
is not in any category, this extra credit will be applied against the student's total
grade for the course. If I had moved this glossary item, oh, into this top category
for assignments, then the extra credit would only be applied against points lost for assignments.
Check that the number of points is accurate for each of the categories and the entire
course. Now, these numbers should be correct, but it never hurts to check. When you finish
setting this up, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
Next, let's go to the Settings tab. In the settings tab, we'll accept, for the most part,
all of the defaults that you see here; however, there are just a couple of settings that you
should be aware of. Something you may want to change, first Show Rank. Now the default
for Show Rank is to hide rank, and you'll see that it shows up two different places
here. Please keep this at the default, you do want to hide the rank. If you reveal the
student's rank in the class it is potentially a FERPA violation. Now, I have shown grades,
that is the default. I should point out that the grades being used here are calculated
based on the standard of 90, 80, 70, 60; that is 90 and above is an A, 80 to 89 is a B.
As long as that's the standard you use for your class then the grades will be accurate,
of course, if you use some other standard then you'll need to go into this Letters tab
and set up whatever your standard is for your class. Show Hidden Items, we want to show
the hidden items and we want to Show Totals but Exclude the Hidden Items. When all of
this is set up, we'll save the changes.
That's about it for this gradebook. It is very simple to use, it's easy for students
to understand, and it will display an accurate "to this point" grade throughout the semester.
If you need help setting up your gradebook, please contact the staff of the Virtual Campus.
Remember, help is only a phone call away.