2013 Burton Society Pant Review by Skis

Uploaded by skisdotcom on 24.10.2012


Hi, I'm Brigitte, this is
Slope Style. I'm here with Jill from Burton. We're here to talk about
the Society Womens Pant and
this pant has been a great seller for us. What do people love
about this pant? This pant has some really great features
at a really great value. So, you're getting a lot of
the same features you're finding on some of your higher end pants such as
your zippered pockets on the front. You have the internal waist
adjustment. You have the nice, flat pockets at the back which can
be very flattering. Still have the inner thigh vents
and you can see the articulation in the leg which is nice to have
at a price point pant, for sure. Now, a signature fit, is that,
it's not slim but it's not real full. It's kind of in the middle? Yep, it's kind of in the
middle. It's more of a classic fit taking into account layering.
It's not going to be overly slim. The other really nice feature about this pant
is that it's mapped on the inside with 40 grams
of insulation. So, at a really great price you're getting all the features plus you're getting
the warmth as well. Okay, and I see that it has
the inner waist adjustments and there is a ton of
features on this pant, so... Yeah, and it is still at a 10,000mm
rating so really great waterproofing as well. And you could probably go out
in most weather conditions with that waterproofing. Yeah. Absolutely.
Okay. Well that's the Society Pant by Burton. This is Slope Style
and thanks for watching.