Fimo- Rosa morada Sub ES/ Pink purple Sub ENG

Uploaded by DeNihiloNihilum on 28.09.2012

very good at all we do this rose purple
use dark green fimo
purple or violet fimo
and stick
started doing the rose
do a little churro with purple
crush it
and roll up
This is the center of the rose
we take
a small ball
the crush
and put it here next
and we make a small peak
we take another small ball
the crushing going and when the We have put him
and we do so with all
balls to make
all petals

we have
rose made
This size is perfect which is very small
and with stick
let's cut the
rounded base
and now we do the stem

with stick
one end
to hook the pink
if when you see the rose manejáis that hook some petals
separate again whith toothpick
already have the stem
Now do the leaves
with a small green ball
the plastamos
what we cut a little
in sheet form
and we

Blade marks
and hooked in the same way
with stick
Now to make the thorns
all that we do
are small
along the stem
and here we have our pink
after we put up the desktop, give it away or use it as
a rose
to any wrist
I hope you liked