How to Make Valentines Day Cards : Cutting Out Hearts for Valentine's Cards

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.04.2008

Alrighty. With our handy-dandy scissors in hand we're ready to start cutting. Quick little
work of caution though, make sure that your scissors are clean. It's very surprising how
much debris and other gunk get in here. Now, these scissors will work just fine even with
gunk in them for most cutting projects, but for these we want a nice, gentle line. We
don't want any rags or rips in our paper so make sure your scissors are nice and clean,
well-oiled cutting machine. Alrighty. Start at the bottom of the heart. Take your time
here, doing very small cuts. Don't do big cuts because that gets sloppy. You don't want
that for your Valentine's Day card. No, no, no. Nice, gentle cuts. I recommend, if you
can, stay just inside the stitch marks that you've made. That way all you're going to
have is pure red paper on here and you won't have to worry about doing any selective erasing
of your stitch marks. We're going to go all around the top of this. Also, make sure that
the paper stays stable. Every now and again when you're cutting the paper can tend to
creep which means your cutting will be offset and your heart will not be symmetrical. Keep
going all the way around here, especially at the top of the heart now, we really want
to cut slow. Cause this is one of the areas that is easiest to goof up. Right when the
angle is extreme as we're coming back around here at the top of our heart. Now you're in
the home stretch. Keeps it going to the middle. Finish it up. And now remove the heart from
your piece of paper. And with a nice fold we have a wonderful, symmetrical heart.