Final Fantasy XI Dreyruk Meeble Burrows Associate Researcher #5

Uploaded by Pysnegnup on 31.10.2012

Hi everyone!
Today we're back on Final Fantasy XI for a new video in Meeble Burrows
Against Dreyuk
The bosss from the Associate researcher Expedition
Which is the 4th expedition, so that's the 4th boss
The boss is a Wyvern
We saw them a lot in the game so nothing news here
It's once again a boss not really hard
Most of the boss in meeble burrows aren't hard when we're 6 actually
He can use lot of AoE Spell and Ability with lot of effect
One of the most horrible is Blazing shriek
Which will give Paralyze to everyone
It's actually why Scholar is so great here as a healer
Since we can easly remove it with Accession and Paralyna
Accession is the Scholar's Ability which can make a spell such as Paralyna, an AoE one
Like most of the Wyvern he can use Dispeling Wind
After that it's best to use Shell V again since his spell can do a lot of damage
The last Ability which can be a problem is Wind Wall
Since this ability will give him a lot of evasion
and it'll be harder after that to hit him
As usual, on your right you can see the drop we can get from him
and on your left you can see which items we can buy after defeating him
And we're already at the end of this video since the boss is about to die
I'll try to do one, maybe more other boss from meeble burrows this week
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