tutorial : Colorful Eyeliner

Uploaded by MaryliciousMaria on 24.03.2012

Hello belezas!
Today I've a spring makeup look for you
It's a very bright look, very colorful and ...
I hope you enjoy!
As usual - primer
An eyeshadow primer is going to boost the vibrance of your eyshadows,
and it'll make the eyeshadows last a lot longer on your lid
Then - you know what I'm going to do next
I could be speaking about the weather...
You already know how things work
Anyways - I'm going to cover up the discoloration on my lids, blah blah blah
With a bit of concealer
Then I'm going to set my concealer with a pressed powder
And then - eyeliner time!
I'm always off camera when putting on the eyeliner...
I'm really sorry about that
It's hard to apply eyeliner, look at a mirror, and also look at the camera...
I just can't do it all
Anyways, do a little flick
If you want a thicker liner, go for it
Then draw another line above the one you made using any colored eyeliner
-I was completely off camera, but that's what I did-
Smudge a black eyeshadow to the outer half of you lower lash line
And then, to brighten the eyes, I used a skin toned eyeliner onto the water line
Curl your lashes and apply mascara
I told you this look was easy
The eyes are done!
-No they're not!-
To brighten the look
I used a shimmery pink eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes
Now the eyes are done! Let's move on to the face
To contour I used my favorite bronzer - Bourjois's chocolate bronzer
Smells so good, just like chocolate
I used it to contour my face
Dust it onto the temples and along the jaw line and neck
This will slender your face
Dust a peachy pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks
Here I'm using Hervana by Benefit
For a very natural glow
I then applied this MAC lipstick- which has blue undertones so it makes your teeth look whiter
And then, to finish off the look, I applied this purplish lipgloss
The look is complete!
You're ready for Spring
Luminous and colorful
A very classic, elegant look
Hope you've enjoyed
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