Butterfly Lovers 梁祝 Leung Juk Cantonese 廣東話 with English Sub 1 of 2

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Temple of the Leung Clan
A. D. 3 Eastern Jin Dynasty
- Have you seen Miss? - I haven't.
Madam is looking for Miss because Master is coming back soon.
- The abalones are ready. - don't forget the fried bean sprouts.
Remember to withdraw 50.000 gold taels from the Western City.
The Master will be here soon. Dress appropriately.
- Add more cinnamon to the soup. - Yes, Madam.
Master is back.
I have great news!
Give everyone their New Year's gifts.
It's such a great honour for our family! There's going to be a wedding.
There's going to be a wedding!
Cheung-kwai, did you hear all that, go now.
Yes, Madam.
I am old. Make-up won't help.
If women didn't wear make up themselves,
Men's faces wouldn't look so pale.
Now, everyone wears it. What is this?
It's a rejuvenating cream from the north.
If you use it daily, your skin will be smooth.
It will also get rid of wrinkles.
Sounds good. Put more on my face.
Why is Ma's family proposing the wedding?
Do they like our daughter Ying?
Look at this, this is the latest clan's chart.
Right there!
Here's Au-yeung's family, they've always been against us.
Where did you get that powder that makes your cheeks rosy.
Chan's family believes that Au-yeung will have great luck.
They are distant relatives of Au-yeung!
Au-yeung's rank is almost the same as me,
but now, his family's increased.
Our clan has less senior officials.
They have the powder, but but try the cream too.
Don't squint once the cream contracts.
It'll make more wrinkles. Relax. .
Could we challenge them if we become relatives?
It's already a great honour that they accepted us.
Not only do they have ties with the government,
They're also connected to Royalty.
We could be listed in the clan list of the imperial family.
Fortunately, I have expertise in military strategy.
Au-yeung would never imagine my strategizing the marriage.
Don't laugh, It will only make more wrinkles!
Madam would like to see you.
I finished just in time.
Miss, Master wants you to take an art exam.
An art exam? I know nothing about art.
- Is it a mistake? - No.
Forget it.
Don't forget to fasten the rope.
They always said that I don't walk like a girl.
You're lucky, Master has the cream on. He can't lose his temper
Not bad.
Here she is.
- Bring me a lyre. - Yes, Madam, I'll fetch one.
Chun-Fa, Miss needs a lyre.
Oh lord.
Master, control yourself, it's alright.
Music is played with our heart.
Ying-toi is too young to understand.
She doesn't need to know everything.
Thank heavens she's not illiterate.
Look at this! her penmanship is completely suitable.
Why not give her a test her on poetry?
She might compose something brilliant. It would be a great achievement.
What are you waiting for?
- It's written too small. - What?
Write bigger next time, so I can read it.
Relax your face.
If you can't compose a poem, recite one to us.
The poem of the Moon light. Moonů risesů And then?
The charmů of theů what then?
The charmů of theů And then?
The charmů of theů And then?
Good, show us the best you can do.
Show your father your penmanship.
Stop laughing!
You can have a look now.
Go on writing.
Don't wipe it off!
- The cream is cracking. - it's contracting too.
- Go and wash your face now. - How will my daughter ever make it?
I know I'm bad, but I'll study harder.
Your Mother has no choice. Tie the rope again.
Pull the rope straight when you're walking.
Chin up, walk straight.
You are as gracious as a wine jug. Watch out!
Mom arenĺt you going to tell me to turn.
Do I have to tell you everything?
This is awful, you can't even turn on your own!
Come back, I have something to say to you.
I want to send you to college, but you have to study very hard.
If you can achieve this in 3 years,
we will be very proud of you.
Can a girl go to college?
When I was young, I disguised as a man to go there.
There are very few students at Sung-yee college.
The headmaster isů
- Madam! - Mom!
The headmaster is my teacher's wife.
I'll write her a letter, to ask her to take care of you.
Our future is in your hands.
But you'll have to keep three promises for me.
- Miss! - Did you feed the horses?
- Yes, uncle Cheung-kwai. - Write to us when you arrive.
We'll return soon. don't worry.
Let her go, she'll be fine.
Be careful, Miss.
- Come back as soon possible. - I need to leave too! Wait for me!
Come back soon.
Sung-yee college
According to Confuciusů
A government must be virtuous
Opened-minded and kind.
Stability comes from your own intelligence.
And stability generates a peaceful mind.
Your turn.
Leung Shan-pak, your music lacks emotion.
Five basic tones are based on your heart and soul.
They will be spoiled if you can't manage it.
Sir, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Leung Shan-pak,
I told you before it lacks emotion!
According to the ancient poems,
All men seek pretty girls.
This poem is part of the collection ôthe Cuckooö.
What are you laughing at?
Don't you understand anything?
I guess youĺre to ignorant to understand.
You're still laughing?
You know nothing about art!
Run faster!
You should be ashamed!
Damn you!
You have no heart!
Your movement was correct.
This is called a ôballö.
It's made of leather,
fabric and paper.
I'm designing a game called öfootball". You kick the ball with your feet.
Divide the students into 2 teams.
The team which puts the ball
in the other persons box, scores one point.
The winning team has to score 3 points first.
You use your feet to kick. Can I use my head?
Can't use your hands right?
It will be messy for so many of us playing together.
Everybody is kicking!
Are you the new student?
I am Chuk Ying.
I've just arrived, Madam Yuen.
I am called Cheung-kwai. Mrs. Chuk wrote this letter here.
She instructed me to give it to you.
I'll go get it now.
I am called Ingenue. the maid of my young Master.
You can have a male servant, but not a maid.
- Do you know? - Wellů
Why do you always say your own name? Take it
Yes, inů Yes, Master.
What a shame.
I lost it.
Madam, the letterů
I must've lost it while coming here.
We are members of The Chuk family.
My Madam was a student here.
- Sin Yuk-ting? - Yes, she's my mother.
It's been more than 10 years!
She married into the Chuk family at last.
Who are you?
Stop playing around.
Mong-chun, Shan-pak's too poor to buy you new clothes.
Maybe I should give him some money. How much do you want?
- Why'd you hit him? - He offended you, so I punched him.
It's true, Shan-pak is poor. what's wrong with helping him out?
Stop fighting, I'm leaving.
Let's keep playing. It's my turn.
Don't tighten it too much, it hurts!
You are getting too big up there. Be patient.
It hurts so much!
It's broken?
Are you hungry?
- Madam Yuen. - You can go eat next door.
Yes, Madam. We are going to eat.
Ying, come try this uniform on.
Those two always up to no good, I am sorry.
Here, we have to wear uniforms.
Great effort has been spent in expanding. we now have more than 300 students.
Try it on.
I'm sure it will fit you well. see if it fits.
Don't you know how to put it on? Here I'll help you.
Madam Yuen, please behave yourself.
I could be your grandmother. come on take it off.
Is that a woman's undergarment?
Are you still trying to pretend? I know that youĺre a girl.
You want to imitate your mother by disguising you as a boy?
I promised my mother not to tell anyone I'm a girl.
What else?
Not to have physical contact with the other studentsů
- And not to drink. - I won't let you do any of that.
You will be able to sleep in the library.
This place is prohibited from the other students.
You will be able to eat your meals and bathe at my home.
So, you'll be able to hold up to your promises.
I'll already feel at ease.
- Master, be careful it's dark. - I'm fine.
Master, Ingenue left. are you used to sleeping alone?
Should I ask her to dress you as a boy again?
Careful! Are you ok?
This rope is so awkward.
Go to sleep, I'll be ok.
- Good night, Master. - Good night, Cheung-kwai.
- Who's there? - Mom!
My lamp!
ôMomö? Who are you?
You know that this place is prohibited from students?
If you know that, why are you here?
You like to hide around and scare people?
Scare people? I've been here for one night.
One night? What've you seen?
I've seen you sneaking around like a thief. What're you doing here?
Your the new student?
- Let me help you. - Shit! physical contact!
You paying me back for scaring you?
Pay you back? If I was I'd kick you like this.
Don't move! You want to hurt me?
That's enough! I am not as ignorant as you.
Rich people are all alike. they all mistreat the poor.
I'm leaving, you can have this place tonight.
Not just for tonight. from now on, it's all mine.
I'm telling youů
Headmaster Madam Yuen assigned this place for me.
So from now on this is my place. Don't come here any more.
I understand.
I'm sorry about scaring you.
Please don't tell the headmaster you saw me here.
If not,
I'll be expelled from school.
If you know that already, why are you here?
I was just looking for a quiet place to study.
I know it's against the rules,
but sometimes you have to make a choice between right and wrong.
Right and wrong. .
I forgot to introduce myself. I am Leung Shan-pak.
See you tomorrow.
I am Chuk Ying,
nice to meet you.
You should go to bed early.
Tomorrow, is your first class. Our teacher is very strict.
- You say something? - You can study when I sleep.
So our problem is solved!
- Your all wrapped up, afraid of something? - Just a little.
Damn it!
Good morning sir.
That's too fast! Who could follow along with that?
Leung Shan-pak, what're you doing?
- Go to your class. - What're you playing?
- Ringing the school bell. - That's too slow, let me.
This is my job.
You already took the library you want to take my job too?
Go find a place to sit down.
Please be seated.
Sir, where should I sit?
Do you need to be instructed for that?
A man should make up his own mind.
- How did you get here? - I came in a carriage.
By carriage?
You'll have to share a spot in the back with any classmate of your choice.
Yes, Sir.
Eh, you!
A man must know what he should use and how to use it.
- Was it a horse driven carriage? - Horses.
You can move up three rows.
Was it a one horse or two horse carriage?
Actually it was two carriages with three horses.
You may move up three more rows.
3 plus 3. is right here.
- How many pieces of luggage do you have? - Ten.
Anyone working for you?
I have ten servants and a maid.
Do you sleep in a first class room or an regular one?
In a library.
One more question.
What do you eat?
I don't know, Whatever the headmaster is having.
- Mong-chun, stand up. - What?
Your moving to the back row, let him take your seat.
Ok I'll sit with Leung Shan-pak.
- You are even stronger than before. - Move up one more.
Don't sit so close.
Open your textbooks.
Why are some students older than the teacher?
They cant pass the exams and they keep on studying here.
Pass the exams?
What does that mean?
We come to study just for the exam.
If we passed we could be appointed senior official.
You don't want to be one?
Could you tell meů
Where Leung Shan-pak is?
Who is Leung Shan-pak? I don't know him.
I can't stand that guy! He's too cocky!
ôThe poor civilians suffered during the warů ô
- There you are! - Chuk Ying?
- I can see your big eyes? - It's so dark, how could you?
I forgot, I have a lamp.
- You sleeping here? - Yes, my family is poor.
My mother helps pay for my studies.
Fortunately the headmaster is generous.
She let's me work here to pay for the rest of it.
So I study
and work here.
That's why you have to work for us.
It's too dark in here, come study in the library.
- Aren't you afraid of ghosts? - knock it off, let's go.
Come on.
- What are you doing? - I'm thinking.
No need to tear off my clothes.
What are you thinking?
Stop asking questions, I can't think anymore.
Another Ting Mong-chun?
Go to bed, you look tired.
- Just sleep here if youĺre tired. - That's good.
What did you say?
A bed?
Will he. .
I've never shared a bed.
I'll put a bowl of water in the middle of it.
So we don't touch each other.
Great idea, I was worried.
Worried about what?
That you'd be another Ting Mong-chun.
Is he a terrible person?
No, he's a ôsissyö.
What do you mean?
Well a "sissy" like him is someone thatů
Doesn't like to be with a woman.
So he likes men?
Yeah, but a man can do so much with a woman.
Do her make up, hold hands with her, make love, have children.
They can do whatever they desire.
I see.
- What are you doing? - So that's why my cousin acts so weird.
No more talk about women.
If you turn the bowl over, I'll beat you up.
- Whoever turns it over will be beat up. - That's not fair.
Your fist is 3 times bigger than mine.
Fine, I won't beat you.
Even if you don't beat me, you still owe me 2 punches.
If I turn it over, nothing will happen.
But if you turn it over, you'll be punched twice.
If you don't see my fist, you'll punch once. after seeing mine, you'll punch twice.
In any case, you are not like Ting Mong-chun.
Be careful.
Good night.
It's 1 hour before class. .
The sun isn't out yet.
Our lesson is over... .
The water?
- What are you doing there, 2 punches! - Stop.
Look at my eye.
I can't even count how many punches you gave me last night.
That's why my hand hurts.
Your hand is killing you, but me, I've got a black eye.
When did you turn the bowl over?
Don't change the subject.
You kept waking me up, so I drank the water.
Did you lie on the bed drinking like a dog?
- Youů youů - I should hit you once for my black eye!
- I'm the one suffering here. - What?!
What! My hand is killing me too!
- Youů - You, youĺre just like a woman.
You were afraid so you punched me. It just proves your not a "sissy".
Leung Shan-pak, Does this make me look like a "sissy"?
It's time for your exams.
- Old Poetry? - This is easy.
May Iů
- Could you lend me one? - Hold on.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, Cheung-kwai.
What bad luck!
Mr. Ching.
Put it on the table.
- Yes, Mister. - Mr. Ching.
Please put it on the table.
- Mister. - In order.
Sir, I have a question.
The collection of the Old Poems comprise of 305 poems.
- But in some versions they speak of 3.000. - Speak up.
Confucius selected. .
The more decent and useful ones, is that right?
In order.
- About the Old Poemsů - Wait.
- Misterů - Keep quiet.
Go on, go on.
You can make it, you can make it.
- Can you do it? - Sir, could you move your beard!
Is your nose ok?
You tried to distract me to help him cheat.
- No, Sir - What was all those questions?
Not him. It's him.
It's me, Cheung-kwai.
Enough excuses. You'll both be expelled from school as of the tomorrow.
But he didn't do anything.
For you since you are new, I'll let you go with a warning.
He's been here along time, and should know not to break the rules.
- He must be punished. - Master came by a carriage with 3 horses.
Towel, Sir.
Please be merciful.
A carriage with 3 horses.
Chuk Ying will take the exam once more. If he fails,
Leung will be expelled, no matter what.
Thank you, Sir.
Don't be lazy, keep reading.
I'm watching you.
ôAh, the tenderness, the grace! My heart's pain consumes me.
The moon rising bright shows the one which I like.
ôAh, the tenderness, the grace! My heart's pain consumes me.
The moon rising bright shows the one which I like.
Only 4 hours till the exam.
Work hard.
The moon rising bright shows the one which I like.
ôAh, the tenderness, the grace! My heart's pain consumes me.
Moon shines bright...
shows the one which I like. ôAh, the tenderness, the grace!
The moon rising bright shows the one which I like.
ôAh, the tenderness, the grace! My heart's pain consumes me.
The moon rising bright shows the one which I like.
ôAh, the tenderness, the grace! My heart's pain consumes me. ô
- Don't turn into Ting Mong-chun. - Moon risingů
I studied, but I don't remember anything.
I studied so hard!
- You know how to play "chess"? - A Little.
- You'll be black. - Yes, Sir.
It's your turn.
- Sir, I made a move. - You are not a child.
You are so careless.
The moon rising bright
shining shows the one that I like...
My heart's pain consumes me. The moon rising bright
The moon rising bright shows the one which I like.
The moon rising bright shows the one which I like.
ôAh, the tenderness, the grace! What his Majesty doing in the forest?
Is he looking for Ha?
Why is he rushing there without having a nap.
He writes so swiftly!
At the edge of the marsh
the reeds and the lotus...
- There is a man so fair. - Do you have something in your hat?
Reeds and grasses.
I've surrounded the black ones, how can you break through?
Things in life are unforeseeable, Sir.
My young Master has broken through too.
If you can't make it, nevermind.
In the worst case scenario, I can move to another college elsewhere.
- Don't be upset. - The teacher isn't happyů
- because I passed the exam! - Really?
If you can, drink every last drop of it.
I also brought 2 boxes.
If you punch in the night, punch the boxes.
Good night.
Don't tell him your a girl.
No matter how happy you are.
You can't tell him.
I don't want to be a "sissy".
You can't tell him.
It's too tight.
- Too tight? - Loosen it please.
- Right here? - The others can't find out.
I promised!
If I break the secret, Mom won't give me another chance.
Too tight?
- Who made that noise? - Sir,
- I bumped into the instrument. - It wasn't him.
It was me.
You are so careless, concentrate!
Can't you feel emotion?
How could you not be moved by that pleasant music?
You obstructed the class! I can't forgive you.
Shan-pak, you are too kind to me.
I've been worried. I feel strange... I might be. .
turning into what your cousin is.
I never had a cousin.
You told me you had a cousin who's weird!
Yes, I remember.
I am too nice to you. I'm worried that I might be a "sissy"?
Of course, you are not strange like your cousin.
Maybe it's just my imagination, or I'm thinking too much.
Will I become another Ting Mong-chun?
Ting Mong-chun!
I've got it!
I will have to pay for the broken instrument!
He's coming. I can pay for it, give it to me.
Stop thinking.
Leave me alone.
Everything was fine, till Leung Shan-pak spoiled our fun.
Don't even say his name.
Who's the one that broke this instrument?
Leung Shan-pak, you may go now.
I only want to punish him.
- It was me that broke it. - It doesn't matter.
He's the one holding it, so I have to punish him.
Chuk Ying, you will remain here until it's dark.
What a poor student.
Ten servants and a maid? You deserve it.
- Madam, help my young Master. - We our school regulations.
The student must accept the punishment given by the teacher.
Come back. It's a test
To show them hard times that will be useful later.
From the soul and the heart. I understand now.
- Where is it? - That way!
- This way. - Again.
- Ying, come on. - alright.
I've been standing for so long, it's finally my turn.
The contest continues.
- I want to put it here. - Right, Right.