How to Install and Run PowerArchiver - Tutorial

Uploaded by Conexware on 10.09.2012

thank you for downloading PowerArchiver let's quickly go through download and installation of PowerArchiver
by clicking the download link here on our download page
you'll be prompted to save the installation file
on your computer
so we'll click "save file"
save it to a convenient location on our computer, PowerArchiver will download very quickly
find our installation file
which will be this
double click it
to run it
and the PowerArchiver installation will start
and here
you'll go through the installation, click install
and there we go, PowerArchiver redirects us
to our Facebook page
Installation is finished. To run PowerArchiver
you may do so by double-clicking the
icon on your desktop
and PowerArchiver will start
thanks for downloading and installing PowerArchiver, view our tutorials on our
Youtube page
thank you