O trato íntimo com Deus

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Moment of Reflection
The intimate dealings with God
Brothers and Sisters, this reflection will teach us what we should do to get there,
through prayer to God to know Him.
O Lord, do not refuse to admit me to your intimacy even though I am very unworthy.
1 - Meditation, as well as meditative reading,
is a means to reach the center of prayer, according to St. Teresa of Jesus,
is a "treaty of friendship, and are often dealing alone with who we know loves us" (vi. 8, 5).
It matters little to get there through meditation or reading,
or through the recitation of a slow and prayerful vocal prayer:
all paths are good and best for each one who will lead quickly to an end,
that is, close to dealing with God.
This would be the center of prayer, the soul must learn to endure there,
ie, to entertain himself "a tract of intimate friendship with the Lord."
Here, too, so attractive and will vary with the personal disposition that can often change,
second day and the circumstances.
Sometimes, once the soul has penetrated sufficiently into consideration of God's love for her,
feels committed to him to express his gratitude
his desire to meet him and starts spontaneously intimate conversation with God.
Declares Him all the recognition, promises to be more generous to him,
to give to Him, ask forgiveness for not having been in the past;
then changes to practical purposes and asks him for help to keep them firmly.
It is naturally an intimate conversation, entirely personal and spontaneous,
without any concern for form and order that comes only from super-abundance of the heart.
This is one of the ways in which adjourned reading or meditation that nurtured her as good affections,
the soul 'stops to deal alone with God, "
back to the book or the reflection only when you need to search for new arguments and engaged
that feed your conversation with the Lord.
You could say that this is a real conversation,
because it is not only the soul that speaks, but God himself answered him,
sensitive not by words but by sending you light and love with which to better understand the ways of God
inflamed and feels more generously to proceed.
So it's good that the soul does not exceed in words in his dialogue,
but that frequently stop and put yourself entirely to listen
to understand the movements of grace that it is precisely God's answer.
2 - Do not judge it, to deal intimately with God and express his own love,
is always necessary to do so with words.
Often - and this happens spontaneously with the progress of spiritual life
the soul prefers to be silent, undisturbed to fix his gaze on the Lord,
Listening to him, the Master within, and Loving in silence.
The manifestation of his love thus becomes less and less impetuous living
but gains in depth what it loses in emotion and exteriority.
The soul expresses his love more smoothly,
but the movement of his will to God is much more decisive and more serious.
Set aside the reasoning and the words, the whole soul is concentrated in a loving gaze of intuition about God,
look that much better than the reasoning and fiery talks,
does it penetrate the depths of the divine mystery.
Before reaching this point the soul read, meditated, discussed now,
rather, like enjoying the fruits of their efforts, stops to contemplate God in silence and love.
Their conversation then becomes a silent conversation, contemplative,
according to the traditional notion of "contemplation" understood as a simple look that penetrates the truth.
Repeat, is not a speculative look, but a loving look that keeps the soul in intimate contact with God,
trade in a real friendship with him,
the more the soul contemplates, more falls in love with him
and most feel the need to focus on your love kindness total.
On the other hand, the Lord also responds to the pursuit and love of the soul and lets us find and feel,
illuminating it with his light, and by drawing more heavily to himself with his grace.
Not always the soul able to persevere in this contemplative silent conversation.
You will need to reflect back all too often,
verbal expression of their affections and thus
especially when it is not yet accustomed to this way of prayer,
will be good to do this with a certain frequency to avoid falling into vague or distractions.
However it should always bear in mind that these gains more silent pauses
the feet of the Lord than a thousand words and reasoning.
Let us pray to St. Leonard of Port Maurice:
- "O Lord, make the end of my prayer is to have the heart busy loving You.
Since I can not find the fittest means the exercise of love than this intimate gathering done in silence
and detachment from all creatures,
I ask you, my God, that ye take away my life before I deprived of the inner contact with You,
that is my little paradise on earth "(cf. St. Leonard of Port Maurice).
Let us also pray with St. Bonaventure:
"O Lord, You will not be anything in profits in our company
and yet you love us as to what you say, Thy delights are to be with us.
Because we love so much, that ye take yourselves rather than giving us what we ask?
Henceforth do not want to have anything else, because I have Thee, O my God,
and so can deal so intimately with You.
Adorn myself with the jewels of virtues and I will invite you to the thalamus of my heart where you stand with You.
I know that You do not ask or something else if you would not visit my soul,
the desire to come and knock for a long time,
so sorry to have been deprived so long of so much good.
I will approach Thee in the depths of my heart and I will say to you:
I know that You love me more than I love myself, I think more of me;
but just go near You and You shall have care of me.
I can not meet me and to you:
and therefore, you think of me and my illness to cure
and I, in turn, in your goodness to delight me.
Although I join you earn huge profits without anything to me You, I know that despite this,
Ye most pleasure in being with me
and will help me better than I am with you to enjoy your goodness.
How can this happen?
The answer is that I want You want me bad and good ...
If I wanted, O Lord, remember all the signs of Thy affection,
not make it because I still had all the tongues of men and of angels,
could not express nor the goods of nature,
or the goods of grace, or the assets of the glory that comes from you ...
How can I, O Lord, to think or meditate on something else besides your love?
Could be more sweeter than your love?
Because I want something else?
Why not stay forever united and bound by love?
Your love surrounds me and I still do not understand what it is your love "
(Cf. Divine Intimacy)
Brothers, sisters, let us ask the Lord to give us the grace to terms with God to know Him!
+ The blessing of God almighty,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you and remain forever. - Amen.