What is the prophetic outline to the book of Daniel?

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>>Ankerberg: And my guest today is journalist and prophecy scholar, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. And
he’s going to take us through the outline, and then we’re going to show you some interviews
that we have done with the political and religious leaders in Israel to set this up. So, Jimmy,
introduce, first of all, our topic here.
>>DeYoung: You know, there are four main prophetic chapters in the book of Daniel. There are
12 chapters all together, but the second chapter here is the prophecy of the Revived Roman
Empire. Daniel interprets the dream for Nebuchadnezzar, image of a man, and the ten toes of iron and
clay would be talking about that kingdom to come before Jesus Christ returns – the Revived
Roman Empire. When we come to chapter 7, we see out of the
ten horns – very similar to the ten toes of iron and clay in chapter 2 – in chapter
7 and verse 7, the ten horns that would be located on the old Roman Empire, and that
would be referred to as the Revived Roman Empire as well. Out of those ten horns comes
the little horn, one of 27 names for the Antichrist, the political world dictator who will control
the Revived Roman Empire. That’s chapter 7.
We move then to chapter 9, which gives us three of the main elements in the Tribulation
period, happening right after the rapture of the church. You have a tyrant, which would
be the Antichrist; you have a treaty that he confirms; and a temple that will be standing
in the city of Jerusalem. That’s followed by chapter 11, where we talk about the alignment
of nations that will form against the Jewish State of Israel.
Now, these four chapters, these four prophetic chapters in Daniel, are basically giving more
detail to the seven years of Tribulation. And our smaller pillars there, the first one
to the left of your screen, is the rapture of the church; the second one, the middle
one, is the return of Jesus Christ; between those two events, the seven year Tribulation
period. And early on, right after the rapture of the church, it’s the second seal judgment
– a man on a red horse, chapter 6 verses 3 and 4 – comes forth, takes peace from
the earth, has a sword in his hand to bring war to the world. That’s what we see both
in Daniel and in the book of Revelation.