New York City Trip - Day 3: Empire State Building

Uploaded by MikeVanZandwijk on 27.04.2009

Good morning!
This is day 3. -Good morning
We're out of breathe a bit. The camera man that is,
because he'd to walk 6 floors up.
We're currently on the Empire State Building.
This young god has no problems, so I'm still very fit.
Yeah, well I still need to catch my breathe.
I'm not sure if that's because ... Oops, sorry.
because of ... well,
that kind of stuff.
Anyway it's day 3
September 2 [2008] Just over 12PM.
Feelling like 30C 86F degrees again
Yes it's heading to 30 degrees [Celcius]
We're currently at on 86th floor ...
in this empiric building of the state
But that's Central Park all in front of us, right?
-What? If that's all part of Central Park?
Good, we can use this for our story. Yesterday we've walked around there ...
in Central Park.
Nearby that water at the left side of the General Electrics building.
Oh, hello. -Nice.
I hear something, but see nothing.
Yeah me neither.
You'd expect to see the tennis park from here, right?
Yeah, I've tried to look for it too, but can't find it anywhere.
Now I'm hearing the fire department too, but ...
Just for the record of our travel log:
This is the renown building ...
which Jorrit already knew extensively
with all its details, but frankly I didn't yet.
Until I think it was Project Gotham,
and Sex and the City,
or some kind of dating program on TV
in a foreign country. -Some show for women.
Shut up, dude [laughing]
Actually it was Spiderman on my Xbox,
but I'm not quite sure, what sounds more embarrassing.
Anyway, this is the famous triangular building.
Where Ladies Go Wild, but then [???]
That was Lord of the Strings, or no?
This bridge
Seems to me that's Broadway? That busy, uh, broad street.
That broad street you're seeing, I think that's ...
5th Avenue. -No way, really?
No wait, that's the parallel one. So yes, that's Broadway.
So if that's Broadway, then our hotel must be ...
... somewhere ... -Yeah around that green.
Yeah, in fact there you've got a rather ...
Well, that was Jorrit