Exclusive Interview with Alexis Texas

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Hi, I'm Ron Jeremy. Welcome to PORN.COM What was it like taking a couple of cocks
up your ass?
- It was great! - That's what you ask
in things like this!
Actually, we are here with Alexis Texas
who's got the greatest body.
What's a nice girl like you doing in the porn business? How'd you get into it?
- How did I get into it? - Where are you from, originally?
I am from—I was born in Panama
but I was raised in Texas
Panama? - Yes, Panama! Central America, how are you doin'?
Yes, so I got into the business...
I knew that. Go ahead.
uh... a company called Shane's World did a line called "College Amateur Tour"
I worked on that... I worked on one of those.
They did a premise where... - College Invasion, right? - That was a different one
That's where they go and actually plan scenes where like, with this one they were
searching for girls to do scenes with one of the male performers
so that's how I got into the business. They came, and they were like, at first
I had thought they were Elimidate, cause I had been approached the week before, so I was like—the camera came to me
So you were a college student? - Yes, I was a college student working at a bar
in San Marcos, Texas
How far did you get in college?
I got my associates degree - Associates, so a two year degree? - Yes - I got a six year degree, I got masters
- Good for you... that's hardcore. So associates was as far as you went?
Umm, no, I did a little bit more. I did another year after that
umm... but I didn't get anything else. I didn't get my master's degree.
What was your major? - I was doing respiratory care therapy - Wow! So you have your associates in respiratory care therapy?
So you're qualified now to work at a hospital? - I could
What's code blue? - Code blue?
That's when the person's actually really seriously... - Sick, yeah. It's like "stat"
Can you do that... like "clear" - Clear! *chhhh*
The respiratory care therapy is more like the breathing treatments. You know, things like that. The respiratory things.
If I was to pass out, would you give me mouth-to-mouth? - I would, I know how
You sit riiiight down on the penis
Yeah, just slip and fall
So, how do you go from being a top student
to bring you over to be recorded with the girls
so you could do a scene with a guy? - Well, the guy was there and he was like, "you know, I was trying to get a girl to do
scenes with me
you know, blah blah blah." I was like, "no, I'd never do that kind of thing" - Who was the guy? Was he good looking?
Um, he was not so bad, he later became my boyfriend.
He was there that day?! - Yeah, well that's the guy—he's the guy
that I performed with, you know? - That's too funny. That was your very first... so you were a virgin on screen
and the guy that broke your virginity
became your boyfriend - Yeah he did
That thieving bastard!
yes yes, so I kind of kept in contact with him and he was what company—
Cause I didn't think I was going to go into the porn world after that, I was just going to do the scene and it was
you know, that's a lot of money for a college student - So he kept in touch with you a lot?
He kept in touch with me, and he was like "there's this company that wants to shoot you called Bang Bros, out in Florida"
"and you know, they want to see you" So he was like come out and
see if you like it, and you know, if you want to do it, then, we'll talk about it - Did he do the scene with you in Florida? - Yeah
At the time, I would only work with him, cause I didn't know if I wanted to do it or not
There was another girl—Roxy Deville was in the scene with me
and, I think that if it wasn't for her being there
I don't think I probably would have gotten through it, just because I was so nervous
umm... I was just like
But you worked with him before - Yeah, but it was
I never—like, the scene that we did for Shane's World was more like
a smaller crew. Wasn't like big lights and everything. It was like, we went to the middle of the woods
somewhere on a blanket and it was me and him and the camera dude, and that was it.
And then when I went to Bang Bros it was like a whole production
you went through a process of paperwork - Sure, sure sure
makeup and wardrobe, and blah blah blah - Mr. Pete was the guy? - no that's my fiance now.
Oh, who was the boyfriend then?
you can says it
you can't say his name when you dated?
I don't like to say his name - You had a bad breakup? - Yeah, well kinda.
Jack Venice was my ex-boyfriend
Oh! Is that the guy that runs...
...there are two Jacks—I always get messed up - No, he's the one that's in jail.
He got you into the business
Wow! We'll keep that out of the conversation. I know that whole story, holy moly. So
you went out with Mr. Pete later on? - Yes - But Jack Venice was the guy at the time? - At the time, yes
What was it like doing your first scene with another man?
Did he get jealous? Or was he okay with it? - No, he was okay with it, umm
he like kind of wanted me—he used to be in the business as well, so he was all for it, he wasn't—he had no
restrictions or anything like that
umm, at the time, I was...
I was really nervous too, it was like
I didn't really know what to expect, I didn't know
like in the beginning it was like they show, you know, teases and you're all sexy and whatever—I had never done anything like that before. I had never danced before
nothing. So it was like, I don't know how to be sexy - You did your first scene with Jack...
this is your second scene. You worked with a guy before and you didn't know him that well - Yeah, but as far as
there's more along the lines of production
the scenes that I did with the first scene was like, you had to do
your prettygirl set, but before I didn't do any of that, it was just like random stuff
then you had to do like a twenty minute tease, and you know, solo masturbation
I wasn't used to doing that - Was the guy gentle? was he a nice guy to work with? - Yeah, he was nice, he was umm...
wasn't my type at first, so that was kind of...
you have to get over that it's not kind of the dating game, it's, you know, about
what everybody brings to the table - Although, in America: girls make the choices
Girls in America can choose their partners and say "I'd rather work with them"
In Europe, a man makes the choices mostly. Now, when did you start to getting
into it sexually, or is it more a job for you now
at one point you become so much of a pro after a year or two goes buy that
you actually start enjoying it
Well, with me in my personal life... - Jack would have been enjoyable because you were dating him
I had already
enjoyed sex, I was like a promiscuous
girl I guess I always had...
never had one night stands, but I always had fuck buddies. So I had like three or for - Boytoys
Yeah, so you know, I always had my
pick-a-flavor. So I was having sex a lot. So after I got over the fact that there was cameras and lights and other people were
watching me, cause no one was ever in the room...
it just came natural. I began not to realize that other people were there. It's just me and you in the scene and not everybody else
and it just was a different way of thinking about it. But with me
in anything I do for the first time, I
over analyze everything, so I was like "Oh my God, they're watching me, they're watching every move"
Now sexually, what was your first sex like in real life?
The first time I ever had sex, it was really kind of
weird at the time I was about seventeen years old... - Had you had sex before that? Just not the whole nine yards, like
had you done a lot of oral sex first? Touching, feeling? - No, never. I never had oral sex, I never had... nothing
It was the first - When you got de-virginated, it was your first for everything? - Yeah, pretty much
Well, it was kind of like the first attempt. I wouldn't call it the first de-virginizing me because it was like, we tried to do it and it was like
didn't really work, and we had all these people like, cause it was one of those things
he was like my prom date, and they were like... just, everyone was having sex at the time, and it was like
let's just do it
cause I wanted to see what it feels like. And then all the people that were at the party with us, like knew what we were doing, so they
kept going in there and interrupting us, and it was...
it wasn't so fun, so he attempted to...
do it, but he couldn't really make it work, cause he didn't really know what he was doing
Did you have sex with him again? - No, I didn't.
after that, it was too weird, and I just didn't
So who really really broke it? - Really really broke it? He—It was actually
a really embarassing story, because the very first time I had sex
we were at a party and this guy that I was dating, like
After we had sex, he came back from the bathroom and was like
do you have to tell me something? And I was like
no... I don't think so, and he was like "uhh..."
"Is there something wrong with you? You have like an STD or something?! Cause there's blood all over me" So apparently I started my period
OR, he broke the hymen. Some girls bleed, some girls don't. - well, a little bit yes but I bled a lot
and it was so embarrasing, and he was such a dick about it
that it was even more embarrassing. So I went to the bathroom
So it wasn't one of your good sex experiences.
No, it wasn't so fun - When was your third, fourth, fifth... when was it actually a good experience? That guy with the blood didn't get a second chance, right?
No, he didn't - good, he's an idiot. We don't want him to do that.
The guy after that was
...that's after it started...
after it was like the third or fourth time, then it was enjoyable
then it was like Pringles... "Once you popped, you couldn't stop" and you had to keep doing it over and over again
and then after I had sex
That's Pringles? "Once you start you just can't stop?"
"Once you pop, you just can't stop!" - And the guy felt that way, or you felt that way? - I felt that way. I had to have sex all the time! Then I was just like...
I always blame it—because I feel like I'm a man.
I'm Puerto Rican so I say I have a sexdrive like a man.
just horny, and... visuals - Let me tell you something:
girls have sex drives, probably more powerful than guys. It's just that society hasn't realized that yet.
Especially when you're older. I've never seen a couple, in their
thirties, fourties, fifties, sixties, whatever; where she can't dwarf his sexdrive
she could slam dunk him and his friends
But, people don't realize that because
society problems... but anyway
uh... maybe men are afraid of girls? What was your first experience with a woman like?
The first experience with a woman was actually on camera
I had never done girls before. I kissed many of my girlfriends when I was drunk and things like that
but, umm, I had worked with Brianna Love a lot, and, we...
they asked me, "well, how about doing a scene with her?"
and I was like, "Okay, I'll try it"
So, it was—to me, it was... fun. It was one of those
why didn't I do this sooner kind of thing.
She's really into girls and she was very passionate and it was very
I just felt comfortable with her, so after that I did a
a girl-girl with Belladonna, and again
I got spoiled because she was really into girls, and
I just loved it. So it was like
I had really good first experiences with women on camera...

Would you say you still prefer men? - Uh-huh
But you like women
What would you prefer? Giving head to a woman, or receiving it from a girl?
I don't know... I think... I don't know. - Both?
I like both
How about a guy? Do you like recieving or giving head?
I like doing both
I like to be—I'm a giver and a taker - Nothing wrong with that!
Cause I think that when I give it, I start to get horny cause I think about things so then that's when I want it
If you can design the perfect sex experience
not on camera, off camera
would it be a threesome? A guy and a girl? Two guys? Two girls?
What position would you like? If you could design the perfect world for you fucking—or having sex
I think for me, I think like... a man and a woman. Uhh... like
and myself is the best. Like, I think that
yeah, it's just... you get the best of both worlds: you getting fucked and getting your pussy eaten at the same time. It's quite nice.
And only a girl would do that, because a guy's not going to want to eat your pussy while... a DICK is in there.
So that's your ultimate... that's your—
any particular positions you like? Well that's one position:
he's fucking you while she's eating you - Yeah, that or spoon
Or doggie, girls like to be leaning up - Yeah
you like those positions - Those are my favorite
So you went for—did you ever continue on with your degree? Or—you did, so you want to be a respiratory... uhh
No, after being in the business, I want to go back to school and
take some classes and something like that, and figure things out. But I think that
I don't think I could really go down that path anymore. I like the whole hospital feel in itself, but I want to have
My own business to do my own stuff - What kind of business?
I wanted to start actually to do a spa, what is what I wanted to do in the beginning because
I wanted to be a massage therapist
but there's so many now that it's like... you know it's...
there's so much competition that, I don't really know.
That's what I want to take this next year to think about, is to invest my money
in a business that I want to do - So you're a smart Jewish girl: you've saved your money - I'm not a jewish girl... - I was joking
I'm the wife of a jew
He is Jewish? - He's a Jewish-Italian - Half and half?
Which is which? - I don't know
the Jew part's his penis - I didn't mean that. Everyone
gets circumcized in America.
1945 was the CUT OFF date. - His mom was the Jew
Hey, so uh...
So that's your future. What were you doing before work-wise, besides going to college. Were you a dancer?
No I was not a dancer, I was a bartender
and Assistant Manager at a bar on the square in San Marcos, Texas
That was your previous work... Your family, friends. They know what you're doing? - Everybody knows what I'm doing.
Is there an attitude problem? - Umm
no, my immediate family: everybody was okay with it. They took it better than I expected. I told my father first because I knew he watched it [porn]
and I didn't want him to be surprised - Hopefully he'd fast-forward
No, apparently I ruined porn for my father, and he will not watch any porn because he feels like I'm gonna come up somewhere
So the one thing I promised him was I would never go on Howard Stern's cause he watches that show, and I wouldn't ruin that for him too, so
That's too funny - That was our promise
Well he doesn't want to see you - Exactly!
Why can't you just say—if you're not on the boxcover, why can't you watch the movie? - Because he feels like—because he just feels like
that it's just me and it's weird
cause it's like... his daughter - What about your mom?
well my mom never watched it, so I knew that it wouldn't be a big deal. But after I was in the business for probably about a year when
my name started getting bigger
I was like, I knew I had to tell her because like, my family started finding out about it, and
She took it better than I expected. She was just like, "why?" She just wanted to know my reasonings, and
I explained to her, it's a form of art: how I want to express myself
and nobody's forcing me to do anything that I don't want to do and
I'm having fun, so - So good you're banking your money. Good girl!
You are sticking a nice chunk in the bank... - I am - Congratulations
What kind of car do you drive? - A Lexus
What kind of car would you like to drive if you had your choice? - Umm...
a Lamborghini
Smart girl, what's your favorite color? - Uhh... pink.
You like pink? - Uh-huh
This is way too easy... I get it
But I'm into purple these days, to be quite honest
My purse is purple, over there, see it? Purple snake skin. It's kinda cool
It's the new color. It's happenin'
So you guys have plans to get married because he's your fiance...
Won't curtail you from all kinds of fun in the business though, right? - No
You do anal - I do - You like anal? - I do
Who did that to you the first time? - Pete
He's the only man that I've had anal sex with
and you want to do others? Or is he going to... - I don't know, it's something that is new to me
I still have only done it a handfull of times
so it's like, I'd have to be comfortable enough with somebody. I don't think I could just full-blown do anal sex with everybody
Sure! Well stay tuned folks for future anal with Alexis Texas. This is Ron Jeremy and Alexis Texas signing off.
Thanks for watching PORN.COM! - Bye!