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jbjb Revised Intro_21-03-2011. In early 20th century British India, Indian theatre musicals,
especially in the Marathi language, reached a pinnacle with the incredible actor-singer
Narayan Shripad Rajhans. He was born on June 26, 1888, in an age when women were not allowed
onstage. So men dressed as women--female impersonators--and Bal Gandharva ( Little Singer from Heaven
) was among the most famous. His musicals were distinguished by their songs and lavish
spectacles--both elements that left their imprint on emerging Indian cinema--and Bollywood.
No wonder this period is known as the Gandharva era , and his songs popular even today. (Lokmanya
Tilak was a key leader of the struggle for Indian independence from British rule.) Beware
of him who doesn t follow others advice, He sings so beautifully, he is a Bal Gandharva.
Uncle, what does gandharva mean? A gandharva is a heavenly singer who entertains the gods.
(Shahu Maharaj, the King of Kolhapur, Maharashtra state,1898) Splendid, Narayan! He is so gifted!
s the grace of goddess Mahalaxmi. That was lovely! Would you like to learn music? Sir,
he is deaf in one ear. t worry. I'll give you a note for Dr. Wanless at Miraj to treat
his problem. Ask for his blessings. It's OK. Come here. The Kirloskar Theatre Company is
currently staging shows at Miraj. Let the boy join the company. Only then will he truly
blossom and prosper like a banyan tree. 10 years later Song1 Kalidas, King of Poetry,
has composed the musical Shakuntal. So it is a big responsibility Only with your blessings
will our humble efforts succeed I bow to Lord Shankar, five-headed, with his garland of
skulls, Only with your blessings will our humble efforts succeed And so I, poet Balwant,
offer you these flowers of my poetry. I bow to Lord Shankar, five-headed, with his garland
of skulls, To Lord Ganesh, destroyer of all obstacles, You really should smoke less. Deval
Master is so crabby. You smoke like a chimney. Smoke less. Come on, get to work. Nana, our
next show must be a hit. Deval Master, greetings. It's OK. Narayan, that was a fabulous performance!
Your next entry should be even better. Certainly. Hey Bodke! Get ready for the next entry. Nana!
Yes? Who put these gold buttons on my shirt? I did. Pandit? I hardly need them. They are
better suited to a Collector's son like you. Narayan, you have no idea of your own true
worth. You will reign as the emperor of music. No way! Not in the future, even today he got
many encores. The company s making money, now that Narayan is performing good female
roles. Mark my words, you and Joglekar will revive the golden era of the company. Hardly.
re only doing what Deval Master taught us. Good show. ll get ready for the next act.
ll be back, Nana. Joglekar, tell Narayan he should be a great buddy of Pandit s good if
rich brats hang around the theatre. What s the matter, Uncle? I was waiting for you.
Let s go back. Your parents have come to meet you. But rehearsals are on now. Your poor
mother has come all the way from Malegaon to meet you. But now? Just come, don t argue.
I won t let him join the company. t be so harsh. You promised you d get him married.
What happened? Just big talk? No one wants their daughter to marry an actor. Didn t we
get married, and settle down? If it s only a question of Narayan s marriage, I promise
I ll get him married within a month. ll find him a bride from a good family, and organise
such a grand wedding, that the villagers will be dumbstruck. Why marry in such a hurry?
Then will you marry when you re toothless? Nothing doing. If you don t marry, I won t
let you do theatre either. (Wedding recitation) Your hair has really grown. This is nothing.
I heard of an actor whose hair grew like crazy. In the play Shakuntal, he would play Shakuntala
in the first act, in the second he d play her lover Dushyant. By the third act, his
beard has grown so much, d play Sage Kanva. Visu's sent his pregnant wife to her mother
s for her delivery again. Naturally. He abstains only in the month of Shravan. and the rest
of the year he making whoopee with her. (Song) How unromantic you are... Narayan Greetings,
Deval Master. It's OK. You re still here? I was just rehearsing the song How unromantic
you are But you re an unromantic idiot yourself. ve just got married. The guests have hardly
got over the wedding hangover, and you re already at rehearsals? Go home. Your wife
must be waiting. Not another word--go on. What are you guys doing, whiling away your
time? Bodas, when you have rehearsals, do as I told you. But sir... You guys are still
single, right? Then let s start rehearsals. Rehearsals are on, I ll be late every day.
Better get used to it. The theatre company goes travelling for months at a stretch. t
you take me along? Are you crazy? Women don t come there. Could you take me just once
in a while? What will you do there? I have a request. I ve heard so much about you, I
too wants to see you like that. Like that ? Exactly. re a damn fool. You think I roam
around in costume? I dress up only for the stage. I m an actor, not a buffoon. Oh no,
I didn t mean it. I was just blabbering. I am so sorry, mother-in-law. I am a real wretch
Oh, my god! How stunning you are! I am no match for you at all. No wonder people enjoy
your plays so much. Song 3 s no old fogey, s just seventy five! You wouldn t believe
he Too young for a wife, But for a wisp or two, s bald as a dome As age creeps upon him
s doubled like a gnome. Consider yourself lucky that the police didn summon you as witness.
Get a move on. The British officer was Jackson and the revolutionary who shot him is Anant
Kanhere. Nana, I m truly ashamed. These youngsters are going to the gallows for freedom, while
we re just singing and dancing. They are struggling to liberate our motherland. And we? re doing
the same, Narayan. Our play Sharada attacks the vicious Indian tradition of child marriage.
We are serving the nation through our theatre. Anant Kanhere s weapon was a pistol, but our
weapon is the theatre. Theatre! m writing a new musical. You? A musical from Kakasaheb
Khadilkar? How exciting! Yes, complete with the lyrics. s called Manapman (Honour-Dishonour).
Great. If Govindrao Tembe composed the music, that would be grand. But Narayan would never
agree, because he insists on thought-provoking plays. That's perfect, then! This is a thought-provoking
play with the timely message: Bravery is more important than luxury. Narayan would make
a great Bhamini Where s the man? My Hira is a real jewel. Laxmi! You found the time to
buy me a sari? I was buying costumes for our play Honour-Dishonour, I thought you d look
lovely in this sari. Issh! The boss gave me a raise. So you re blowing up the money? We
have a baby now, you know? You already gifted me a sari, why a nose ring too? Nose ring?
Actually, I bought it for Bhamini. It must have been sent here by mistake. s this Bhamini?
The character from Honour-Dishonour. Rehearsals will start soon. So you re leaving immediately?
Here! What can I do? A 100 people are waiting for me. re worried about 100 people, not the
three of us, pining away for you. Why did you come at all? As soon as the play settles.
ll be home for a month. With you and Hira. As if we'd be that lucky. Shall I leave? One
moment. ll bring some dahi (yoghurt--for safe return). Laxmi, I'm off. Wait. ll come back
soon? Take care of yourself and Hira. Song 5 He who understands true love Does not lust
after wealth. Chai! Hot-hot chai! Come quick. At dawn today, we got the news that Narayan
s daughter died. s terrible, but we cannot escape destiny. re cancelling the inaugural
show of our play. What pleasure did God get in bringing grief to a man who was so happy?
Bodke, get a tonga (horse cart). Narayan must leave immediately. Shankarrao, I will accompany
Narayan to his village. Certainly. It s a great tragedy. Somebody must accompany Narayan.
Whatever was destined to happen, has happened. Whatever was destined to happen, has happened.
People have come from afar. We mustn't disappoint the audience. The show must go on. Nana, it
s my personal tragedy, Why should my character Bhamini suffer? I won t let my misfortune
weigh her down. The show must go on. The show must go on. The show must go on. Song 6: I
won t say a word, my dear Not a word Your bold, brassy talk Is more a warrior s tactics,
than a lover I won t say a word, my dear Hira! Hira! (Laxmichand Narang, connoisseur from
Karachi.) Unbelievable! ve never heard of anything like this. How can the man sing so
well when his daughter has just died? I must meet this great artiste. Secretary, send my
plane to bring Narayan-- Bal Gandharva--to Karachi. Our home will be hallowed by his
music. Bal Gandharva. I want a sari just like that, with paisley motifs like Bhamini 'I
won t say a word, my dear' Have you seen Gandharva's Honour-Dishonour? Sorry, I haven Or that peacock-blue
one with the creeper embroidery? How Bal Gandharva wraps his sari pallu like this and sings,
'My lord...' ve seen it, right? Sorry, I haven Terrible! You haven t seen His Honour-Dishonour,
nor Mritchakatika (Little Clay Cart). Have you at least seen Shakuntal? Oh God! What
about Saubhadra? Sharada? Swayamwar? Frankly, I haven t seen a single Bal Gandharva play.
Then you haven t lived! Disgusting! But we ve a wide range of saris, madam. What s the
use? re always having lavish dinner parties. Even petty officers wives wear Gandharva-style
saris. And I m the Collector s wife. See my jewellery? Ditto like Bal Gandharva And my
hairdo? Isn't it perfectly like his? My husband wants me to dress just like that. He'd like
to feel as if Bal Gandharva is standing before him in person. Come a little closer... A bit
more? Smile a little! With every triumph, I was destined to lose someone precious too.
When Honour-Dishonour took off, I lost my daughter Hira. Now my beloved friend Nana
Joglekar, too, has deserted me. But how can I stop? Anasuya, see how keenly the deer is
looking around, searching for its mother. Let s look for her. If both of you go, I ll
be alone. One of you please stay back. Rubbish! When you ve got King Dushyant himself, why
would you need us? What do you say? Let's go. Stop it now. t be morose. Oh, it's you.
Stop! Please stay! We'll start the play again. Curtains! Curtains! There was such a big stampede.
Today you brought a goat instead of a deer, tomorrow you ll get a cat instead of a tiger,
then monkeys and elephants. s easier to handle goats, cats, elephants and horses, than actors.
Stop joking. Shankarrao, I admit our experiment failed. But a toddler trying to walk is bound
to stumble, right? m running a company here. My company t allow these foolish fads. Your
company? t we have a say? After Nana Joglekar died, Narayan himself refused ownership of
the company. So the subject is closed. The saris that were ordered have arrived. New
saris? What for? For Saraswati in the play Vidyaharan (Kidnapping Wisdom). Why? Is Goddess
Saraswati refusing to wear the saris we already have? Money doesn t grow on trees. Fancy saris
every day, saffron and spices... this must stop. Ask the man to get out. Our saris are
good enough! You deliberately wore the simple white sari just to insult me. People come
to see the plays and hear the songs, not for the costumes. All of you justify Narayan blowing
up all this money! Hardly. A play should be a feast for the eyes, a delight for the ears.
These saris and jewellery are not for my indulgence. The plays need them to create an impact. Really?
ll lose the roofs over our heads to create your fancy palaces. No problem. But we can
shortchange the audience. s OK if we ve to wear rags occasionally, so long as Bhamini
and Subhadra are dressed in style. We must never compromise in theatre. I repeat-- All
this fancy stuff t work in my company. Is that an order? Make of it what you will. OK.We
re quitting the company. So are we. Pandit? (Palace of Shahu Maharaj,The King of Kolhapur)
Welcome, Ganpatrao, Narayanrao. I heard you re starting a new company? re feeling suffocated
in the company right now. A snake and a mongoose might get along, but not two theatre people!
Your Highness, we ll start a new company only if you approve. What about the capital? The
landlord of Pen, Babasaheb Dharkar, will lend us Rs.7,000 ($140) and Tai Maharaj will bless
us with her precious saris. Great. What s the name of the new company? New Kirloskar
Theatre The plays run on Narayan s name alone, so why not the Gandharva Theatre Company?
Fine! Sounds good. Be true to your art, never let the audience down. You have my blessings.
Your Highness. t hesitate to ask for whatever you need. Now that we have your blessings,
we have no worries. Gadkari Master! What s going on? I mean...just collecting a few things.
Did you get everything? Just a pair of shoes left. No need to take shoes. Since you ve
quit the Kirloskar Company, you'll get lots of shoes. The audience will throw them at
you! ve broken up the company. ll never do well. Get out! Today, July 5,1913, I declare
the Gandharva Theatre Company has been inaugurated. Great! Panditrao, good you brought the holy,
good luck stone of the Kirloskar Company. Now it s our responsibility to honour its
sanctity through our work, right? Indeed. Victory to Lord Ganesh! Muknayak (Silent Hero)
He looks like Madan, the god of love. , Shapsambhram (The Curse of Doubt), Mritchakatika (The Little
Clay Cart), Sanshaykallol (The Height of Suspicion), Swayamwar (Bride s Choice)... Do you know
what s happening in this company behind your back? Tembe says you should pay for Saubhadra's
costumes from your personal account. What s wrong with it? Narayan, you re blowing up
far too much money! Everyone s treated to lavish meals. A 100 or 125 every day, that
too on silver plates. Gold-plated jewellery, perfume sprayed on the audience! On top of
fancy costumes --it s ridiculous! The Gandharva Theatre is known for being a feast for the
eyes and the senses. True. But should you spend money like water for it? Stop it now.
Ganpatrao, with god s grace, the company is making profits... That doesn't mean... Pandit,
do you need something? Yes, I need your signatures. Did you even read the documents before signing
them? What kind of business does he really do? Have you ever checked his accounts? Ganpatrao,
I don t know anything about business anyway. He fooled us about the house. We ve lost so
much money. What kind of business is this? Money just comes and goes. I can t run a house
like this. We ve got two daughters. Think of them at least. You dress your characters
in style, but your wife is broke. Tembe must have left for a good reason. You re just Pandit
s puppet. Pandit seems a shifty sort. Better call Tembe back. Why are you accusing Pandit?
When I was earning just Rs.100 ($2), Pandit helped us out--you ve forgotten? I will see
to the prosperity of the theatre and Pandit will look after my business. That s it. (The
Laxmi Vilas Palace of the Maharaja of Baroda, Sayajirao Gaekwad III.) Welcome, Narayanrao.
I heard your company s in trouble. t worry what people say. Do as you want. People are
smitten by the glamour, they don t understand your hardships. That doesn't trouble me, your
Highness. All the world s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. It means
a great deal to us to have your royal patronage. That s because I know theatre is not just
a business for you, but a penance. ll be happy to support you in whatever you need. What
s new? m planning to do a play written by Gadkari Master. Excellent! Master? Narayanrao!
ve come, after all. I feel much better. Master, may I humbly point out that, although I left
the Kirloskar Company, we still cherish its traditions, culture and values. That's exactly
why I let you in. Surely you're joking. I do hope you ve forgiven me. Please give me
a play. I would have, Narayanrao. But my story is of a poor, unfortunate woman. There s no
room for huge sets or glittering jewellery. d gladly wear rags for a role in your play.
I really want that play. Please. I insist. Here. It's about a devoted wife called Sindhu.
Ekach Pyala (Just One Peg). re all graduates. Once you get a degree, re a graduate for life.
That hasn stopped anyone getting a degree. Once you marry, you re stuck with a wife for
life. But that hasn t stopped anyone marrying. Narayanrao, Gadkari Master has died. What
happened, Narayan? Gadkari Master is dead... Master! You didn t even wait to see me in
Sindhu s rags. re gone, but I ll make your Sindhu immortal. SONG8 How can I forsake you,
my Lord? You are my good fortune. Heaven is where you are. Else life would be hell Heaven
itself would be nothing without you. If only Gadkari Master could see Just One Peg. Really.
Narayanrao was so moving, the entire hall was weeping. Bodas was grandly imagining that
Gadkari had written the play for him, but it was Narayan who ran away with the play.
Bodas is burning with jealousy! s really upset, as his Sudhakar is no match for Sindhu. re
right. But who will dare tell him? s a partner in the company. Frankly, Narayan should be
the sole owner. Absolutely. Pandit! Please come in, Baburao. Be seated. Baburao Painter.
Great art director. s specially come from Kolhapur to see us. That s Pandit, Deshpande,
Ranade. Namaskar. After 'Just One Peg', we must put up our grandest play ever, Draupadi.
Draupadi? Yes. Only your company can mount that magnificent Palace Of Illusions. Spare
no expense! The audience must feel they are in a real Palace of Illusions. I say this
as a well-wisher-- this extravagant spending must stop. That Pandit! Ganpatrao, ve full
faith in Pandit. OK, then. Please pay me my dues. s best that I quit. See? See?! Your
dues are ready. This was bound to happen sooner or later. We owe you Rs.27,000 ($540). Take
this. It's Rs.10,000 ($200). We'll square the Rs.17,000 ($240) later. What?! I can t
tell if you re just naive or a bloody fool. s an all-out war -- as in the Mahabharata.
You're amazing, Palace Of Illusions! Your beauty is simply dazzling! What seems a wall
is really a door. What seems a door is really a wall. What appears like water is really
land. But if you walk on land, ll find it's really water. Your trompe l oeil is so outstanding,
you've simply outwitted my enemies. m utterly delighted! Namaskar. What a terrific play.
Stunning! Narayanrao! Hey, who s Bal Gandharva? Where s he? m Bal Gandharva. What do you want?
So, it s you. I want my money back. I can't square accounts now. Please come back in the
morning. I want it now. I ve been hearing your excuses for too long. I want my money
right now. Don t make me... Lad, take him to Pandit. That s what I ve been trying to
tell you... Pandit was arrested yesterday. What?! Yes. And you re telling me now? s borrowed
a lot of money and his business has collapsed. How much money do we owe you? Rs.1,50,000
($3,000). What? Yes, Rs.1,50,000 ($3,000). That s what I ve been trying to say. Our company
is ruined. I don t care. Give me back my money, or I ll seize all this. t you dare touch company
property. ve no use for it. Just return my money and I ll go. Here, but don t you touch
that. Here's a cheque for Rs.5,000 ($100). And I'll throw Rs.10,000 ($200) on your face!
ll chip in Rs.4,000 ($80). Even I'll put in Rs.100 ($2). At this rate, the debt will soon
be repaid. s have a meeting tomorrow and gift Narayan Rs.1,50,000 ($3,000). Please don t.
Don't collect donations for me. Narayanrao! Don't collect money for me. I'll repay the
debt. ll manage somehow. But how? Through my audience. By staging shows. When I've such
a loyal and generous audience, why should I worry? How will we manage? t worry, Abhyankar.
Men of courage say they wear bangles like women. But I'll repay the debt wearing a woman
bangles, and prove my masculinity. ll pay back all the money. That s a man of courage.
He s a real man. m not worried about my money now. INTERVAL. s Diwali (festival of lights)
today. Why are you so morose? Why are you being so impractical, Narayan? Why did you
refuse the Rs.1,50,000 ($3,000) they were ready to collect? Though the donations are
given with love, alms are alms. Shouldn t we learn from Sindhu? She wouldn accept charity
even if she was starving. How can we play her character onstage, and seek alms the moment
the curtains are down? All that s fine, but how will we repay the debt? ll rely on our
fans. Do more plays, new songs, new tunes. Londhe, s replaced Tembe, is a talented actor,
singer and composer. With such a capable crew, we should soon repay the debt. Don t worry.
Those who wished me well, Are against me now. Whom shall I beseech? Who will keep my troubles
at bay? He who does so, ll be devoted to him. My friend, I will indeed. Great! Bakhle-bua,
you and Narayan were stupendous.You know, our net profit from the last ten shows is
Rs.30,000 ($600). We owe everything to our fans. m very relieved! At this rate, we should
repay the Rs.1,50,000 ($3,000) in six months. I don t doubt it, but what about the other
debt? What do you mean? We should contribute to Tilak's Independence Fund by staging more
shows. and already talking of contributing to the Independence Fund? I have an idea.
What if the musical genius Keshavrao Bhosale joined us for this play? You and Keshavrao
on the same stage? That would be really something! No, Narayan. The texture of your voice is
very different from his. There ll be needless comparison. Sir, why should an artiste be
afraid of comparison? Comparison only makes him stronger and makes him realise where he
really stands. If you insist on it, then count me out. Please don Narayan, I'll put this
money in the bank. Please pay for these perfumes, then deposit the rest. How much for them?
Rs. 25,000 ($500). Rs. 25,000 for perfumes?! Sure, it s a wonderful scent. Please pay for
it. ll reduce even Kuber, the god of wealth, to penury. You are truly the epitome of masculinity,
Keshavrao. Your Bhamini is such a stunner, You're embarrassing me! The third bell has
rung, let s go. Song 11 I am the Sun and she, the strutting moon, Yet she drives me crazy.
And what the moon could not do in the sky, Her moon-like face does to me. I see the strength
of a woman anew. No Narayan, you mustn Please wear them. You were fabulous today! Honestly,
I was very tempted to say Once more But how could Bhamini say that? We earned a decent
chunk for the Independence Fund. The tickets cost Rs.100 ($2), but they were sold in half
an hour. We got a profit of Rs.16,000 ($320)! Narayan, but when you re still in debt...?
s have more shows and fully repay your debt. ll be back. Schedule the next show. Keshavrao,
I m most grateful to you. Not at all. You know, Bal Gandharva has brought Hindustani
classical music to the theatre. He made it popular with the masses. So true. Take your
wife to see Gandharva s plays, Then see how romance bounces back in your life. Try it!
Forget that! Gandharva is truly a miracle. There never was such an artiste, and never
will be. Absolutely right. What an actor! An amazing voice! You know Rukmini, my husband
is crazy about Gandharva s plays. He d sworn he rename me Bhamini after our wedding. And
my husband gets really after a Gandharva show. Call Bodke immediately. We must start preparing
at once. The first show is sold out. After our Honour-Dishonour with Keshavrao, let do
Swayamwar (Bride s Choice) with him. We must repay all our debts. Narayan... We must commission
new plays. And mount much bigger spectacles than those lifeless movies. Abhyankar, is
Keshavrao coming? What s going on? Why are you all so silent? Narayanrao... Keshavrao
died. He had a heart attack in Bombay. (Montage) Worry no more, my beloved, I promise to marry
you, Humble, true and handsome, m like Madan, the god of love. The thieves stole their cows
Help! Help! The brahmins yelled As they came to my door. I will sing, regardless of the
numbers in the audience. They are like god to us. Sage Garga finally agreed, Deciding
on the last possible wedding date, There s no need to hurry You still have four months
to elope. Congratulations, Shantaram! I m very pleased with your success. s because
I learnt the basics watching you, Sir. Please don t be offended, but the truth is, when
the curtains are down, the play is over. But cinema lasts forever. The film medium makes
the art and artiste immortal. That s why an artiste like you, who comes once in a century,
must work in film. You can make money too. Do three films with me for Rs.6,00,000 ($12,000).
t refuse him--what he s saying is true. Audiences are abandoning the theatre. An artiste shouldn
t work to become immortal, but for his own delight. My film productions will be grand
and match your reputation. The King of Theatre on the silver screen. Song 12 God is the goodness
within. No doubt about it. Goodness makes you more devoted. It helps you reach God.
Celebrate goodness Cut! Very good! Narayanrao, say the next line and stop. How will we capture
the mood of the song if we keep stopping like this? That s how it works. Now face the lamp
for your next line...a little more...OK, OK. Are the musicians ready? Action! Celebrate
goodness with joy. Goodness is the reason, Goodness is the saviour, The best way to reach
God. Lights! Damn! How could the lights go off? Sakharam! Lights! Anyone there? Song
13 Lord, enlighten me, Have mercy on me, Bless me, take all evil from me, Lord, enlighten
me Lead me to a blissful paradise, Where there is neither turmoil nor sin, Lead this humble
devotee to that bliss. Shantaram, you know, movies seem really lifeless to me. Thank god,
I didn t tug my sari out of habit. s break our contract. No cinema for me after Dharmatma.
I really prefer the theatre. It s a pity I couldn t cope with the movies. s a great loss
to the film industry, not yours. Why do you need a fancy bath in milk now? It won t bring
your beauty back. What will you do now? As soon as you paid off one debt, you ve got
the next one. The money you earned from Shantaram t last long. What about the rest of your debt?
Theatre! ll start on a clean slate, with a new team. You should have continued in the
movies. Why did you come back? Make of it what you will. Let's say my horoscope didn
match cinema Not that our horoscopes ever did, either. Why should we keep staging plays?
The talkies have completely ruined the theatre. d say we should teach good theatre, groom
the next generation, Declare yourself bankrupt and forget all this. Narayanrao, I'm leaving
too. Song 14 I have a guest today, s my beloved, my Lord, Krishna s the singer? Gohar Jaan,
a new singer--she s your fan. Shall I decorate my home? Shall I sing joyous songs? How do
I keep you beside me, my beloved? I have a guest today, s my beloved, my Lord, Shall
I seduce you with the fragrance of the earth in the rains? Or the infallible magic of my
music? Or the beauty of my being itself? I've tried a thousand ways so you treasure me in
your heart. I have a guest today s my beloved, my Lord Wonderful! How emotion sweetens her
voice. I learnt songs by hearing you sing. s Allah s grace you ve visited me. I would
like to learn singing from you. Goharbai, you act in the movies! m only a stage actor.
ll gladly give up the movies if I can join your company. Goharbai? You want to work in
my company? What s there to think about? She wants to join your company? Let her come.
Theatre is nearly extinct anyway. In the age of talkies, who needs male actors in female
roles? Women themselves have started acting. Durga Khote is already getting roles onstage.
If the company is to run, you ll have to hire women to play women s roles. If you d saved
your earnings, you wouldn have to beg today. Get her Get that Gohar. Brother, you re still
here? Shouldn't you go and welcome him? Have he come? Your grammar is all wrong. s not,
Have he come? Say, has he come? Brother, has he come? Brother, has he come Will the public
accept this Rukmini with her southern accent? Better. Now let's rehearse the song. Song
15 Lord Krishna, my beloved, Who vanquishes evil. You defeated Shishupal. Even tackling
brave Rukhmi was child s play for him. Narayan, you must sing this song! Or it won't do. Won't
do! Won't do! How can Lord Krishna sing Princess Rukmini s song? We cannot imagine Rukmini
without you, and never will. Never will! He defeat the brave, He embraces me gently, He
is a jewel, Such is my Lord Krishna, Who vanquishes evil. Gohar, the audience was very mean to
you. But don t be discouraged. In fact, they are right! Only you can be Rukmini, no one
else. My Lord, your joys are mine. Are they any different? Here are today's earnings.
Even with this play, ve barely covered our expenses. There s hardly any profit. Give
Gohar whatever there is. I insist, please give the money to Gohar. m leaving for Poona.
I'll be back. Even when there are no shows, he lives with her at Mahim. Today he came
home after a month, but already he s leaving. s cast a spell on him. In his youth he was
surrounded by women. Beautiful, rich women. But he barely glanced at them. Now, at this
age... I am to blame. Shankarrao had said he extraordinary boy. s a singer of heaven.
We tried to pin him down with our mundane rules. We tried to make him ordinary--like
ourselves. In doing so, I only scorched your marriage. I've reduced your life to a cinder.
With him, I've gladly endured the poverty and the hunger. But not this! m leaving. Wait,
give him dahi (yoghurt--for safe return) Come soon. t wait for me. I won t be back anyway.
Mother! Mother! That Gohar came from nowhere and Narayan is quite besotted by her. d do
anything for Narayan, but we won t work under Gohar. s bossing everyone now. And we re starving.
Narayan is going to meet Laxmichand. He will definitely help. Just don t worry about the
money. m a devotee of your music. I ve recorded so many of your songs, but not just on a machine--I
treasure them in my heart. I ll give you Rs.1,00,000 ($2,000) right away. But I have one request--
please leave that Goharbai and go back to your wife. Laxmichand, Sir... Your voice needs
a rest. Please take a break. m prescribing some medicines. Then what s the point of medicines?
s normal for a singer s throat to give him trouble. s not a sore throat, it s seriously
damaged. t scare him unnecessarily. We're getting invitations for shows. He'll certainly
do them. How can I tell her there s not enough at home to feed a sparrow? O Lord, Kuber,
the god of wealth, is your treasurer, yet you make us beg. But it s hardly your fault.
I must have I must have turned away guests empty-handed in my last life. That s why we
re in such bad shape today. Enough! Enough! I didn t invite Gandharva to sing. The doctor
has forbidden him from performing for now. s in dire straits, so I wanted to help him
in the guise of honouring him. Secretary, he s a great man. God himself would not be
able to recreate such a miraculous artiste again. Welcome. Welcome. We are blessed that
you visit us. Please be seated. The public must not be seated in the presence of the
King. m a King, but you are the Emperor. You have firmly ruled over your loyal fans and
devotedly served them. Now you need rest. Live for your self, for change. Secretary
m a big fan of your art, Please accept this small gift. Song 17 O Lord, have mercy on
me, My Lord is angry with me. O Lord, O Lord, The sun, the moon, all creation is yours,
My crowning glory, my deep despair, my music, all yours. What is yours, I surrender to you,
O Lord, O Lord, Your tunes in my breath, your rhythm in my heart, Success and glory are
ephemeral, wisdom will never fade, s all your grace, your blessings, That the gem of music
shines in my throat. I change guises in each life, singing songs of life, Be they songs
of joy or sorrow, I will joyously spread the wealth of my music And become free O Lord,
O Lord... O Lord, have mercy on me, take me in your care, All the world s a stage, And
all the men and women merely players. Joy is not real, nor is grief. Success is not
ours, nor is failure. These are just acts. Now it s the final act. As the curtain falls,
here s my epilogue: Just as the actor leaves the character behind and exits, so should
we leave this world--dispassionately. THE END PAGE PAGE In the early 20th century, when
India was under British colonial rule, Indian theatre, especially musicals in the Marathi
the early 20th century, when India was under British colonial rule, Indian theatre, especially
musicals in the Marathi langu Title Microsoft Word Document NB6W Word.Document.8