Uploaded by JeremiahJustinchi on 14.08.2012

A child outside of the toy store window Unable to affect the things shielded by glass
Merely an onlooker Who must daily pass
This soul glimpse With eyes wide open to an eye-wide door
I think we've been this way before Which is worse:
To be held in great despise Rejected, outcast
Or to be butchered Like evening wolves
By friends? No
By lies.
Time Cannot be held by eyes
Its weight Is beyond gravity
Vexing On adjacent skies
To bring them down To mortal plains
Filled with Once immortal vows
And souls Who crave their ambrosia
Become that Once by them despised
Away with vision
Who has known Your body
But not your heart? What shall be done
With those who target And make meat of
This outward cloth? Which they wear
And once have worn Cast off
To sea They flee
You too Should flee from them to see
Your true majesty
Which was formed From no blueprint
Save the heart of Him who spent Each careful curve
And gracious slope Upon your figure
Who made your everything From naught
From dust and clay This fragile pot
Who made your being And then your shell
Whose thoughts Were drawn
Before they sprang Within the well
Whose story Was a novel writ
Which He Himself Had loved to read
Before there was a lip To tell
By these things When you pass again
The windowsill And see within
A destiny That feigns sealed
With this key Unlock the door
And be a pawn of chance No more