The Westin Desert Willow Villas (Palm Desert, CA): Oasis in the Desert

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Desert Willow Villas. Welcome to our Desert Oasis. We really like coming down here for
weekend getaways to decompress and relax. Hang out; let the kids play by the pool. It's
been really nice here. The villas opened February of 2010 and we're so excited to be here in
this spectacular location in the heart of the \lang1033 Coachella Valley \lang9 surrounded
by the Santa Rosa Mountains on the South and the \lang1033 San Jacinto Peaks \lang9 on
our West. We're smack dab in the middle of a hundred and fifty golf courses located out
here in the valley. When you come visit The Westin Desert Willow Villas, there's an array
of things to do out here in the beautiful \lang1033 Coachella Valley. At the resort
itself you can enjoy a round of golf; we can set up spas appointments for you at The Westin
Mission Hills Villas and Hotel. We have wonderful shopping on El Paseo which is our Rodeo Drive.
We're very lucky to have our kids and our grandkids want to join us on things like this.
This was one of the reasons we purchased the timeshare was because we want to pass it along
to our kids. They always have a good time and the grandkids always have a good time,
we have a great time. The Westin Kid Club offers a variety of activities, all for ages
between four and twelve years old. Since we're in the desert, we have a variety of creatures
that we can find in the desert and we actually do an activity where the kids get to paint
their own snake or lizard which they enjoy and their parents usually help them with that
activity. We chose to come here to The Westin Desert Willows because of the weather; it's
a really nice time to come here. We can spend more time together here because we have everything
we need to spend a good vacation here; we don't need to go any other place. We have
everything we need here. We call this the Desert Oasis because it's a place to rejuvenate,
connect, and enjoy the things you like to do. World Class golf, things that you just
can't do at home, it just takes you away from everything so you can be active or you can
do nothing. It's fabulous. We're all about experiences of a lifetime and creating memories
and that's what our staff loves to do, to partner with our owners to get that done.
To make sure that our owners come back and this feels like home. Come to our Desert Oasis.
Come visit us in our Desert Oasis. Come visit us at The Westin Desert Willow Villas, your
Desert Oasis.\par \pard\sb100\sa100\par
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