How to Use the Delicate Doilies Sizzlits

Uploaded by TheMadStamper on 13.07.2012

Today I want to show you how to use the new Delicate Doily Sizzlits die from
Stampin Up! I thought I'd start by showing you some examples of cards that I have
made with this die.
Here's the Mad Stamper's project
for July using the largest doily
and of course, Mad Stamper's
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free tutorials every month for cards just like this
and a stepped up version. Then here's a masculine birthday card that I made
using the
mid-sized doily.
And then this is the featured project
for the
newsletter this month which means that all my subscribers
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And you can see here I've used the large doily and the medium-sized doily
and layered it with paper daisies.
I'm going to demonstrate how to cut
large doily
with a three-and-a-half inch square of card stock. With the Sizzlits with this
much detail on it, sometimes you have trouble
getting everything cut out nicely.
The largest doily on here and that the smallest doilies, they both work
pretty well. This one I've had to fuss with a little more.
And a lot of it depends on the
tension in your own Big Shot, because they're all just a little different,
so you may have to experiment.
So I've got my
Big Shot with Tab 1,
then a cutting plate
this is
with card stock,
a top cutting plate
and I'm going to run this through.

And you can see this
cut-out quite nicely.
one trich you can use to help
get all the little
out of
the doily is to just use your bone folder
curve the end like that..and that will loosen them up.
And then anything that is still left you can take your stylus or paper
piercing tool or
sometimes I'll use the
point of my craft knife
and just punch
all those little pieces out. And once I poked them all through, then some of them
are sticking on the back and I can just go through with my fingernail and loosen
those up and
they'll come right off the back.
Then I end up with this sweet doily.
Now if you find that when you put it through the Big Shot
you end up with this, where it really hasn't cut through
all the way and you really
have to work at it
and end up
maybe tearing some of it, then you really need to use a shim. And I just
use a piece of Very Vanilla card stock
for my shim.
and I start with the Tab 1 again,
put down a cutting pad,
the shim,
the Sizzlits, the card stock I want to cut,
and then my cutting pad.
And that's the sandwich that I'll run through.
Now this will be pretty stiff to get
through the Big Shot, so I'm going to stand up to show it to you. This is easier
when the Big Shot is sitting on the table instead of on the grid paper;
cause the feed will grip the table when I push down on the handle across the top. With the
paper under it, the paper gets torn instead.
And you can see I really had to use some muscle with that.
But my cut-outs
come out really easily.
I find it's really essential to use a shim for the medium-sized doily
because these cut outs are so tiny,
the dye doesn't always cut them
all the way through very well
the extra pressure of that shim.
And then when I go to poke out the cutouts, I like to use
my craft knife being careful not to get my finger under where I'm
going to poke.
Of course
then when I turn it over,
I can just use the blade to wipe across the
edge of the card stock and that'll remove
the little pieces
the rest of the way
like so.
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Happy stamping!