{Eng-Sub}[120322] M.I.C Rock Star + Get It Hot @ Mazu Festival Concert

Uploaded by MICtianya on 22.03.2012

Next, it's also a boys group
They are very good looking and good at singing.
Let's welcome them.
But don't worry, is not S.B.D.W
They are more handsome than S.B.D.W
I don't agree!
They can dance well and S.B.D.W can not
The leader of S.B.D.W is right here.
You will figure out later
They name is Mic
No, is M.I.C
Mic just for short
Let welcome them
May I have all your attention? They are the super star in the future
So you need to pay close attention to them from now
Let's welcome MIC
Hello Hello
Very handsome very handsome
Introduce yourselves one by one
Hello I am MIC YaoYao
Hello I am MIC captain WangHao
Hello I am MIC JianCi
Hello I am MIC YueHan
Hello I am MIC XiaoXin Thank you
Do you dance?
Yes we do
How about Acappela?
Is this your first time here in Taiwan?
Yes, first time
What are your impressions of Taiwan?
Taiwan people are all very passionate
Taiwan local snacks are very delicious
You will put a lot of weights on if you stay for few more days
Taiwan fans are the most enthusiastic in world.
So Let's cheer on them!!
If they (Taiwanese fans) like you, I am sure you will be famous. Right?
What a joy to have friends coming from afar
So I am very delight to see you here.
Let's give them some small tests
How about a test on their harmony
Let the captain of S.B.D.W test them
Harmony? But my strength is dance
Please, my moves was danced by many people.
Stereotypical Taiwanese Dance
OK, let's go for harmony test
Arrange your formation from bass to alto
They need to rearrange for it
This is their first time in Taiwan
So they don't understand Minnanhua (Xiamen dialect) well.
Let me teach you some Minnanhua,OK?
XXX ==+
What's that mean?
It means "How are you"
It actually means "Have you eaten already?"
But in fact means the same because we always say this in Chinese way of greeting.
So let's sing this sentence by musical scale order.
Let me teach another one
When you meet a girl, you should say XXX
Then she will give you a slap on your face
Don't tell them what's that mean.
OK, so they have some songs for us, right?
Yees, they are going to perform a mix of songs
Including Rock Star and Get It Hot
Very nice new songs, let's give them a big support!
I really wanna join your group
Forget it
Translated by bubucaca