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Fernanda, listen. We need to have a serious talk.
Can’t we wait until the soap opera is over?
No, cause it’s became unbearable.
I need to look at you and say that I wanna break up.
I wanna break up. But look, it’s not your fault.
There’s nothing to do with you, you’re great, you’re cool.
I am the problem, it’s all my fault, okay?
Wait, after everything we went through, that’s all you have to say, that it’s your fault?
Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Look, Fernanda, I don’t like you.
I treat you badly, I get home late everyday, drunk, I use drugs,
you’re asleep and all, I throw up and I barely clean it. I don’t have a steady job…
I cheated on you!
We’ve talked about it, Eduardo. For God’s sake, I’ve forgiven you.
The girl is so charming…
Fernanda, look. I’ve brought a hooker to live here with us.
Natasha, there’s nothing to do with you. Okay? It’s fine, okay, baby, okay?
Listen, you’re being very unfair, Eduardo. Very unfair, okay?
To me, to Natasha, who’s so nice to you…
I know, Fernanda. But I beat you up. I beat you up!
This is just couple’s bickering, for God’s sake. You did it 1 time, 4, 5, 20… it happens.
It’s not bickering, this is a crime. Beating up is a crime!
No, it’s not that. I can see it in your eyes, it’s something else. What is it?
That’s not the reason. No, no, no. You’re hiding me something.
– What are you hiding from me? – How could I be hiding anything, Fernanda?
If the whole building can listen you getting beaten up.
You scream!
When someone gets beaten up and screams, the whole building will listen!
I come down to the lobby and the doorman gives me a butt face!
We owe nothing to those people, Eduardo!
Natasha, for God’s sake, not now. Sorry. Thanks, please.
Listen to me. I’m not even called Eduardo.
My name’s Zé Carlos. An extra dangerous criminal.
You only care about yourself, right?
All you think is “me, I’m a criminal, I’m extra dangerous.”
You don’t care about me not even for a minute, right?
Fernanda, look, I’ve kidnapped your mother. Okay?
The captivity is in the maid’s room, she’s by herself there, only wearing panties.
How could you not realize all the action, the fact I’ve kidnapped your mother?
You had to put my mother in the middle of the discussion.
You had to! Had to!
And all of the sudden, my mother wearing panties is not hot enough for you.
You’re not getting it.
I don’t know how could I get involved with someone so selfish like you.
That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you.
How could you get involved with someone so selfish?
Now I’m the one playing the victim? Right?
Now I’m the one playing the victim, right, Eduardo?
It’s Zé Carlos.
I’m the one playing the victim, right, Zé Carlos?
Fernanda, you are a victim. Of mine.
Cause 20 minutes ago I tried to stab you there in the kitchen.
Here, this is blood, you’re still bleeding. This is your blood.
Let’s do this. Go on a trip. To Cancun, to Aruba, to Arraial do Cabo...
Wherever you wanna go, I’ll pay.
I’ll keep sending you money, you go with Natasha, okay?
For you to think, “is that what I want, do I want to break up?”
Cause I don’t think that’s what you want. See? This is not what you want.
This is not what you want.
Let’s do this, okay?
Let’s not waste these beautiful weeks we’ve been together, the two us.
– Okay. – All right?
I think it’s crazy.
– Do not martyrize yourself. Okay? – Are you sure about it, Fernanda?
I am, Zé Carlos.
You can call me Eduardo. Okay?
– All right. – Eduardo…
Let’s watch the soap opera and then I’ll pack your bags, okay?
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado