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(Kerri) The artwork from the show but it’s not.
If you look really closely-
(Interviewer) Original hand drawing.
(Kerri) It's watercolor.
(KassemG) Hi Kerri.
KassemG here.
I don’t know if you remember
but we...
We were on the same episode Baghdad 911.
I played one of your rookie, Iraqi rookie cops.
We had such as chemistry I thought.
(Kerri) Yeah, it’s great to meet you.
(KassemG) We actually had a few conversations.
(Kerri) Right.
(KassemG) Your little son...
was there.
(Kerri) Yeah... sure.
(KassemG) And we were in a tent and we were eating.
(Kerri) I spend a lot of time in tents with small children.
I feel terrible.
(Interviewer) Yeah, this is a little awkward.
Would you feel better if he sort of went
off camera and you and I could…
(Kerri) I really would. That’s not rude.
(KassemG) We talked, we talked so much.
(Kerri) Yeah, I don’t think we did.
(KassemG) You gave me your email.
(Kerri) No, I definitely,
really don’t think that happened.
Wow, that was uncomfortable.
That’s the kind of people you meet at Lazer Blazer.
(KassemG) Are you sure?
Like it was – I remember it vividly.
We even hung out after the shoot
and we talked about...
the state.
(Kerri) No, I really don’t.
(KassemG) Okay.
(Interviewer) Alright, you know what?
The two of us will finish and you-
(KassemG) I’m sorry. I’m coming off so weird.
(Kerri) No. This is weird.
(KassemG) That’s so weird of me.
(Kerri) Yeah it’s a little weird.
I got to admit it’s a little weird.
(Interviewer) It’s a little weird now, I agree.
(Kerri) Yeah, Ok.
(KassemG) Okay though I’ll call you -I’ll email you -
I’ll see you outside of your house- I’ll see you.
(Kerri) Okay...
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