"Lab Rats" win $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Uploaded by KSLottery on 22.03.2011

(Creepy music playing)

We're the Lab Rats and we won a quarter of a million dollars playing Mega Millions.
I'm Lynn and Im one of the 20 Lab Rats who won $250,000 playing Mega Millions.
And I plan on going on a northern european cruise.
I'm going to put a new deck and patio on my house.
Im going to take my money and invest it and hopefully get wealthy...er.
I;m going to get a new kitchen.
I'm going to have a nice down payment on a new car.
I'm going to pay for a new kitchen, become debt free and rock chalk Jayhawk.
I'm going to do some work on my house, buy a bass guitar and start a band.
I'm going to pay off some bills.
I plan to take my three daughters, Rebecca, Natalie and Allison on a little vacation this summer.
I'm going to either take my wife to italy or invest it, we'll see.
(camera man) I think now you have to take your wife to Italy.
(Barry) Probably
For the last nine years, everytime the lottery gets over $100 million dollars we all chip in $5 and I go and get lottery tickets.
(Sally O.S.) So I think you probably all know, anybody shout it out, how much are you each going to get after taxes?
(camera man) you guys knew that one.
The Kansas Lottery Rocks!
That was good. Good enthusiasim. That was perfect. (laughing)