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Om Shanti.. Welcome to all viewers in today's 9th episode of Manan Chintan.
Yesterday all of us celebrated Holi with Baapdada, whether at home or at the centre or in madhuban. We celebrated Holi of enthusiasm, holi of love & Baba's company.
Today we shall discuss some aspects of holi that we celebrated yesterday. We have with us Nalini didiji, Om shanti didiji.
Didiji, yesterday Baba had mentioned to sister Mohini, a very important point at the end of murli, highlighting the importance of each one's part, role in Baba's yagya.
He mentioned many points like each one's part is very very important, hence if any serviceable child of baba remains absent, it does come to the notice of everyone.
Irrespective of what seva one does whether it is the seva of preparing food in the Bhandara (kitchen), or washing clothes, utensils, conducting murli class, none of the roles can be ignored or underestimated.
The yagya cannot function properly even if one person remains absent or fails to do his duties properly, however small his role is, it is very important. This is the unique feature of baba's yagya.
Listening to this each child is filled with pride & happiness that his role in the yagya,however small, holds so much of importance in the eyes of God & yagya.
Both, old as well as new, experience a sense of belonging & feels, "Yes I have an important role to play here." This boosts up the confidence & value for the self.
Yes, today Baba has answered & cleared the doubts that keep arising in many of Baba's serviceable children.
Though He expressed this to sister Mohini, it is not only for her but an indication to all of us.
He has come specially to give us happiness & all gems of knowledge that Baba ordains, brings happiness not only in this life but in all our future 21 births.
This point of drama which Baba has revealed today can be better understood with an example.
In any electronic equipment, be it an aeroplane or helicopter, the displacement or unwinding of even a small screw, nut affects the working of the equipment.
similarly in yagya also, any student performing the smallest role like he or she just attends murli class & goes home, yet his daily attendance in the class also does a lot of seva by itself,
he becomes a source of inspiration to motivate others to attend classes regularly at the centre. Many children feel that the service that they are doing like washing clothes, vessels, preparing food etc.
belongs to a low category of seva & feel demotivated. But today, see, how much Baba has valued their services.
Today if someone does not clean up the place at a particular time, can we sit there and do our work in the absence of cleanliness.
Baba gives importance to not only the service but also the person doing the service, the place and time of service.
If a particular person incharge of a particular seva is not there in a particular place to do that particular seva then the working of the yagya gets affected directly or indirectly.
Also children doing intellectual service like giving lectures or taking courses etc should not feel proud about their services, considering it to be of a higher category.
Baba says each one's seva whether physical or intellectual, is equally important ,
not forgetting the fact that each one's role in the unlimited drama is unique & we have to learn to realise this & value each one's service & respect them.
Hence in baba's saakar murlis also many times Baba says, I like the child who washes vessels in my sweet remembrance than the one who gives lectures in body consiousness.
No service is big or small, important or less important in the eyes of God.
That is why Nikunj bhai, Baba loves all his children equally, but humanbeings being victims of their own old vicious sanskars of ego & arrogance,
look down upon children who do such menial jobs & do not give them love, respect,instead they treat them as servants,keep ordering them,and by doing so hurt their self esteem and thus making them unhappy.
Thus u can see how educated,knowledgeable children of Baba also cause hurt & sorrow to others thus disobeying Baba's shrimat which they themselves are not aware of.
Hence baba gives emphasis on this aspect & teaches us again and again to value,respect & love each one and his part in yagya.
In this connection let me ask u another question of sanskar Milan that is living in harmony by moulding & matching our sanskars or habits with each other.
Baba's children inherit different sanskars & specialities numberwise. Is it because of this that clashes arise between children and they find it difficult to do sanskar raas or Milan
because of which a lot of time and energy is wasted in worthless futile thoughts. Hence Baba asked everyone yesterday to fix a date for sanskar Milan. Was this said in this context?
Baba has classified yagya seva into three types- thru mansa(mind), thru vacha (speech) and thru karmana (physical).
sometimes children who do not have formal education get involved in doing karmana seva that is physical seva like cleaning, cooking, washing etc.
on the other hand people who are highly educated feel it is below their dignity and prestige to do physical jobs & they engage themselves only in vacha or intellectual service.
This makes them egoistic & they keep hurting the ego of those doing physical jobs. This gives rise to conflicts, misunderstandings etc inspite of belonging to one unlimited family of Baba.
Normally in a lokik family when the elder brother orders his younger brother to do something,
it is with love and he wishes to teach his brother something & helps him to progress in undertaking responsibilities of the family.
The maintenance of unity and discipline in the family is also taken care of.
But here in Baba's family, people belonging to different religions, caste, communties, having different cultural, educational, and social backgrounds come together and surrender themselves in the yagya.
This becomes a barrier in bringing about sanskar Milan. When one surrenders here, he or she has to forget all these differences of caste, class, creed etc
& have only one common thought, develop only one feeling & cultivate only one common practical sanskar that we are all children of one Shivbaba,
But Didiji what about the regular students who have not surrendered and do not stay at the centres.
They come to the centre only to listen to murli, do little bit of seva & go back within one or two hours. what is the necessity for them to do sanskar Milan or raas?
They feel they are happy the way they are & the surrendered sisters/brothers are happy in the centers
why, even the students who come just for one or two hrs are also Shivbaba's children, are they not members of the Godly family?
But conflict in sanskars arises only when they stay for long hours in the centre .Does it matter if he stays for a short while and goes back home?
Those who are here only for a short while must not only consider them to be Godly students of Supreme teacher in the Godly university but also consider them as children of the Supreme Father,
preceptor Shivbaba.They must not forget the fact that all children of Baba are Brahmins irrespective of whether they have surrendered or not.
Baba always says that he shares his knowledge only with Brahmin children.
people attending murli classes and going back home must also check themselves whether they consider them as Brahmins that is members of the Godly family
& whether they consider the surrendered sisters & brothers also as members of their Godly family?
If the answer is "yes" then the question of whether matching and moulding sanskars or doing sanskar Milan is necessary ,does not arise at all.
yes Didiji, another question related to this that arises in my mind is regarding the feeling of oneness, considering yagya as our own family, is this possible?
In the present situation when people are confronted with various problems like rising prices, & many find it difficult to maintain even their nuclear family of 3 or 4 members,
is it possible for them to consider Baba's unlimited family as their own? Alongwith discharging their duties & responsibilities towards their family,
will they be able to take up additional responsibility of such a large family? Will it not become too burdensome for them?
No, not at all. Sweetest Baapdada has given us a beautiful slogan that self transformation brings about world transformation.
If one person transforms, his family gets transformed & gradually this transformation passes on to society, state, country & finally the world.
Alongwith taking care of my family if I consider Baba's unlimited family also as mine then I have to make efforts to do sanskar Milan with this family too.
I have to transform my deep rooted sanskars mainly that of ego & body consiousness, which will automatically be observed & will bring a transformation in the yagya sooner or later.
I have to do this with a firm determination that self transformation will lead to transformation in others. Let me give u an example.
Sometimes sisters at the centre ordain duties or responsibilities to one person and ask him/her to manage the whole department.
The sister also asks some of the students to assist the person who has been given the entire responsibility & she announces the names of those persons in the class.
Then someone like his own wife or any other student comes & complaints to the sister that she/ he has not been given any responsibility even though he/she is capable of doing so many types of seva
& has been doing seva regularly in the centre. Here is where the student has to do sanskar Milan. Instead of complaining to the sister that she has not been given any seva
it is her duty to approach the sister concerned & offer her services to her on her own. She need not wait for the sister to announce her name & give her the seva.
But she does not do this because she is a victim of her old sanskar of ego. Here is where we should mould our sanskar & match it with the opposite person that is we have to do sanskar milan.
Only then we succeed & we become 'mayajeet'. The person not doing sanskar milan becomes a victim to Maya and hence cannot perform his duties whole heartedly as a result of which he meets with failure.
Hence Baba asks us to announce the date of sanskar milan. He adds further fix the date from when you will do sanskar milan with the Brahmin family.
very very wonderful Didiji. When Didiji was speaking I was remembered of a scene which happened three years ago during the annual meeting which happens in madhuban every year during April.
About 800 to 1000 senior teachers were present at the meeting. In this meeting suddenly every one witnessed a special scene of the drama.
Baapdada came in dadi's costume for a short period & practically made children do a drill & taught them how to do sanskar Milan.
He segregated them zonewise made them hold hands, gave them powerful drishti. Then he asked them to turn around face each other & give drishti to each other.
This lasted for a few minutes and it was over . Thus Baapdada himself gave directions & taught children a simple drill of doing sanskar Milan.
Didiji also explained very wonderfully with example on this topic of sanskar Milan.
We take a short break here & in the next segment we will discuss further with Nalini Didiji what Baba said on the occasion of holi. Till then keep watching & doing manan chintan.
Welcome viewers once again to the 2nd segment of manan chintan. We were discussing some points of holi with Didiji
In yesterday's murli, Baba said, everyday it is holi for u children. He said many things like, the colour of the Supreme Soul is the purest of all.
It is ur greatest fortune that it is only u children who become double holy. Religious heads also become holy but their body is still impure.
people in the world play holi by smearing colours on each other but u become holy by colouring urself with the spiritual colours,
hence ur holy is different and unique, u become God's children by burning ur old negative sanskars in the fire of God's remembrance and become holy with the true colours of God.
Thus he said so many things about our holy celebrations out of which Didiji, I would like u to enlighten us on two aspects
1) Religous heads do not become pure physically, 2) It is always holi for u children. Can u explain these?
Yes, let me answer the first question first. It is a simple truth but has a lot of depth in it. When the soul first takes birth on this earth, it is the golden age,
hence all the five elements of nature are in their purest form (satopradhan)hence the physical body which souls acquire from nature is also purest,
then the five elements slowly start degenerating from purest to pure(rajopradhan) in tretayug,
then impure in copper age(tamo)and the most impure(tamopradhan)by the end of kaliyug.
Presently the five elements of nature have reached the peak of impurity.
Because of this human souls become victims to all worldly pleasures & vices,resulting in sinful actions.
When the five elements of nature become impure, then the five elements of our body that we beget from nature is also naturally impure.
Our parents who give birth to us also beget bodies made out of impure five elements. So naturaly children born out of them also beget impure bodies.
Religous heads come down on earth at the time of copper age when nature is impure. Because of their highly elevated sanskars of purity ,
they play a very important role of establishing their own religion on earth,hence they are great souls but at the time of their birth on earth,
nature is impure and hence they beget body made out of these impure elements of nature.
Hence Baba says they are not double holy, their souls are great & pure but they acquire impure bodies. On the contrary when we children, that is Brahmins take birth in golden age our souls as well as bodies will be pure.
soul becomes pure in sangamyug by doing rajyog which Baba comes and teaches us now and as five elemens of nature is absolutely pure in satyug
we get bodies made out of these pure & blissful elements. Hence in satyug we will not see any scenes of sorrow even in our dreams.
We are totally ignorant of desires and sorrows, hence we will not create a single thought of sorrow in our minds. Thus our soul and body being pure, Baba says we become double holy.
coming to the second question Baba says for u children it is always holy.
Holy means pure. When we become Baba's children we make a promise to Baba to remain pure in our entire life span & establish a world of purity.
Along with this dharna of purity, we also smear on ourselves regularly the true spiritual colours in Baba's company.
Everyday our Sweetest Baapdada comes from paramdham and smears upon us colours of virtues, knowledge, yog, powers etc.
That is he makes our souls wet with wonderful colours of different teachings and directions, colours of divine pure love as a result of which we become pure and holy,
also by constantly remaining in his company we reach the stage of completeness and perfection, go to our sweet home & come back in satyug with Brahma Baba.
The attainments are also very high. We get double crown-crown of purity and bejewelled crown of the king in satyug. Hence baba says for u children it is always holy.
very true I hope didiji has explained this in a very simple lucid manner. Before our last episode let me ask u a small question.
Baba says calamities will come in the form of papers. u have double work to be done, firstly u must remain fearless & face them bravely, secondly lend a helping hand to others too.
Donate all treasures of peace, power etc that u have attained from God, to all ur brothers and sisters.
Here my question is at the time of such calamities people try their level best to save themselves first and then try to save others.
if we ourselves are not safe, how will we save others. As the saying goes, what is the use of turban without the head.
See here, Baba has mentioned a very beautiful sentence that children of God will always remain safe. Even in the recent tragedy of Japan, Baba's children are safe.
So baba's children will always be safe, but when they are confronted with such calamities, they should not be filled with thoughts of fear & react like how normal persons would do in such situations of sorrow,
even though such reactions are natural. Had it not been for Baba's knowledge, we would have also reacted in a similar way.
So they cannot be blamed. But we children who are constantly in Baba's company and firmly holding his hands have to be bold and face the situation with great courage .
Are all Baba's children lucky?
Yes numberwise they are lucky, but Baba helps those who are fearless & make efforts to help themselves
Hence He gives training before hand and often warns us to remain bold & free ourselves from fear & worry.
So the first virtue we have to imbibe in such situations is to become fearless and become strong & courageous.
only when our mind and intellect is calm and free from worries, we are capable of making right decisions and choose the right path.
Hence Baba says firstly be fearless, face the situation with courage & do not be careless. Just yesterday when four sisters took leave from Baba to go abroad
he warned them to be very alert of what is happening around them, & accurately follow the instructions given by the respective authorities & act accordingly.
We have to save ourselves and also save as many people as possible by being extremely merciful & considering them to be members of our family.
Being in yog with Baba we have to give them sahyog (co-operation) that is be with them help them & also give them the powers that we have attained from Baba.
Now it is high time that we become extremely merciful & compassionate because Baba says what happened in Japan was a very small thing,
more bigger situations are about to happen in the near future & it would happen all of a sudden.
Only we children of Baba who are directly & constantly connected to him have the resilience to face such catastrophic situations.
Baba has full faith & confidence in his children. He has made us soul conscious right from the beginning so that we remain in that stage at such situations.
Thus we have to constantly empower ourselves with these virtues & powers and mould & match our sanskars with everyone quickly
so that we can salvage this sunken boat of the old vicious impure Bharat & the entire world & establish a new world of purity and righteousness.
Thank u very much Didiji. To end on a positive note, from whatever we have listened & understood so far, it is clear that god's children will always remain safe & will also be able to save others in such situations.
It is not a belief but a reality because Baba says so and hence it will happen.
So let us take a short break. In our last episode we will put forward to Didiji some questions received from our viewers thru email and sms. Till then we take a break, keep watching manan chintan till then.
A very warm welcome to all. In this last episode we will discuss two questions that we have selected. Baapdada says we can purify five elements of nature by harnessing pure, positive thoughts.
How can we do this, can we make nature pure?
When five elements of nature become impure, our body also becomes impure. The present time is also impure.
Like as I mentioned before, self transformation leads to world transformation. This rule applies to nature also.
When we came in golden age we were the masters of nature, but now we have become slaves of nature.
Like for eg. when the climatic conditions change we fall sick, or sometimes when we consume vegetables or fruits that does not suit our system we fall ill and lose our health.
The loss of physical health affects our mental health also. Today our mind has lost its control over itself & a lot of mental energy is drained away in waste & negative thoughts.
If all human souls start nurturing waste & negative thoughts, the vibrations that they radiate makes the nature impure.
There is a direct connection between our body & nature because both are made out of five elements, hence if the body is impure then nature also becomes impure and vicecersa.
Hence our sweetest baapdada says change ur nature. That is if I bring about a change in my nature by elevating my thoughts, I will radiate positive vibrations
which will influence those around me also to think & be positive. Thus I will be able to bring about a change in my family, in the society, state, country & world atlarge.
By making our nature positive we can send vibrations of silence, peace power etc and also make the five elements of nature calm & peaceful.
Hence Baba says by spreading ur positive vibrations bring about a positive change in all human beings & this positive vibrations from everyone will automatically transform the five elements of nature too.
Today nature is expressing its anger on us because we have disturbed the ecological balance. The recent calamities in Japan is proof of how all the five elements of nature expressed their anger.
Hence to correct this imbalance & to reduce nature's fury we have to constantly send vibrations of peace & bliss into nature so that it becomes peaceful & makes our life peaceful and happy on earth.
Yes, this is difficult but not impossible. Another question which one of our brother has asked is pertaining to the recent calamity in Japan.
Baba says the recent disaster in Japan was only a small one but much more grave and destructive disasters are in the waiting and they would happen all of a sudden without any pre warnings.
after the calamity in Japan what can we expect next, & how do we need to prepare ourselves for any disaster?
Only Brahmababa and a few trans messengers had visions of calamities in the beginning thru revelations, baba has shown them but others are not aware of it, so what next?
One is the destruction of man & materials brought about by natural calamities. The other destruction would be caused by science & technology thru world wars.
After having done research for a long time scientists have been successful in producing a variety of atomic, nuclear, hydrogen bombs
which have the capacity to destroy the entire world not once but many times in just three minutes.
History is evidence of the fact that man makes these destructive weapons like bombs, missiles etc to use them in future to meet his own selfish ends.
Similarly because of degradation of moral values & standards, man has become vicious by nature resulting in civil wars based on discrimination of caste, creed, religion, sects, language etc.
These civil wars will lead to mightier wars between states, nations and will lead to mass destruction of the entire world.
So also, each & every human being today has become a victim of his own vicious sanskars because of which his thoughts, attitude, behaviour, personality & actions have become totally unrighteous.
Thus man is also responsible to bring about disharmony, disasters in society.
Like how nowadays we see, hear & read about children as young as three years old becoming victims of rape, violence etc.
Thus man has become a beast now and in future he would degrade to such an extent that he would not even hesitate to drink the blood or eat the flesh of human beings.
The world would become a totally unfit place to live in & people would call upon God & plead him to destroy this dirty, sinful world & relieve them from sorrows and sufferings.
But then, people are not aware of the fact that seeing the world in its most unrighteous & sinful stage and also foreseeing the future,
God has already incarnated and has begun the task of purification and establishment of a new righteous world.
He is creating such a world where people would be so pure and viceless that they would be totally ignorant of desires, sorrows and sufferings.
Science & technology in that world would also be instrumental in making their lives more happy & blissful.
Didiji has described each and every scene as if it is just happening in front of us. Yesterday Baapdada played holi with all of us with so much enthusiasm and before we end this programme
I would like Didiji to wish all of us and enlighten us on some facts of holi.
It was very nice of u to remind me of holi. Once again I wish all of u a very very happy holi. My hearty greetings and good wishes to all of u.
On this occasion I would like to advise u all to be constantly in the company of Baapdada, to never free your hands from his hold, be fearless, fill yourselves with courage and confidence
& face all situations in life, be it in personal, social life or in your spiritual progress, irrespective of whoever is responsible for those situations.
u may play holy with worldly colours too but take care that u don't spoil ur outer and inner appearance and not making urself unrecognizable.
Along with this holi let us play holi by colouring oursielves with God's spiritual colours of love, purity, powers & virtues by being in his company.
Let us also adorn us with the jewels of knowledge that is imparted to us in the form of murlis everyday by our sweetest Baapdada. So let us play double holi and become double holy too.
I wish the viewers a very happy holi. Wherever u are play a safe holi with colours, also do not forget to play spiritual holi in the company of God & remain coloured forever in his divine colours.
These are my good wishes and good intentions to all of u. We are taking leave for a short while till we bring the next episode for u.
Till then keep watching & keep doing mananchintan. Om Shanti..