Oxjam 2012 - Local music, global impact

Uploaded by OxfamGreatBritain on 16.03.2012

Oxjam music festival
Local music.
Global impact.
[Nick Bryer, Oxjam Manager] The great thing with Oxjam is that anybody can do it.
Each October there are literally hundreds of events happening around the country.
It's all about people
doing their own thing in their own community. It's about them creating events
that are totally theirs, but being part of something that's so much bigger,
part of a nationwide festival of music.
[Fatboy Slim] Everyone can put on a show, anyone can go to a show.
[Charlie Simpson] You can put on a show anywhere you want.
It can be in your back garden, it can be in a
venue in your local town. I mean it's a nice way to get to know your local music scene.
[Nick Bryer] The most exciting thing is that it won't just be you though.
You'll be part of a national festival.
Anyone who signs up to do an Oxjam event, we'll give them the support, the training,
the guidance that they need. If it's something you've always wondered about doing,
this is a great chance to do it.
[Ghostpoet] It's an experience. It's a definite experience that will
stay long in your memory.
[Fatboy Slim] If you want to find out more about getting involved or putting on your
own Oxjam gig, go to the Oxfam website. www.oxfam.org.uk/oxjam