SYTYCD 2012 - Season 9 Week 3 - Guest Judge Adam Shankman - Performances & Eliminations - Interviews

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MARY MURPHY: I don't think there's anybody out of the Top
20 that we'd like to see go home.
We just had to make some decisions.
I definitely think the second dance in this type of format
enables us to make a good decision because we're making
these decisions in a short period of time,
you know what I mean?
So that really helped us.
I think, as we go along, though, we're definitely going
to have to see people dance for their life because I think
it's going to get tighter and tighter, and more difficult
for all of us to agree, unless somebody has a
super bad night dancing.
ADAM SHANKMAN: Every week somebody's got to go.
And so you have to look at what America did, see what the
choreographers said, see who's performing in rehearsal, and
really take into account what every vote means.
NIGEL LYTHGOE: It isn't a question of America didn't
connect with you.
It is the choreographers, the judges, all believe that you
are a fantastic dancer.
That's what they should take home in their hearts.
DANIEL BAKER: We knew four people were going home, but I
tried to shut that out of my mind.
NICK BLOXSOM-CARTER: Luckily, the judges told us who were in
the bottom three after we danced because it was before,
that would have been terrible.
We all knew there was going to be four leaving, but like
Daniel said, you just got to keep that in the back of your
mind and you've gotta just bring it.
You always have to bring it the best you can
with what you have.
ALEXA ANDERSON: We go through the whole entire thing not
really knowing right up to the very end if we're going to do
a solo or not, if we're getting voted off or not.
I think everybody was kind of nervous about that.
But I wouldn't say that it affected our performance too
much just because you have to take one thing at the time.
JANAYA FRENCH: I definitely made sure, at the beginning of
the show, I wasn't focused on the end because in between
there I had to do a performance and it had to be
good in case I was safe.
And people are voting on that.
So I took it like this half and then after that.
I was kind of relaxed, though, because I felt I did good.
And I was just happy.
And then they put you on stage and it's back to reality.
I don't think it affected our performance, but it's been on
everybody's mind all day long.
DANIEL BAKER: The judges didn't feel a connection
between us.
That's something maybe we need to work on, but I
gave it my best shot.
I put everything I had in to it.
NICK BLOXSOM-CARTER: I had ballroom both weeks, and
honestly, I think it hurt me a little bit just because I
wanted to get out in my other styles.
And what set me apart from the other ballroom dancers in
Vegas, which they did show, I excelled in the other styles
and that's what separated me.
So I was really looking forward to do other styles on
the show, but I wasn't able to.
ALEXA ANDERSON: In this show, you're put through so much,
and you really learn how strong you really are and just
how much you can push yourself.
And I think I just learned to just kind of be a little bit
more fearless and just go for things and just see what
happens and just really put yourself out there.
JANAYA FRENCH: I don't regret anything that I did or
anything that happened because it was all meant to be part of
the experience.
So it's not worth dwelling on what you think could have
changed because it's just gonna eat at us.
Now it's just in America's hands, and it's really out of
our control.
We give everything we can, and it's just up to other people
to decide the outcome.
TABITHA DUMO: Everybody there is very, very talented.
And it's just the circumstances of the week,
it's the circumstances of the style that you got.
If say, they were dealt a different card it could have
fallen into a different place.
So if you beat yourself up too much about it, you tear
yourself down, and then you can't take the next battle.
You got to be ready for the next battle.
NAPOLEON DUMO: And it's not the end of the world for them
dancing professionally.
I mean, look how many dancers that have never won, Twitch
didn't win that was on tonight, Kayla, Jason, Tony.
Tony was in our number got kicked out the first week.
He's doing really good.
Catherine did not win.
I mean, there's a ton of them.
TWITCH: No matter what, you have to
hit the ground running.
No matter when you're eliminated, you have to use
everything that's come to you as a platform, even if you're
one week on the show, that's one week of being on So You
Think You Can Dance.
You have to keep your focus up, and you have to hit the
ground running and continue to create
opportunities for yourself.
Nothing's going to be brought to you just because
you're on the show.
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