How to: Visual Voicemail in Ireland, UK on iOS, Android and Blackberry

Uploaded by GeekOfComedy on 16.12.2011

Are you living in Ireland or the UK and hate the fact we don’t visual voicemail, or living
in the United States on a carrier that doesn’t support it. I'm Lee-Loi Chieng for
I’m going to show you this quick free workround.
To get started the application we will be using is Called HulloMail. Head over to
and select your country. Then select smart voicemail then For you. Press “Get Hullomail”
and select the platform. Hullo mail works on iPhones with iOS, Android and Blackberry
phones. I’d hope soon there will be a Windows Phone 7 release. Select your platform, in
this case iOS and it will link you to iTunes where you can download Hullo mail. There’s
a free and paid version, the main differences the free version a person can only leave a
voicemail about 90 seconds long which I think is very long but also there is advertisements
on the free version. However on the paid version, it is an annual subscription so in this case
I mean the free version will be fine unless you get thousands of voice mails a day.
Install the app on your smart phone. Launch it and register. You will be asked to fill
in your user name and password, select the phone carrier your on along with your cell
phone number and plan so it could be prepaid or contract. Once that’s setup. It will
install 3 numbers into your address book. Like the phone says, it needs to be activated.
Go to your contacts app and click Hullo mail activate and call the number. It will display
code which will show that your Voicemail by your carrier like 3 has diverted it to Hullo
mail. So most is already setup. Now just record your greeting message and when somebody can’t
get through to you, they will leave a voicemail with Hullo mail. Don’t worry, hullo mail
is safe and secure. You will be notified through push notifications and as soon as you open
the app and click on the voice mail message, it will start playing Exactly like visual
voicemail. You can play it on speaker etc. What I love about Hullo mail over carriers
for example is you can email the voice message to yourself as Hullo mail completely digitizes
One thing Hullo mail notes it will be using your Data and minutes, it uses as many minutes
as the voice mail lasts. So if someone leaves a 10 second voicemail, it will wipe 10 seconds
off of your call plan. Hullo mail also notes while it will work with Contract phones, some
carriers disable voice mail forwarding on prepaid cell numbers. Since my iPhone is contract,
I’ve yet to find out what the stitch is in Ireland, but I would imagine it should
As an iPhone user, one thing I recommend is changing the push settings. I’d only ever
get voicemails if it’s something to do with a delivery and I wasn’t able to answer the
phone or if it was something important like business, then I’d want a more prominent
notification that I got voicemail, so rather than the default ticker, I went into settings
and changed it from the Banner ticker to a full alert.
So there you have it, that’s one more us Irish and British can tick off the list of
things we don’t have that Americans have.. Oh and if your on Sprint this is your work
round too. Next up, NetFlix which is actually coming to Ireland & the UK in 2012. I’m
Lee-Loi Chieng for and thanks for watching.