God of War Playthrough (Part 2)

Uploaded by TheOGB3 on 20.12.2012

Welcome, lllllaaa-
-aaadies and gentlemen, to the UFC
??? (2 20 13) OGB
Twenty twelve. Twenty twelve.
If the world doesn't end.
uh... i guess uh... yet
'Cause today is,
The ninteenth. And I'm sitting playing video games.
Yes you are.
instead of out smoking crack and eating refrigerators. Do I kill them?
blood though they're civilians
But they give you life orbs so you should.
only if you have low health, which you don't.
Do, do do.
You're supposed to get the box back there.
like your
Where's the box?
If you hold- yeah. There you go.
pr- press, and hold X.
No, press and HOLD X. Okay go. See?
He's moving boxes.
and all the box can get this raid so you know
Like that. FUCK.
When I first
gone through this part i was really frustrated.
for for sure
first reader
You can do this.
Nossa. Oh Felipe.
There you go, there you go. How many hits until it breaks?
I don't know... Five? Four, three? Two one. Go.
Quickly quickly quickly
Nice nice nice
Nishe sh shshhhhsh
Almost there.
Ladies and gentlemen, will he be able to do it?
Find out FUCK. Yeaaah. Feel the frustration.
Have to fast-forward this.

Do you want me to do this- NO. - for you? Okay. You're like "No. >:( "
I have faith.
You do have faith, I like that.
Cmon, dude?! What are you doing? I'm clicking fucking X
What are you doing?! Let go of X!
The right,
analog stick.
But you can't role with the box so...
That would just be dumb. Dude I click R2, and
what are you doing
supposed to click and hold.
Oh my dues. Oh DUDE what are you doing?
Come on dude, you can do it.
spstftpf Shut up.
Uuuh, okay then.
So do it.
I'm not mocking me.
I'm not mocking you.
Will you be able to do this, or not?
Yaaay. :D
You always-
the box always get destroyed.
that feeling
Haha, cmon dude
Oh, oh, oh, OHHHH, quickly, quickly.
Yeah, right there, right there.
Jump, yes, yes.
Kill the enemies. Kill the enemies.
Kill the enemies.
you're supposed to
Kill the enemies
I'm so bad at this game! :( I KNOW. Aha, I know.
I keep thinking this is Kingdom Hearts and I try to lock on.
lock on him? Dude, this is not Kingdom Hearts.
Oooh. Wait.
It's not texting, I'm reading
a very interesting
article. Oh, is this boobs? Should we stop recording?
No, no. You can- you can go.
I'll tell you when it's boobs. Is it this? It's behind this door.
Yes it is.
but there's a stairs right over there. Yeah, there It's a ladder.
Yeah it's a ladder.
He does.
He should be a donater. Am I supposed to be going this way?
Triangle, up.
No, you can die.
But, you don't fall.
Partays? (What the fuck did he say?)
Yeah. B)
I think they are summoned.
Uh, this is actually pretty freaky.
uh... preferences click art
The rope is like iron clad.
Okay, swing up Kratos, thank you.
This is
really freaky.
And I'm gonna like it.
Fuckin' doin' it dude.
Press X.
While- Oh.
The le- left.
build a look at the
I think you missed like,
three chests.
You can destroy these.
Yeah, there you go. Should I have gotten them?
Back then. You should.
Is it possible to go back? No.
Roger_Hodgson stop ruining our video
Rodger ????? GO HOME RODGER.
Ahh. :') You know where that's from?
you have acquired a Gorgan eye collect five
Press X to continue.
Oh, by the way
this video is, wait let me check.
Let me check, OHHH, boobies. Oh, really?
No, n-n-n-no
Okay, no, go. Go, go.
8 minutes, and fifty seconds.
you from those you know
No no, Zues is gonna appear.
No posieden (how the fuck do you spell po-side-en)
You're so not fun. You're like- you're enjoying other things.
Well sorry.
Uuh... you are of soldier from the gods You do our bids.
I'll give you this power, so you can defeat the hydras.
So here you go, some lightning powers.
wide inside three brasstacks to keep
magen at test your problem
And you have infinite magic so we can just repeal toobin ok let the sender
Dude, why is it black? Why is what black?
Is it not recording?
Actually, know what, we're out of time anyway.
And liking.