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This was at Saint Jean de Luz. Nice, huh?
Six hundred campers. Look.
All the modern comforts: running water, restrooms.
These are the restrooms. Like a hotel, I tell you.
After that we went to Biarritz and then dashed down to Cassis.
Cassis... what a gem. A real paradise!
We stayed there two days. It was well worth it.
I covered a lot more ground that that, and I did it by boat!
Where did you go by boat?
Hey, guys, this man went to Greece.
- But you can afford it. - It doesn't cost what you think.
The Greek islands, two weeks, everything included!
Guess how much.
80,000 francs. You can pay in two installments, if you want.
There's a new one. Vacation now, pay later.
Around the world in a week, then come back and scrimp to get by.
You going on vacation or did you go already?
I take off whenever I like. I don't punch a time clock.
Of course, it's not all a bed of roses...
but that's the good part: being your own boss.
You don't answer to anyone. Total freedom! See you, boys.
Freedom on 60,000 francs a month?
That's not for me.
They couldn't have torn down my place.
Ginette would have written me.
That's great. To think I bought it on account of all the trees and gardens.
They used to call it Shady Grove.
Shady Grove turned into New York.
Theophile Gautier street, please.
- Where's that? - Here, in Sarcelles.
- Theophile Gautier? - Yes.
It doesn't exist anymore.
Yes, it does. I live there.
Well, if you live there, you should know where it is.
"Based On The Novel 'The Big Grab' By John Trinian"
- Is that you? - It's me.
It's a little messy. I didn't expect you so soon.
It seemed like forever to me.
I'm sorry. I meant "so early."
They set you free at 7:00 a.m. in France.
- You bought a TV? - Yes.
Something to do after dinner.
What did you think? I went out every night?
To Mimi Pinson's place, maybe?
Every time I thought about cutting a rug...
I wondered if people still did that.
People will always dance.
It's the real hoofers who've disappeared.
Anyway, have a seat. Don't be so formal.
I just made some coffee.
It should still be hot. You want some?
You bet I do.
Four sugars and a dash of milk.
That's the kind of thing you think about in the joint.
A nice morning cup of coffee.
You focus on the little things.
Charles, are you angry with me?
About what?
Weren't you afraid I might cheat on you while you were in?
You know, I don't think it even crossed my mind.
- Does that strike you as funny? - I was thinking about before.
Oh, that.
I've given you problems more than once with my fits of jealousy.
But, deep down, I've always trusted you.
Trust like that must mean I'm getting on in years.
Why? You look just the same as the day I left. Well, almost.
Tell me, how did people around here take it?
Better than I expected.
Well, I'm gonna change...
and then you can toss these clothes... I'm sick of'em.
Don't worry. I know a retired guy who's not superstitious.
I told them the house was mine.
You know how much they offered me just to get rid of the whole thing?
Take a guess.
Fifteen million francs.
Fifteen million! You believe it?
- With the nine million we have left... - That makes twenty-four million.
- You know what I was thinking? - No, but you're gonna tell me.
- The south. - What south?
The coast, you know.
With 24 million, you can buy a little place...
a hotel-and-restaurant kind of thing.
You know tourism now is really...
Yeah, you make enough dough in three months...
to take the rest of the year off.
Don't believe it, Ginette.
You know how many suckers lose their shirt in a business like that?
Don't you think it's at least worth thinking about?
You're right. We'll think about it.
I didn't hear you get up.
Can't you sleep?
It must have been the coffee. I'm not used to it anymore.
- You mind if I stay? - No. Why?
We could talk about what I mentioned earlier...
about the business, you know?
Don't you think that could be the answer?
Of course, there'd be a part for you to play too.
- What part? - You could tend bar again.
You always said you enjoyed that.
- When I was 19, I enjoyed everything. - That's what I mean.
If you want to have some freedom, it means starting a business.
So you call running a hotel and restaurant freedom, huh?
Let me tell you something: I didn't do five years in the pen...
to come nickel-and-dime a living off of middle-class tourists.
While you're at it, maybe I could do the cooking too.
Slave away in a chef's hat.
You're exaggerating. It would hardly be a sweatshop.
I'd be working 18 hours a day. It's not for me.
You didn't think you'd buy the Hilton with that kind of money, did you?
- I hadn't looked at it like that. - Listen carefully.
While you've been thinking about your little business...
I've been planning the biggest job of my career.
No one's ever dared to pull off something like this.
Please, you can't start that again...
What I have in mind makes your little diner look pathetic.
The future for me is on the coast... in Camberra.
Lots of money and everyone a stranger! A decent place.
Camberra? Where is that?
That's far away.
Far away from what?
From people who don't even say hello anymore?
From people who look at us as if we were freaks?
If they lock you up again, it's gonna be for good...
and the thought of you spending the rest of your life behind bars...
If you don't mind, I'd rather change the subject.
I don't know if this is changing the subject...
but some guy named Mario keeps calling for you.
Here's his address.
"The Bluebird Spa."
What's this nonsense?
A steam bath, massage, oxygen treatment and robe.
Thirty-four francs.
A massage for the gentleman.
Isn't Georgette available?
She'll be free when you're finished in the steam room.
Take the gentlemen to number six, and let Georgette know.
I'd like a double room and four towels.
That's two baths and four towels.
Twelve francs. Thank you.
You'll have to wait a few minutes today.
The double rooms are really in demand.
That way.
Good day.
I have an appointment with Mario.
Down the stairs, on the left.
- Alfred! - Yes?
Show the gentleman to the apartment.
If you would follow me.
Come in.
Now, here's a real surprise.
You're finally back!
I wondered if they would ever let you out.
- When did you get out? - Yesterday.
How nice of you to come see me so quickly.
How are you doing? Looks like you even put on weight.
- It's the inactivity. - I never touch 'em anymore.
That stuff's off limits for me.
Booze too.
- I've been reduced to this! - What's wrong with you?
High blood pressure, a million screwed-up red blood cells...
and congested lungs that do nothing but bother me.
You have some luck, huh?
It hit me the day after I got out.
You may not believe it, but one day I couldn't even get up.
Do you know where they put the reservations?
In the top drawer.
You don't know my friend Charles, do you?
Now I do.
- She's a real charmer. - Don't mind her.
I was lucky to find her when I got out of the slammer.
She's the one who put my money into this business.
Smart move.
Speaking of business, let's get down to the matter at hand.
I was just going to bring it up.
You're gonna be surprised.
Take a look at this.
I found the only way in.
See how it comes down this way?
It stops right above the cage.
With what you've shown me, it looks like a sure thing.
- A real pushover. - I think so.
But you're going to have to do the pushing without me.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means I'm throwing in the towel.
Are you crazy? The dough's just sitting there. We just have to grab it.
My legs just aren't up to it.
You just gotta excuse me.
If there was a screwup, I couldn't run 50 feet.
I'd be a real drag to carry.
But you can't do this job alone.
You're gonna need a partner. Someone dependable.
I think I know just the young man.
Answer when I call you!
Answer what?
I don't like your bad habit of staying cooped up in your room!
Why? Is there something to see?
You're right. Let's show our guests around.
The neighborhood certainly rates three stars.
A breathtaking panorama.
- A magnificent view. - Are you quite done?
Well, we're talking. That's why you came, right?
That's your game, talking.
Yesterday, it was smoking. Interesting.
"Francis, you smoke too much. Smoking causes cancer.
You'll end up like your cousin Alphonse."
Who got blown up in the war.
He still had lung cancer.
And you'll get it too.
You've always said I'll die on the guillotine.
What'll it be? Microbes or the ax?
That's enough, Francis!
I came to talk about a serious matter.
Your father thinks its strange we're still providing for you at 27 years old.
Don't you?
You're the wardens. Just tell me what you want.
How would you like me to pay? Monthly? Weekly?
Shall I pay in affection?
We'd like to see you get a job...
and live a normal life for a young man your age.
As if you would know what that would be, right?
I was just thinking about that when you came in.
I've been offered a job in a gas station.
The pump attendant is a pal.
- He's not the first. - Could you just shut up?
Last time you spoke with an attendant, you had a gun in your hand.
We can't forget about that.
Two years in the pen! I'm caught up, aren't I?
Are you going to rub that in the rest of my life?
It's called a "youthful indiscretion." Can't you leave it at that?
You'll end up killing your father and me... with grief!
At least they'll never find the murder weapon!
Aren't you ashamed, pounding on that old car like that?
Don't even talk to me about it. This thing lives here!
I dream about it at night... I wake up screaming.
They smash it up regularly... once a week.
I've repainted it every color: green, yellow, black, red.
And they insist it's always the other driver's fault.
Things okay by you?
They would be, it if weren't for your mother-in-law.
She's becoming unbearable.
Have you heard her latest idea?
I should take care of your kid while you go to Mogador. Nice, huh?
Sounds good to me.
You'll have to wear the uniform and everything.
A nanny is a nanny. It's enough you're not even English.
Anyway, getting back to Mogador...
some people are really wild about it.
Personally, I'm not crazy about it, you know.
Rio, Rio, Rio
City of dreams
As far as seeing the sights, I'm more inclined to the nude revues myself:
the Follies, you know? I like the visual.
What I'm saying is that if you can't watch the kid...
it's not going to break my heart.
But I could use the job.
There's something else I could use too.
Could you lend me five bills?
Two, and not one more.
You wouldn't believe what a run of bad luck I've been having.
Taxes, licenses, permits...
not to mention family allowances...
and three clients who took off on vacation before paying the bill.
Don't worry. I plan to pay it all back soon.
I intend to look for a job.
To look for one, or to find one?
I'm not joking. Seriously.
Mind you, it's not a bad idea...
and I don't mean to discourage you...
but work is best begun when you're young.
If you start as a kid, it's like being born with an illness:
You don't know the difference.
Look, it's good you're going to try.
After all, you gotta try everything once.
And if it's bad for my health, I can always quit!
- How you doing? - How are you, Francis?
- Hello, Francis. - Hello.
- You want a drink? - No, thank you.
Let me have a pack of filters.
Francis, some guy called for you a couple of times.
A guy named Charles.
He should be calling back. Are you here or not?
You better believe I'm here!
I knew you'd put that one on.
I thought about it right when you did.
Don't you think that means something?
Having the same thought at the same time?
I like you, Marcelle, but what can you know about such things?
Just drop it.
Take it downstairs.
- What a pleasure! - We'll exchange pleasantries later.
Are you free?
Meet me at the Olympic Billiard Club. You know the place?
Good. You got any photo IDs?
Bring five or six of'em.
Yeah, I'll explain it all later. Just hurry up.
I'd prefer one in a tie, but this will have to do.
Speaking of clothes, you're gonna have to dress up.
That's no problem. I know a great tailor.
If it's all the same to you, we'll let my tailor handle the threads.
All right.
You know, you're dressed up like a banker.
The ones I see, anyway.
Well, we're going to dress you in the "young squire" look.
I'll get you your identity papers.
Listen, Charles...
you're putting me on a job, right?
You got any objections?
You're not afraid you might be traveling a little light?
We were cell mates for a year, but you're still taking a risk.
You could be making a mistake with me.
I'm not even sure I can pull my weight.
I'm sure. A bum would have said yes right away.
A bum always says yes to anyone at any price.
Listen, is your sister's husband always working at the garage?
Yeah. Why?
I'll need a driver for exactly two weeks...
and I don't want some gung ho oddball.
I need a good, honest driver.
Louis is so straight it's not funny. He's almost abnormal.
I mean, he's never even gotten a parking ticket.
You want me to run it by him?
Okay. Get in touch with him right away.
Tell him we're talking about a two-week deal.
If he's interested, I'll go see him, but then and only then.
Above all, don't use any last names. Just give him my first.
Here's to our success.
Where's this job of yours supposed to take place?
On the coast.
How big's the take?
A lot of dough. About a billion francs.
Hi, Francis.
Yeah, I'm alone. Yvette's at the show, and the kid's asleep upstairs.
Twenty minutes? Sure, come on over whenever. I'll be here.
Does he know where the place is? Okay. See you soon.
What do you want?
- Can I help you? - Louis Naudin?
Detective division.
Go on and close up. What I have to say to you is private.
Are you alone?
How is that your concern? You looking for a job?
Would you prefer we have our little talk down at the station?
A little talk about what?
Your family.
- You're married, you have one kid. - Yeah.
Your sister has a brother.
Francis Verlot. Two years in prison, just got out three months ago. Right?
Right. So what?
That depends on what you say next.
What's this young hero up to now?
I think he's looking for a job.
Perhaps you'd do better asking him yourself.
The sign outside says "mechanic"...
not "information bureau."
Well, it doesn't say "raided by police" either...
but you never know.
Aiding and abetting a criminal... it's against the law, you know.
Aiding and abetting how?
How? Listen very carefully.
First, your brother-in-law is going back to his old ways, and you know it.
Second, there's a rumor you're gonna be in on the job too.
Third, a family friend is involved, a certain Charles...
whose rap sheet makes your friend's look like a "good citizenship" award.
I'm too much of a family man to ask you to squeal on your brother-in-law.
Just tell me about this Charles, and I'll forget about the rest.
What do you say?
The law wouldn't look kindly on what I have to say to you.
You're a family man? I'm a man of the law.
To each his own.
But no one's ever gone to prison for helping a friend out.
And I can help you out with a little piece of advice too.
I should go to hell, right?
That's right.
All right, listen. This Charles guy is me.
I wanted to find out what you were made of.
You starting that again? I don't know any Charles or Pierre or Paul.
The only Charles I know of rules the country...
and he asks the questions, he doesn't answer them.
- Can't you see it's closed? - It's me. Don't be an ass.
Open up.
You're here already? I thought I was early.
- Did you make a new friend? - You bet.
We even exchanged a few recipes.
All right. Your new name is Francis Grandchamp.
A good, solid French name. Here are your papers.
Your identification, driver's license...
ID from the racetrack and passport.
I kept your first name so you wouldn't get too screwed up.
I'd have preferred Hubert or Gontrand.
Now you just have to learn your ancestors' name.
Fine old family from Poitiers.
- I'd have preferred La Touraine. - Cut the jokes.
And take off the cheap jewelry. It looks bad.
And as for you, here's the story.
You give us two weeks, we give you a million francs.
Is that all right?
- How much? - A million.
- And who do I have to kill? - Nobody.
First, you find Francis a nice flashy car.
And you get me a respectable, traditional car... something English.
- Will a Rolls do? - Perfect.
All right. Whose name do I use to rent it?
Yours. I'm just the sucker you're driving around on vacation.
Now let's you and I talk.
May I?
- You know the coast? - I know Toulon.
This has nothing to do with Toulon.
Here's the place our little job involves.
Here's the ocean...
and the beach runs all along here.
The Majestic Hotel is at one end.
That's where I'll be staying.
At the other end is the Marly Hotel.
Across the boulevard is the "Palm Beach," the casino.
- Follow me? - Yeah.
You'll arrive a week before me.
You'll need that time to take care of things.
I was hoping you'd get around to my part.
I'm getting to it.
Perhaps you've heard of the casino at Cannes.
There's a nightclub in the casino.
The first week, your only job...
is to get a permanent backstage pass.
- Any ideas on just how to do that? - No. That's yourjob.
Make friends with the electrician, shack up with the lead dancer...
I don't care. What's absolutely crucial...
is that you have access to the catwalk when the moment arrives.
The whole thing hinges on that.
I'll have a room reserved in your name at the Marly Hotel.
Michelin rates it first-class.
wine cellars, five forks at dinner, chocolates on the pillow.
What Michelin doesn't point out is...
it's right across from the Palm Beach.
When you get to the hotel, don't go unpacking your bags.
That's the bellhop's job. Give him a tip.
You don't tip the guy who shows you your room.
Instead, say the bathroom smells bad, the room's too small...
you don't like this or that color.
The important thing is to fuss. It's called "having class. "
Your room looks out over the casino, as you requested.
The bathroom is this way.
It's a little stuffy, don't you think?
All our bathrooms are identical to this one...
and, I assure you, we've never had a complaint,
It'll do.
Remember. Don't act impressed with anything.
Don't get all excited about the ocean. It's nothing new.
Same with the pool. Don't get excited.
You've been swimming there since you were two years old.
Buy a beach pass, and rent a changing room for the entire season.
Throw some big tips around.
I need you to be on good terms with the staff.
Thank you very much.
Here is your key...
and your ticket.
Make yourself at home.
The window looks out right on the pool.
That will be our emergency entrance.
But what's most important is the plumbing inspection trap.
Make sure it's not locked. If it is, open it.
It's going to be our safe.
What would the gentleman like?
- What would you like, sir? - A whiskey, to start with.
Then I want to know who's who. I don't want to commit a faux pas.
Don't you think it's a good idea to learn the lay of the land?
We've got a lot of land here, sir. That could take quite a while.
I'm in no hurry.
Maybe we should start with the ladies.
I have no objections.
If it's an emergency, the one in the checked swimsuit.
A Polish countess.
Emil, please bring me an orange juice by the pool.
Very well, Countess.
All fake.
30,000... but it's negotiable.
With or without dinner, as you wish.
I've heard great things about her from rather difficult customers.
Okay. Next?
- On your right. The blonde... - Not interested.
A little to the left. The one in the middle.
Georgina. A former Miss... I can't remember what.
The word is she's either very enchanting... or really nasty.
All depends on what you're looking for.
What about the tall blonde coming our way?
Divorced three years ago. The family was in rubber in Cameroon.
She's very, very, very nice.
Unfortunately, she's a competitor.
Those are our young ballerinas.
The "Palm Beach Ballet."
The "Ten Beauties Beach."
A very good troupe.
But for what monsieur is interested in...
I don't think he'll have much luck.
The short one on the left is on the job.
Works at Pirman Laboratories. Specializes in pharmaceuticals.
Very, very serious.
The blonde on the right... maybe.
But you may not get anywhere for a long time.
She has already turned down a Texas oilman...
and Arnold, the polo player, who locals say is irresistible.
Really took it badly. Him, I mean.
That doesn't matter. Bring me over four scotch.
At monsieur's age, you can get away with anything.
Put it on my tab: Francis Grandchamp.
Do you speak French?
No? This isn't gonna be easy.
"Put it on my tab: Francis Grandchamp."
Did you hear that? I've never seen worse manners.
No, but I've seen worse-looking guys.
Let's take it from the bridge before Brigitte's entrance.
Thank you, ladies. Rehearsal tomorrow at 2:30.
How does it look now?
You've rehearsed for eight days, but I don't see much change.
You're not very encouraging. Wait here. I'll be out in five minutes.
Of course I'll wait.
- Hello, Mr. Grandchamp. - Hello.
- I reserved a suite. - What's the name, please?
Philippe Donadieu.
Very good. Rooms 147, 148 and 149.
A large bedroom, a sitting room, and an adjoining room for your valet.
- Thank you. - Show the gentleman to 147.
Call the Marly Hotel for me. I'll take it in my room.
Mr. Grandchamp, that's not necessary.
Buy yourself some chocolates. It's my pleasure.
The Swedish girl's boyfriend. For a young man, he's got class.
That's rare these days.
Couldn't we eat somewhere besides a resto tonight?
- Can't you say "restaurant"? - Fine. Restaurant.
Aren't you tired of restaurants?
As long as I'm with you, anywhere's fine.
Same for me, of course.
But it might be nice to be alone... just the two of us.
I wanted to give you a little surprise.
Mind you, I don't know if you'll like it.
I had them prepare dinner for us.
- At your hotel? - Of course.
In your room?
- What are you laughing about? - You said you had a surprise.
And that's not a surprise?
What surprises me is that you didn't suggest it earlier in the week.
It must be because I love you.
So tonight you don't love me anymore?
Of course I do. What do you think?
Listen, sweetheart. Let's have a serious talk.
For almost a week now, I've had dinner with you and breakfast by myself.
The nights are long for me, that's all.
Kiss me.
Are you ever nice?
Francis, you're not going to sulk all night, are you?
Come on. I have to be back by 1:00 a.m. I'm expecting a call from Geneva.
- Mr. Nilson again? - Yes.
He called yesterday too. Does the idiot spend every night on the phone?
So you had a roll in the hay with the joker...
You know I hate it when you talk like that.
First, we didn't "roll in the hay." Second, Olaf is not a "joker."
Maybe he's not a joker. But I'm not a sucker either.
Be quiet!
I'm sick and tired of running Miss Priss all around...
buying her grilled lobster and dropping her off at midnight sharp.
- Take me home right now! - I'm not your chauffeur!
Take me home. I don't want to hear another word.
Well, get your ass in gear. No one's stopping you from hoofing it.
Please convey my respects to Mr. Nilson when you have him on the line.
I certainly will.
Now I know the difference between a gentleman and a bum.
Good! That way you'll know who you're going out with.
And don't bother hitchhiking. Only the bums stop.
I'd have to be completely out of luck to run across a bum like you.
Since we're exchanging intimacies here, let me say...
if I gave a street lamp a shake, 50 sluts like you would come falling down.
Would you call me a taxi, please?
Certainly, madam.
It will be a few minutes, if madam would care to wait inside.
No, thank you.
What do you want now? Haven't you said enough?
Go away.
I said go away. You have nothing more to say to me.
Yes, I have to tell you...
I gave a street lamp a shake, and no one fell down.
Would you like to have dinner?
Service is very quick here. You could be home by 1:00.
You see, deep down I'm really an idiot.
I go out with a girl, hoping it'll turn into something serious.
I get ideas.
I'm probably just an amusing interlude for you.
Anyway, maybe it's better that way.
All right. Let's go find somewhere to have some fun.
- As you wish, darling. - I'll drive.
No, that's the windshield wiper.
The key on the left. Turn it to the right.
There you go.
- Where are you taking me? - It's a surprise.
Close your eyes, and don't open them until I tell you to.
You're cheating!
Close your eyes.
Now, turn your head to the right.
Open your eyes.
If the gentleman would kindly step out of the car.
You have messages, sir.
"Charles called."
"Urgent... call Charles at Majestic Hotel."
"Call Charles... urgent."
- Bad news? - No.
Were you so certain I would come?
No, I'd rather let it go to waste than to be caught short.
- I hope there's no grilled lobster. - Let's not talk about that, okay?
Darling, I better let the hotel know, in case I get the call from Geneva.
The hell with them.
- Aren't you going to answer? - I told you, the hell with them.
It works both ways.
Did your girlfriend let you leave or did she write you a note?
What's wrong? Aren't things going okay?
It's going just fine.
Aren't you going to unpack your bag?
Bags are to unpack and pack again.
Speaking of which, go pack yours. We're going home. I'm taking off.
I don't like phantom partners.
- Why "phantom"? I'm here, aren't I? - What time is it?
Didn't I say not to leave the hotel and to expect my call after 11:00?
But I didn't get your message until 4:00!
That's because you got in at 4:00!
That's what I didn't count on!
When you said you might be a loser, I didn't believe you...
but now I see you were right.
I shouldn't have asked you to go against your true calling:
swiping bicycles and stealing from maids' rooms.
If you're done talking crap now, may I say a word?
- It won't do any good. - I'll say it anyway.
First off, if you didn't have the reputation that you do...
you wouldn't have gotten to say half of that... I'd have laid into you first!
- You don't say. - I do say.
Second: You gave me a week to gain access to backstage.
Well, I got it.
I come and go in the theater as I please.
I've hit on one of the dancer chicks... a Swede.
You can't go to bed at 8:00 when you're going out with one of those birds.
But now that you're here, you can take the young lady out.
You can play the gentleman, and I'll wait here by the phone.
And you'll hear from me if you don't call! How's that?
Cut the speech. You've got access backstage?
Like I was one of the dancers.
Good. Listen carefully now. From now on, we keep on schedule.
One minute off may not just mean 60 seconds.
It could mean years in the slammer. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
What are you doing?
I'm straightening up the bed.
Why don't you vacuum while you're at it?
You think I pay through the nose so you can play maid?
I had some time on my hands.
I'll decide how to use your time. We were just talking about that.
Now, as far as carrying out our plans, I'm warning you...
don't take it on yourselves to make changes.
That always leads to trouble. I think you'll agree.
- Agreed. - Good.
Now, listen carefully. Every step is important.
Meeting tonight at the Palm Beach.
We'll check out the grounds. That's all.
10,000, black.
While we're breaking in the tables...
you'll park the Rolls, facing the building.
Around 1.00, the proprietor, Mr. Grimp, will pull up...
with his two accountants, as he does every Friday.
Louis will flash his lights three times to let us know they've arrived.
At that point, I leave the tables and head for the lounge.
You take off, too, but you head for the bar.
Of course, we don't know each other.
Good evening, Mr. Grimp.
- How is the bank? - The bank's in good shape.
But the action at the tables is a little weak.
And, now, pay close attention.
Everything will take place exactly the same way one week from now.
But on that day, we'll join in.
Casino security? This is Camille. Tell me...
Yes, it's very hot, isn't it?
Listen, turn off the alarm to the elevator and the blockhouse.
Thirty minutes, barring further notice.
And so the elevator reaches its destination.
At that point, Mr. Grimp and his entourage...
exit the car and head to the safe.
Because the combination is twelve figures...
it will take them two or three minutes to open it and get the dough out.
Believe me, there will be a lot of dough in there.
What all the suckers have lost so far this season... a nice bundle.
But here's the catch.
The door is armored...
and opens only from the inside.
Bodyguards watch the elevator upstairs.
Should it be left unguarded, an alarm goes off...
that brings all the cops running for miles around.
Moral of the story: You can't get down into the blockhouse.
- So you're saying it can't be done. - If it couldn't, we wouldn't be here.
There's only one way to get down there:
to go in with them.
You think they'll make room for us?
You won't be inside.
You'll be on top.
I see you've saved the best part for me.
When I was young enough to play that part, I worked alone...
and I wasn't splitting it with any suckers.
And just how do I get on top of the elevator?
Here you go, straight from the builder to the customer.
These were all swiped for us by a guy named Mario.
He was really something in his prime, by the way.
Next Friday, the gala closing.
The show ends at 11:30...
and by midnight nobody's left on stage or in the wings... except you.
You climb up on the catwalk.
At the very top there's a trapdoor.
You open it and climb out onto the roof.
I hope you're not afraid of heights...
'cause one false step and you'll fall 80 feet.
So be careful... you can't afford to fall.
When you get to the last crenel, shine your flashlight three times.
That's the sign you're ready.
When we're ready, Louis will flash his lights three times.
From there you hightail it over to the ventilation duct...
slip inside, and follow it along.
It'll lead you right to the top of the elevator shaft.
- All right. Are you on the elevator? - Yeah, I'm there.
Good. You've made it.
You find them counting the money.
You line them up facing the wall.
You choose one of them to open the armored door...
the one that opens only from the inside.
I'll be behind it.
Line them up facing the wall with what?
With this.
But be careful... don't get too eager.
It's just to scare them.
Not everyone is scared...
even by one of these.
What if the bodyguard kicks up a ruckus?
In a tense situation, if you speak firmly with a gun in your fist...
nobody will answer back.
Statistics bear me out.
What is it?
- Your jacket, sir. - Put it on the bed.
Listen, doll, there's three handkerchiefs and a shimmy on the stool.
I want them cleaned up spick-and-span for tomorrow night.
While you're at it, help yourself to the 1,000 francs...
next to the picture of my fiancee.
"Doll" must mean chambermaid...
but what does "shimmy" mean?
It's part of my wardrobe, and one of those words you hate.
So the big day has arrived.
- What's wrong? Are you nervous? - You could say that.
Don't get worked up. A gala is like any other day.
I'm sure you'll be fantastic.
I'm never fantastic.
I just hope I'm not too terrible.
- Listen, Francis... - No!
You listen to me.
I have some news... serious news.
Normally, things would go something like this:
final performance, farewell dinner, the last roll in the hay...
and tomorrow you're on a plane to Stockholm.
Well, forget about that.
You stay here a day or two to rest up...
then we return to Paris together.
- That's the "Francis Plan." - Would you listen for a second?
I said no.
I've never told you, but I really like you, you know?
- How about me? - Of course. If not, I wouldn't be here.
So we finish up and take off.
Yes, we take off... but not together.
You should have told me earlier what you just told me.
Look at me.
That other sucker called you again, is that it?
I'm talking to you. Answer me!
He didn't have to call. He's here.
Great. I'll find him and tell him...
No. Whatever you could tell him wouldn't change a thing.
I wish I could have found some other way to tell you this.
- I wish you could understand. - Don't waste your breath. I'm not stupid.
It's all clear now. Your sucker's back. Winter's approaching.
There's the smell of mink and otter in the air.
Whores have always adored animals.
It's not hard to figure out.
They love memories too.
- You just ruined the only one I had left! - The only one?
That proves you can be a virgin in everything.
I wondered what part of you hadn't been used yet... it's your memory.
If I had broken up with him, would you really have wanted me?
You should have done it... then you'd see.
Now beat it. Clear out!
I'm sick of you. Take this... maybe you can use it again!
What's up? Did I wake you?
No, I was in the bathroom.
Take a shower and cool off.
I just got showered good.
Good. My advice now is to hit the sack until midnight.
Keep your nerves under control. You'll need them soon enough.
I hope so.
That's it. Nothing left but to do it.
Everything okay?
I'm fine, but your brother-in-law seems a little nervous.
- He's not the only one. - Is there someone else too?
Precisely. I've got something to tell you.
I'm listening.
It's about our job tonight. I've been thinking about it since we arrived.
And what do you think?
I don't agree with it anymore.
It's a little late now to chicken out.
You're going, even if I have to kick your ass,
You're wrong, Mr. Charles. I'm not chickening out.
It must be what you call scruples.
Say that again.
I'll carry out what we agreed to...
but I don't want my part.
We're all a little nervous. If you don't feel well, go lie down.
I feel just fine.
The catch is that if you have money, you spend it.
That's what it's for.
And when I've spent it, I'll want to make another bundle that easily.
Francis will suggest another job, and a third...
and one day I'll end up in prison, just like him.
That's why I prefer not to touch your money.
So I won't develop a taste for it.
Shoes polished and delivered to your door, neatly made beds...
I never had any of that before and I did just fine.
Now it will seem odd to me when my wife...
serves the whole meal on one plate.
I won't understand why my kids don't get into a good college.
Even my little run-about car will seem strange.
I've gotten used to the Rolls.
Whether you take the money or not is up to you.
Just one thing interests me: our agreement.
In two hours, I want to see you in the ring.
Put it on my tab, Lucien.
Give me a whiskey... a double.
Pardon me, but I've misplaced my lighter.
Misplaced or lost... I'm not sure which.
I've lost four of them since the season started.
I'm terribly confused. I lose everything, or misplace it, or forget it.
- That one's very nice. What is it? - A Dunhill.
Very nice brand.
They make one in solid gold. Would it be that one?
Here I am talking to you a mile a minute like a mad woman...
and we haven't even been introduced.
Countess Doublianoff.
The gala's about to begin. You must have a table.
Bartender, a whisky for madam.
- How much do I owe you? - Thirty francs, sir.
We hardly know each other. I don't know if I should accept it.
Don't waste your breath, sweetheart. We're in the same line of work.
I must be getting old.
I can no longer tell a gentleman from a pimp.
Champagne, please.
- Good evening, Mr. Grandchamp. - Good evening, Mrs. Deruel.
Ladies, you just performed for the last time...
the ballet I had the great pleasure of arranging.
I'd like to congratulate you...
and express my gratitude for the way in which...
you interpreted my choreography.
Now you'll all be leaving for places all over the world.
So let me say once more...
What's he up to, for God's sake?
Flash them again.
There he is. Flash your lights.
- Good evening, Mr. Grimp. - Good evening, madam.
- It's stifling tonight. - Yes, an unusual end to the season.
Turn off the alarm to the elevator and blockhouse.
Thirty minutes, barring further notice. Thank you.
Mr. Grimp. If you please.
No, that can wait.
Nobody move.
Hands behind your head.
Everyone face the wall. Move!
You try to ring for the maid, pal, and the party's over.
Don't do anything foolish, please.
Don't give this gentleman reason to commit further stupidities.
Open the door.
All right.
I'll count.
On three I'm gonna fire at random.
Leon, do as he tells you.
The key.
Come on!
I'm not gonna say it twice.
Push the door closed.
Hello? Casino security?
Hello. Police?
Gentlemen, be quiet. Close the doors.
Hey, you... get up, quick.
What's going on?
Pack your bags and get a move on to the train station.
Room 47 at the Marly Hotel.
Don't you trust me anymore? Was it what I said yesterday?
Things are heating up. It'll be hard for you to keep up.
There's sure to be a morning train. Buy a second-class ticket.
It'll attract less attention, and it's in keeping with your tastes.
- What's wrong? - Meet at the Palm Beach in 15 minutes.
What am I supposed to do there at this hour? I can't go swimming.
We're in it up to our necks. Don't argue. Get a move on.
- What's going on? - Did the gala go well?
- Did you put on a real show? - Have you gone crazy?
You call this going crazy?
"Unprecedented Hold-Up At Palm Beach.
Daring Criminals Nab Billion Francs During Closing Gala"
- That's really bad luck! - Bad luck is working with a guy like you.
Everything was going great.
While the cops staked out the train stations and airports...
we could have hung out here for a week until it all blew over.
But you had to screw the whole thing up!
This photo's no big thing.
Life at hard labor is no big thing either.
In life there are no big things... just fatalities.
There's a 50 percent chance the cops nab you. I'm not taking that risk.
So what's the plan?
The plan is we get the money out and take off.
I've got a hideout waiting, but the trick is for me to get there.
- What about me? What do I do? - Improvise. You're an expert.
I'll set your part aside.
You'll have it in a week if things go well, twenty years if they don't.
Now, listen carefully. I'm going to the poolside bar.
You go in, get the bags, and bring them to my table.
And you do nothing else. Understood?
Have you found anything, gentlemen?
Nothing much. This woman just began her shift.
She was in bed at 2:00 in the morning.
What time do you lock the dressing room doors at night?
- At seven. - What time do they open in the morning?
At six.
- Coffee. - Right away, sir.
Gentlemen, please.
What did you find up there?
They came this way for sure.
Look, they unscrewed the grill on the ventilation shaft.
Good. Bring all that down here.
One was more heavyset than the other, and older too, no doubt.
- He's the one we hardly saw. - And the other one?
The younger-looking one... what can I tell you? ...a tuxedo, a ski mask.
From his silhouette he appeared younger...
Is this yours, sir?
It's not much to go on, of course.
Have you ever been up against a wall with a submachine gun in your back?
That's not my role, Mr. Grimp.
The only real clue we have from your statement...
are the bags.
I think I can be a little more exact in that regard.
Actually, the bags were the only things I could really make out.
And notice that I said "make out."
You mentioned a pigskin bag. Those are very common these days.
It was quite an elegant style. Quite fancy.
- It had a kind of folded-down flap. - Is that all?
Forgive me for pestering you with these details...
but since they're the only real evidence we have...
it's all I have to hang on to.
So, an elegant pigskin bag with a folded-down flap.
There's one other small detail...
but I can't be as sure about it.
It seems to me there were gussets on the side seams.
- What about the other bag? - I'm not as certain about that one.
It seems to me it was a plain cloth with leather accents.
I see. Would you be able to recognize the bags?
I have no doubt of that.
I'm sure we'll find them... but quite possibly empty.
If you're going to find anything, I prefer you find the money.
The bags aren't mine.
- How much are you insured for? - Approximately twice the amount.
But we had a very light season.
Hey, guys! Take a look at this!
- What's going on? - Come look, I tell you!