Surrey Youth Festival Film

Uploaded by SurreyCountyCouncil on 26.02.2012

Fetes like this are important, there is lots of information and you can go to everyone
all at once and see which one is better for you and compare.
I would definitely tell my friends about Surrey Youth Festival, about coming here and finding
out about, apprenticeships, courses that could help you and open your mind up to opportunities
in life that you didn’t think were there.
I feel like it's a good opportunity coming here to see what you like and what is better.
There is more than one option so you can point out which one you like more than the rest
of them rather than applying for one job and not getting it.
I feel like it is better coming here and there are so many different thing you can look at.
I feel the apprenticeship scheme is really good for the county for two reasons.
It's good for the youngster themselves; it's an opportunity for young people to benefit
to be employed and to learn.
It is vital for young people and it is also vital for the economy of Surrey County Council.
Yeah, it's been really really good, actually.
I've picked up lots of new skills, I've got a new qualification now – level 2 NVQ so
it's been really really good.
Really enjoyed it.
I was a bit apprehensive at first but now I'm so glad I've done it.
It made me grow in confidence.
It had lots of benefits.
I didn't feel that university was for me.
I didn't want to sit down and do all of the essay writing.
I wanted to learn whilst doing the job.
I was developing myself as well as my skills within the sector I wanted to work in.
For anyone who is thinking about doing an apprenticeship or wants to go into vocational
training, now's the time to really make a decision about where you want to go.
There are a number of people who can help.
Contact us, look at our website and we might be able to put you in touch with someone who
can offer an apprenticeship.
We're showing to young people that there's whole range of apprenticeships they can do,
including subjects you might not think about, like security for example.
Today's event has been really helpful because there's lots of things here than can help
me with what I ant to do in the future.
We've seen lots of different of colleges and we’ve got all information we needed.
I'm currently at Guildford college doing a diploma in carpentry – first year, three
weeks it.
Carpentry is definitely thing I want to do cause I do like practical work a lot more
than working with my head.
If you like doing and building things and having joy of having something you’ve made
and can and look at and use then carpentry is definitely for you.
Started on next steps, which is the very basic course and I've work way up – now on second
year of my extended diploma.
Over the year I've had lots of support, learn about practical husband all the way up to
conservation, management, animal care.
Basically over four years, I've had lots of work experiencing varying from veterinary
practices to zoos, grooming parlours.
You have the chance to go out and see the different industries.
I would you to encourage you to come again if it's appropriate and tell your friends
and friends of friends to come.
This gives it the opportunity all in what spot what is available and what is out there
and what possibilities there may be for you in the future.