Blue | Ep. 6 of 12 | Feat. Julia Stiles | WIGS

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Hey. Hi.
Uh, Cooper's helping me out with some physics. Uh, can he stay for dinner?
Oh, I thought this was your idea.
No. Go to your room.
Look, I was totally stuck on some equations and I have a huge midterm tomorrow.
So you thought it would be a good idea bringing home a total stranger to help you, while I was out.
You said he was a friend. He's not.
You said friend.
He's a neighbor I know from growing up, I haven't seen him in 15 years. He could be Jack the Ripper for all I know.
Who's Jack the Ripper?
You stay put Cooper, I'll deal with you in a second. Freak.
DId he call you? No, I found him on Facebook.
We had a deal. Which one?
You know god-damn well which one.
Look, was it a deal or a rule? I mean, because we have a lot of deals, and gosh, we have a lot of rules.
No friending grown-ups without asking me first. Does that one ring a bell?
C'mon, you know better than that, Josh.
I need to know that I can count on you, ok? Can I do that? Yeah.
We've got to have each other's backs.
It's just the two of us.
You know, keep laying on the guilt, Blue. Ok, it's working like magic.
Who's Jack the Ripper? He's a serial killer.
Look, this guy is no serial killer. Ok? He said he had a mega-crush on you growing up, but you were just interested in older boys.
Is that true?
Stay here. Sit.
You drop in on kids you meet on Facebook? There's a name for that. And a minimum sentence.
Ok, slow down, alright. The kid said you were cool with it.
Bullshit. I should call the cops.
You know what, I mean what's the big deal, anyway? The kid reaches out to me, and I feel like I'm coming here and I'm helping out the kid of a friend. Okay? So just chill.
And as far as this calling the police nonsense, Francine, I'm on probation. So your little tantrum could wind me up in jail for a long time.
Don't piss me off, Josh.
I should've called you first. Yes.
But actually, you know, um, I didn't have a number for you. 'Cause, you've always been like a slippery little thing.
Promises, promises.
Kid's got a brain on him, that's for sure.
Yeah, it's kinda scary.
No, it's good.
Did he tell you about the prime number algorithm models he's been working on?
Yeah, he had me racing to keep up with him for a while. With a brain like that, you've got to feed that thing constantly, I bet. Where does he go to school?
A charter school. It's good. But they're running out of things to teach him. There are other schools, but I haven't saved up enough money yet.
That is bullshit, by the way, him asking me for help with his homework. He just wanted to know more about you. Wanted to know more about Simi, growing up, what it was like. What you were like.
You never took him there?
Blue, hey, can I come out now? I gotta go pee.
That's a lie, but you can come out anyway.
Apologize to Cooper.
Uh, for what? You lead to believe that I knew he was coming.
I'm sorry, Coop. Cooper.
I'm sorry Cooper. Sir.
Hey, uh, so, what's for dinner?
I don't know, order a pizza.
Blue rules. So Cooper, what do you like on your pizza? Anchovies. Ouch.