Engagement Ring of Kate Middleton is successful in popular shopping street in Brazil; watch

Uploaded by Folha on 26.04.2011

25 de Marco Street
Everything must have a pomp value. It's a deep blue that vibrates.
It tends to be something coveted and not.
Prince William gave it to his bride, and it belonged to his mother. Than it became a national fever.
It's beautiful. It's like the one of the princess, everybody wants it.
The original is made of ruby with emerald. Ours is a replica, it's made of strass.
It's very pretty. Avec plenty of strass, which is what we use the most.
Me, all that I wear is strass.
It looks really beautiful. It's nice to follow the trends like that.
No, it's not because it belongs to the princess. It's because it really is beautiful.
Am I going to get this one?
I looked at it, and it drove my attention. I got in to look closer and it really looks like jewelry.
This is a silver piece, bathed in rhodium, and with zirconia.
It comes without the Prince, but when you put it on it does create an illusion
Are you going to watch the wedding on Friday?
I will. In Buckingham.
I wish I could have made her wedding dress. And congratulations to her, all the best.
I hope she follows the example of her mother-in-law who passed away. Diana, she left an example of charity.
And even so, Lord, you live in Lady Diana.