05 - Dead Man's Escape / Сбежавший мертвец / L'EVASION DU MORT

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THE VAMPlRES by Louis Feuillade
lrma Vep, the Grand Vampire and their accomplices
were able to escape with their booty,
but the intervention of Guerande and Mazamette
at least led to the arrest of Juan-Jose Moreno,
the fearsome criminal whose gang rivalled that of the Vampires.
Since the resolution of "the Enigma of the Severed Head of Saint-Clement-sur-Cher",
the credit for which went to Philippe,
Mr Hamel, the Magistrate, had been appointed to Paris,
and was entrusted with the file on the Vampires.
The Moreno case was now his concern.
Philippe Guerande maintained a warm relationship with Mr Hamel.
They're bringing me Moreno.
You'll never take me alive!
Cyanide, without doubt. There is nothing we can do. He is dead.
ln order to do an "atmosphere piece",
Philippe easily gained permission to accompany Moreno on his final journey.
As it was too late to take him to the morgue, the body was left in a cell at the prison.
During the night...
Although his conscience was now clear, Mazamette was still having trouble sleeping.
The next morning, at the prison...
Meanwhile, Mazamette...
The following night, at home, Philippe told his readers of the day's tragic events.
Can one imagine a more horrific scene than one in which the crook,
awoken from his deep slumber and burst forth from his shroud,
leaps at the throat of the unfortunate guard?
Philippe was the Vampires' prisoner!
We need to get him into the hut down there.
Editor at le Mondial
The next day, Philippe went to Pugenc the costumier.
Preparing for a crime, Moreno had come to hire policeman costumes for his accomplices.
Basket number 13 was used to send costumes for a play
at the home of Baron de Mortesaigues
who is having a grand reception tonight at his mansion on Avenue Maillot.
May l ask why you are so interested in this basket?
Meanwhile, Mazamette...
And a few moments later...
The revolver would be too easy a death for you, Philippe Guerande.
You're going to hang.
Give me the means to take my revenge on the Vampires, and we'll spare your life.
Baron de Mortesaigues is the Grand Vampire.
lf you're lying, you're for the rope.
That night, for the cream of the aristocracy, banking and the arts in Paris,
Baron de Mortesaigues' reception for his niece's birthday was the place to be.
Shortly before midnight
And at midnight, there will be a surprise.
A delicate fragrance spread through the salons.
The gas had done its deed.
Their work done, the Vampires took flight.
But, with Philippe's information, Moreno was keeping watch
At dawn...
Late that morning, Mazamette, vexed at having seen the Vampires and Moreno escape again,
went to see Philippe.
Dear Sir, Your information was good. Thanks to you, l have come into a fortune.
We are therefore quits...for now.
lt's enough to put you off being honest. l've had enough. l quit!
Always look before you leap.