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-Explaining the interview flow-
First one, you have to pick out one of the choice and then say what comes first to your mind.
What comes first? okay.
Legs, bottom or butt
Because I'm a butt-man, I like the butt uh huh
Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?
Do I..oh! Crunch it. Yea I scrunch it.
My what paper? Oh~!! Toilet paper!
Oh yea~ I fold it I fold it.
I think everyone folds it.
Junior or Hep?
You can't say both.
Okay, I'll say Hep cause Hep is right here.. so..
Hep: That was what i thought
If Junior was here, then i would say Junior
If both were here I would've probably say Junior
or Hep..
Top or bottom?
Bottom. Cause like I said..
I'm a Butt-man
Yes or No?
This section is questions about "Rumor or Fact"
If Jay Park wants to grow a beard, he is not able to.
Yea, thats fact. I can't.
Yea I mean i can grow a little, like little..
No, not even a mustache.. I don't even have a puberty mustache.
So you don't shave?
Oh yea i shave.. i mean like i shave this right here..
Yea i shave right here but like it grows..
little. Like a little.
Like it's like.. it doesn't look like a mustache
Hep: like a Catfish
Yea like a Catfish
Hep has a little bit more than me
Jay Park will release a DVD for New Breed Encore Concert in Seoul
Ooh I don't know..I'm not in charge..
Cause during the concert, it was state that the concert would be recorded, and there would be a DVD.. and it was six months ago
Oh really?
Oh i don't.. i have no idea, I'm not in charge of that
So um.. but hopefully next time i'll have a..
Yea yea maybe, hopefully
I'll have a better concert, after i put out my second album
I'll have a better concert, and we will make a really legit DVD of that
and hopefully you know, give it out to the fans
Jay Park is noonting king and goes to fan sites, twitter to see what the fans say about him
Uh huh… yea that's fact
I always um.. after i post something up
Or tweet something
I always look at the comments
It's not too fast?
Oh it goes fast
So I can't look at every single one
But.. um.. I do look at alot of them
And um.. even when i do fan chats
I look at all the fan chats
Do you go on fan sites like Daum?
Um.. fansites..
Like Jay's Platform or sites like this?
Aww no no
I don't know where to find those and those are too complicated for me
I'm like really..
Yea you have to like log in and look at certain places and like I'm like
So its too complicated for me so i can't do that
Is Jay Park still growing up or is he wearing insoles lately?
Am i still growing up?
Oh no no.. i don't wear um insoles..
Do i look taller?
no, cause last time when we took a picture, you were taller than me
Oh really was I?
You cannot be cause i'm one seventy-five
Oh really?
Or maybe i had um..
One year ago when i took a picture with you and your were shorter than me
Cause on saturday(Googims event) you were taller than me
Maybe because..Oh Saturday~!
Wait.. what shoes did i wear on Saturday? (Looking at Hep) I was definitely..
You were like definitely taller than me
Really? (Looking at Hep)
Hep: You were wearing your heels
What shoes did i wear?
I was definitely..i don't i don't even own insoles
Maybe i was wearing some Timberlands
So no insoles
No i don't even own them
Okay next up will be some questions about your album
So.. are there any notable artists that you will be collaborating with?
Like Zion T, Ailee?
Oh yea yea so basically
Apart from Dok2
Definitely I'm gonna have Dok2 out there, The Quiett out there
I'm wanna collab with Beezino, I wanna collar with E-sens
And i definitely wanna get Zion T out there, Primary yea
Can you give us an exclusive teaser of one of you song like.. 10 seconds?
Oh yea yea um...
Let's see~
So.. this is a song that i like um i think the fans will enjoy the song the most
It's like a really..
Maybe you have something on your bag
(Manager David was looking into our bags)
Because there's some stickers of your face maybe he was looking at it
It goes..
I love, I love everything
About you from head to toe
I love every single tiny actions you do
I love everything(about you)
I forgot the lyrics
That's how it goes.. It's a really good song like a good song to listen to
Did you write this yourself?
Of course i wrote it myself
And we are shooting the music video for it
And I don't know when it's gonna come out but
Is that the free song?
No no the free song is gonna be a song on Youtube
It's a rap song and It's in English
Yea this song is in Korean and um..
It's gonna be on the album but I'm gonna release it first as a single first with a Music Video
We are planning on shooting the Music Video sometime within the next couple of months
So you don't have any like release date
No no no I'm gonna get everything ready first and then...
I'm gonna shoot like 11 Music Videos this year so I'm just gonna like
Boom boom boom boom boom
A lot.
So apart from releasing a new album, what are your plans and goals for 2013?
I have lots of stuff going on this year besides my album
I have some stuff going on in the US
After i get the contract stuff ready
And it's official I'll probably release it to you guys.
It's very exciting news
Definitely would be trying to work in the US
And even in Korea you know um..
My contract actually ends pretty soon you know
Gotta think of the next moves or what I'm gonna do
Would you like to have your own company?
Oh no no no that's, that's too much pressure
And.. not yet.. no not yet..
Okay so… next question..
What do you feel about being surrounded by cameras like almost everywhere?
I mean..
It just depends on where i am
If it's interviews and like I'm at a fan meet or doing a show
I mean.. it's totally fine you know
But if I'm like eating and people are like you know
Or like when I'm chilling with my friends and they're like
It;s like it's a little uncomfortable
But you know i guess it comes with the job..
Gotta deal with it
Okay so.. you're with a girl you like and had an iPod with you, which song would you let her listen to?
One from your album and one from another artist
One from my album.. probably..
Turn off your phone
Just because.. that would be the most…
Or Girlfriend
Or maybe Girlfriend and then Turn Off Your Phone
You have like a playlist
An um.. for another artist..
Probably um..
I really like Trey Songz's Dive In
Okay last question as we are running out of time
What advice can you give to girls who want to marry you someday
And don't say like "she has to be a girl~"
Who.. who wants to marry me! Oh..
Cause you always say like she has to be a girl…
Of course she has to be a girl
Yea I mean basically
Learn how to cook
And um..
Got a sense of humor
And.. if we are gonna be in it for the long run
If it's gonna be for the rest of our lives
Definitely we can you know i would love for her to look good
Definitely it's gotta you know.. don't have to look good but you know
It's gotta connect like in a
Intellectual way and with the humor and all that so
We gotta be able to communicate very well
So i mean um.. definitely get a sense of humor and
Yea it depends if we connect and we can have good conversation and we can talk well
and communicate well thats all it is