Marlene & Rebecca - Part 46

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Small gesture, large impact.
Nice, then we've got the three finalists all together.
Although it doesn't matter.
The winning design is a foregone conclusion anyhow.
But tomorrow when the people of "Glitter and Glory" arrive ..
.. we should at least pretend it's a real competition.
Meaning you decide which design wins?
- I thought Marlene will pick her wedding dress by herself. - Yes. Of course she should.
But because I know Marlene well, I'm certain she'll decide on the yellow paper design.
Or what do you think?
I don't know ..
.. let's see what Marlene has to say.
In the meantime did you find out which designer is behind it?
I ..
Ermm, no.
Apropos, where is it, for that matter?
Rebecca, I asked you a question.
Do you have any idea where the design is?
No. No idea.
This can't be true, surely.
This is a disaster!
Boris, one of the designs is missing!
Nobody leaves the building and ..
.. not a shred of paper will be ditched until we've retrieved it.
Stop, the garbage stays here.
But this is ridiculous, what would be so special about this one design ..
.. that was doodled at a piece of jotting paper?
That dress seems to be made for Marlene and therefore we'll look everywhere.
.. including in the paper bins.
You'll do it!
Don't exaggerate!
I've other things to worry about right now. You'll take care of this!
What's happening here?
Ehhhh... Marlene ..what are you doing here already?
We .. we have an appointment much later.
I was already hungry and ..
Are you coming?
- That can't be true, right? - What?
You do me a favour right now and stop craving around.
- Yes, but .. - Get into my office ..
.. and wait untill I'll pick you up!
I've already looked there.
- Yes? - Hm-mm.
Well, better safe than sorry, right?
By the way that is the paper bin the model used just now to ..
So, if you said you already ..
- .. then I'll better have a look over there. - Yeah.
Argh, this damned design.. it couldn't have vanished into thin air!
But we really looked everywhere.
Yes. Here and downstairs.
Then you will look again.
Accept it Tanja, the design has gone.
It wasn't really that good.
Yes, it was!
It is the perfect dress and I know Marlene will choose that one.
Yes, but it's simply impossible now.
Now look here. I've already waived the headlines ..
.. on the ex-lover designing the dress for her sister in law.
And now I want a design just as good as what you would have done.
I don't believe this.
Your department is a pigsty.
- But .. - I don't want to hear any excuses.
By tomorrow morning I shall have a fine drawing on my desk.
Ah and Rebecca, from this moment on you are responsible for the three finalists.
And when even just a tiny snippet of paper is missing..'ll wish you'd never left New York.
Clean this bloody mess up.
( music in English: Standing in the welfare line )
( Nothing left to ..)
Marlene, what's up? First you absolutely need to lunch with me..
and now you're not hungry.
Yes, my God, I still have to fit the wedding dress.
My ass.
This is about Rebecca, isn't it?
You saw her earlier on and now you can't eat because ..
.. you keep asking yourself if you still fancy her.
That is bullsh.., I ..
am just sad because of Arno.
Oh, Marlene, the man was old.
We all die once.
Tanja, you're profusely tasteless.
Don't divert.
So, what's up with Rebecca?
Hello, I use my eyes!
And your look was unambiguous.
There is nothing going on at all.
I can hardly wait for Tristan to return from New York.
Because I love him.
Who is actually writing these trashy texts, all the time?
Okay, is your great love for Tristan also the reason why you were NOT able ..
.. to tell Rebecca you don't love her?
I .. did .. tell her.
I pictured it in detail. I want flowers in white, pink and blue..
.. and this dress, it has to be a dream dress.
I profoundly wish that I look at it and know "that is my dress".
And if not, you at least pretend to like them. Tomorrow the press is here.
Are you preparing me because there is not one good dress?
Trust me. There is some good there.
And I know exactly which final dress you will choose.
- Here I am. - Did you drop out of bed?
I thought you stage sluts always sleep untill the afternoon.
You promised me the perfect wedding dress do you really believe I can even close one eye?
Marlene, this much enthousiasm has me thinking you want to use your anticipation to convince yourself.
- Are you starting all over again? - I'm just telling you ..
- Will you show me the designs now or do I need to force you first? - All right.
I didn't think in all the mailings something so brilliant would be included.
- Yes .. They are .. nice. - Nice?
Didn't you say there were three finalists?
There are three finalists ..
Ah, Marlene, I have to clarify something shortly, I'll be right back.
- Okay, to get to the point.. the design.. - Is yours, I understood already.
I never wanted it to enter the competition. It was an accident.
You have no idea of the pressure we're under, or what?
Elisabeth made it very clear our sales don't add up ..
Meaning I need PR with a dress that'll make the necks of the press specialists crane.
Your dress.
- I'm sorry, but if I imagine .. - THEN DON'T IMAGINE IT!
And now hand me the design.
I burned it.
You .. did what? It was my design.
You redraw it. From memory.
I'm sorry but I can't remember the dress.
Is that your ultimate answer?
The presentation will take place without my dress.
I'll get a coffee quickly.
It's a huge chance.
I mean who is stupid enough to withdraw the design.
Are your gag contracts that bad?
No worse than elsewhere.
All right, one of these two.
You know, I hoped when I saw the dress, I'd know immediately I wouldn't want any other dress..
.. to get in front of the altar, as if I fell in love.. I look at it and know..
Ah Marlene if you've finished your romance trash novel, let me know.
Why did you have to insist on this contest?
Rebecca already designed you perfect dress.
That is not an option.
Rebecca is love sick and we all have to dance around on egg shells.
- Tanja! - Look here. We can change this whole campaign.
Rebecca works for me, she has to do what I tell her.
Rebecca doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to.
Or else you have a problem with me, that hasn't changed.
- But .. - You leave Rebecca alone!
My God, it's just a wedding dress.
I'll take one of these two. They are really .. nice.
Cool cat, or what?
Okay. What's up with the wedding dress casting?
Well, really quite good.
Two designs are even really nice.
Well ..
None of the designs is the right one and Marlene is so ..
.. so unhappy, but ..
I just doodled something. Maybe she doesn't even like it because ..
Just a minute, you also handed in a design?
Yes, but it was an accident.
I dreamed of Marlene in this dress, but ..
You don't want her to marry Tristan in it.
I thought I was over her.
I demanded her to declare it .
That she doesn't love me.
And she did declare it.
Look, perhaps, maybe it's really for the best if you just ..
.. simply give yourself a shock therapy.
Look. You design the wedding dress in which she'll marry your brother.
Is there anything worse?
But we must avoid each other.
You musn't tell her you designed the dress.
(Every word, every second..)
Ah Marlene von Lahnstein. This is an exciting moment for you, how do you feel?
I'm quite sure my dress is in there.
How nice. How are the wedding preparations coming along?
Well, except for the dress I'm almost done.
What does this mean?
Marlene was so unhappy about the two designs. And I ..
Oh. Wow. She really caught you..
She isn't supposed to know the third design is by me.
How do you picture that? The purpose of the contest is for the unknown designer to..
Unknown? Right! Officially you can't even present me to the press.
So think of something else. This is my condition.
All right.
Welcome to the presentation of the young-designer-contest.
I'm asking Anna Marek and Alexander Lieberman to join me.
Their designs made it through the first round.
Two designers, three designs?
Yes, the very last second an anonymous design came in, that was so good, I can't withhold it the bride.
- Thank you. - Pleasure.
Oh my God.
And Marlene?
We all wonder which design is your choice.
For the dress of the anonymous designer.
Just like I imagined.
Mrs. von Lahnstein?
Can you explain to our reader why it is this dress?
It is a feeling.
As if the designer knew exactly what a dress would look like to be perfect to me.
As if ..
As if he looked into my soul ..